Rape, Mutilation and Murder


A Horror Story Hidden from National Attention

On Saturday January 6, 2007 Hugh Christopher Newsom, age 23 and Channon Gail Christian, age 21, both students at the University of Tennessee went out on a date.

They were driving in Channon’s Toyota 4-Runner when they were carjacked at gunpoint. Suddenly the crime turned far more savage than an armed car theft. Chris and Channon were kidnapped and driven to 2316 Chipman Street where they were forced into the home at gunpoint. While Channon was forced to watch, her boyfriend was raped prison style and then his penis was cut off. He was later driven to nearby railroad tracks where he was shot and set afire. But Channon’s hell was just beginning. She was beaten; gang raped repeatedly in many ways, had one of her breasts cut off and bleach poured down her throat to destroy DNA evidence—all while she was still alive. To add to Channon’s degradation the suspects took turns urinating on her. They too set her body afire, apparently inside the residence, but for some reason left her body there—in five separate trash bags.

The District Attorney General of Knox County later announced the arrests of the following five suspects and the charges they’d face:

Lemaricus “Slim” Davidson, age 25 faces a total of 46 charges. Davidson was indicated on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two counts premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

Latalvis “Rome” Cobbins, age 24, faces a total of 46 charges. Cobbins was indicted on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two counts especially aggravated robbery from Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

George “Detroit” Thomas, age 24, faces a total of 46 charges. Thomas was indicated on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two Counts of premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom, 2 counts especially aggravated robbery from Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

Vanessa Coleman, age 18, faces a total of 40 Tennessee State charges. Coleman was indicated on 12 Counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. One count premeditated murder of Christian only, 1 count of especially aggravated robbery of Newsom only, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

Eric “E” Boyd, age 24, was arrested in connection with the carjacking, but faces only federal charges as an accessory after the fact.

I wasn’t aware of this incident until a friend brought it to my attention May 9th.

Until then I’d never heard even a single comment regarding this brutal crime mentioned by any of our national news media.

We had the death of Anna Nicole Smith shoved down our throats by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and FOX News (if we cared to watch) for hours on end over a period of several weeks. I didn’t give a rat’s ass about some overweight, drugged out, has-been bimbo who was apparently willing to crawl into bed with any man who had anything vaguely resembling a pulse. Yet, I couldn’t turn on the television without some new twist in the Anna Nicole saga being discussed. The only victim in this entire matter is the poor baby who was used as a pawn by everyone with dollar signs in their eyes.

Just about the time the Anna Nicole Smith epic was winding down we had Don Imus and the “Nappy headed hos” comment that grabbed headlines around the world. So, for another two or three weeks we were bombarded with cries of insensitivity and racism while Al Sharpton frantically tried to arouse the fires of racial hatred.

Why wasn’t the nation informed of the brutal rape, mutilation and murder of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian? Was it because they were white and the suspects black? That certainly seems to be the opinion among thousands who have very angrily commented on this case in daily blogs. There are accusations that the press has a double standard when race is a component of crime. One example given was how often do we hear about a suspect wanted for a crime described as a “white male,” but when the suspect is black no mention of race is made? Like it or not, I’ve heard this quite often from the Baltimore and Washington television stations. Though I will also report that I’ve heard the race given when the suspect is black. I don’t know if it’s station policy or the beliefs of particular reporters broadcasting the news when it comes to the offering of a full description of a suspect or not. But, in my opinion, when you air a broadcast and ask the public to provide information regarding a suspect and his or her whereabouts, you should publish the complete description and that includes race—no exceptions.

The murders of Chris Newsom and Channon Christian have brought a firestorm of criticism directed toward the national media and rightly so. There are glaring gaps in the reporting of crimes when race is an issue. We need only to look at Duke University and the accusations leveled against members of the lacrosse team. The media went wild in reporting the alleged rape of a black woman by white team members. The press couldn’t wait to put Duke University, the players, the lacrosse team coach and the white race in general on trial for this reported atrocity. Not only did the press put them on trial, but also convicted everyone involved before all the evidence had been collected and analyzed and the investigation completed. Of course, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton couldn’t wait to jump in front of any and all cameras available and go on the attack. This was their moment to shine once again by standing tall for the rights of the “victim” and scream racism. They had the privileged white boys of Duke in their sights and were going to mow them, their families and friends down. And seizing the opportunity to hype his political aspirations was District Attorney Mike Nifong. He declared the players guilty and the media was damn near choking on their exuberance to build the gallows and braid the hangman’s noose. Plastered on every televised news report and on the front page of every newspaper across the nation are the photographs and names of the accused players. By God, there’s a good old fashioned lynching brewing and those privileged white boys are gonna be hangin’ by their rich necks. Oops. It seems somebody forgot the evidence. You know, the proof needed to confirm beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of the accused players. Crystal Gail Mangum, the alleged victim of the rape, had seven different DNA samples on her body and clothing and none of the DNA belonged to even one of the Duke Lacrosse players. The repercussions from the false allegation of rape by Mangum are still reverberating throughout the entire community. But media attention dwindled to almost nothing very quickly when the “race card” died and there was nothing left for them to sensationalize. To the lacrosse players and Duke University the media said, “screw you and the fact that we did our best to ruin your reputations. Our ratings skyrocketed and that’s all that matters.”

As far as the rape, mutilation and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, some in the media are saying this case doesn’t represent a hate crime. Well, it sure as hell doesn’t symbolize a night of love and bonding between the young couple and those who butchered them. Was the cutting off of Chris’ penis an act of human kindness? Was the cutting off of Channon’s breast and pouring bleach down her throat an act of compassion and love? This was pure hatred, nothing less. How could any person of sound mind and thinking look at this case and say with absolute certainty that hate wasn’t involved in the commission of the atrocities against Christian and Newsom?

Reading over dozens of pages on the Christian and Newsom murders and other cases I noted many angry comments one of which said the media has a recent history of “blacking out” certain news stories when race is involved. The Wichita Massacre was referenced as one of these. The Carr brothers executed four white victims, after forcing them to kneel naked in a frozen field in Kansas. A fifth intended victim lived when a bullet fired toward her head knocked her unconscious instead of killing her. She was able to identify her attackers who were arrested and charged with other violent crimes as well.

Yet, their vicious crimes were treated to a media “black out.” Here cries of bias are raised because the murder of James Byrd, a black man, dragged to death by three white men received top media billing. But the Byrd case was only one of the examples used to point out the disparity in reporting.

I won’t attempt to write a lengthy commentary on this issue. Instead I’ll refer you to the various web sites that can be found detailing all of these cases. You need only enter the names Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom to open the dozens of sites and blogs that tell of and talk about these crimes. But be forewarned that you will find some shocking and sickening incidents of violence. And maybe your views will be similar to mine after you read about these events—the perpetrators, white and black, are indeed a subhuman culture and should be erased permanently from society. They should become nothing more than a bad memory in a faded photograph.

I’ve always believed the motto “No one is above the law, nor is anyone below it.” I’ve held a belief that the law was and is for everyone, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background and when it comes to crime and justice everyone should be treated equally. I don’t care if a person accused of a crime is considered privileged because of wealth and fame or they’re from a row home in the city, the law should apply equally.

I feel the same about media coverage of crimes. If you’re going to beat the drums

loudly, point fingers and cry racism or hate, do it without bias. Bang your drums and point your fingers, but make sure you cover all races with equal fervor. When the media tires to play the game of “politically correct” by concealing facts regarding the race of suspects in a case, they are guilty of inciting racial prejudice. We can find enough of that in our society without the media further fanning the flames of bigotry.

Maybe Doctor Martin Luther King said it best. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

UPDATE 7-14-07

This post is getting a ton of attention so I figured I would update it with what’s new.  Which isn’t a whole lot.  The killers attorneys appeared in court five days ago:

Attorneys for the four suspects in the brutal rape and murder of a Knoxville couple appeared in court Monday.

Lemaricus Davidson; his brother, Letalvis Cobbins; and George Thomas were indicted on 46 counts, including first-degree murder.

Vanessa Coleman was indicted on 40 counts, also including murder, in connection with the deaths of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.


The suspects won’t be in court until July 30th and only one trial date has been set so far.  That one is for Letalvis Cobbins and the date for that one is May 12th, 2008.

UPDATE 8-08-23

I saw this story somewhere and decided to look into what the outcome of the trials were:


The four suspects indicted in Knox County were originally scheduled to be tried separately, at trials scheduled between May and August 2008. However, the trial date for the subjects indicted in Knox County was moved back to 2009 in February 2008. In an apparent attempt to force the prosecution to try the case with the least forensic evidence first, the attorneys for Thomas filed a motion for a speedy trial, arguing there was no forensic link between their client and the crime scene. Thomas was granted the motion and was scheduled to go on trial on August 11. Judge Baumgartner ruled that Thomas’ phone calls made from the jailhouse to his acquaintances were admissible as evidence.

District Attorney Randy Nichols announced that the state would seek the death penalty for both Cobbins (the first to go to trial) and Coleman if convicted. Davidson was also indicted for a second robbery which was committed after the murders. The publicity against the accused led the defense to argue that a change of venue was required in order to ensure a fair trial. However, the state argued that an impartial jury could be found during voir dire, and the presiding judge subsequently denied the motion as “premature”.


On April 16, 2008, Eric Boyd was found guilty in Federal court of being an accessory to a fatal carjacking and for failing to report the location of a known fugitive. Boyd’s was the first case to go to trial, and he was the only suspect not charged with murder. He was sentenced to the maximum of 18 years in Federal prison. He is currently incarcerated at Beckley FCI.

On August 25, 2009, Letalvis D. Cobbins was found guilty of the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Cobbins faced the possibility of the death penalty because he was convicted of first degree felony murder in the murder of Christian. He was found guilty of facilitation of murder for Newsom but he was acquitted of Newsom’s rape. The jurors worked about 10 hours Monday and on Tuesday morning before reaching a verdict. They never asked Judge Richard Baumgartner any questions during their deliberations. On August 26, Cobbins was sentenced to life without parole.

On October 28, 2009, Lemaricus Devall Davidson was found guilty on all counts. He was found not guilty on three counts of the aggravated rape of Christopher Newsom but was found guilty of the lesser included charges of facilitation of rape. The sentencing hearing began on October 29, 2009 at 9am EST. The sentence hearing ended the next day October 30, 2009 at approx 3pm EST when a jury, after deliberating approx 3 hours, sentenced Lemaricus Davidson to death on 4 of the conviction counts.

On December 8, 2009, George Thomas was found guilty on all counts, including the ones the other defendants were acquitted of despite his case being based solely on circumstantial evidence and testimony. The sentencing hearing began December 8th, 2009 and ended on December 10th, 2009 at approx 10:45 am EST when the jury, after approx 3 hours of deliberation, returned a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole on each of the 4 capital convictions.

The convictions of Boyd, Cobbins, Davidson and Thomas left Vanessa Coleman as the last defendant to face trial. Coleman’s case is complicated by the fact that, while she was granted immunity by federal authorities for testimony in the federal case on the car-jacking, the state courts have ruled that the federal grant of immunity does not extend to the state charges on murder and rape. On May 13, 2010, Coleman was acquitted of first degree murder but found guilty on lesser charges. On July 30, 2010, she was sentenced to 53 years behind bars.

Tennessee Supreme Court denies appeal in 2007 Knox County torture slayings

The Tennessee Supreme Court this week shot down an appeal bid by the fifth and final suspect to be convicted in the 2007 torture slayings of a Knox County couple.

The high court’s decision–made public late Monday–to deny Eric Boyd another appeal of his convictions effectively ends what was a 12-year quest by the families of slaying victims Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, to put him behind bars in the killings.

…Davidson and three others–Letalvis Cobbins, Davidson’s brother; Vanessa Coleman, Cobbins’ girlfriend; and George Thomas, Cobbins’ friend–each admitted they were inside the Chipman Street house while the couple was being held captive, but all denied any active role in the crimes.

All four were indicted in the slayings and underlying crimes, including rape and kidnapping. Davidson, Cobbins and Thomas were convicted of all crimes committed against the couple, while Coleman was acquitted of crimes involving Newsom and deemed a facilitator only in the crimes committed against Christian.

Davidson is now on death row. Cobbins is serving life without parole. Coleman is serving 35 years.

Thomas was serving a 127-year sentence in the case–until he secretly agreed in 2018 to testify against Boyd in return for a 50-year sentence. Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen then did what her predecessor refused for years to do–seek a murder indictment against Boyd.

Thomas’ agreement to testify came as the direct result of lobbying by Newsom’s parents, Hugh and Mary Newsom. Newsom’s parents had long believed it was Boyd who raped their son, put a dog collar around his neck and forced him to walk barefoot to nearby railroad tracks, where he was then executed. They enlisted the help of a private investigator, repeatedly begged prosecutors for an indictment and directly appealed to both Cobbins and Thomas to turn on their co-defendants.

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this story made me cry what kind of sick people could do that to these inocent people…i show no simpathy and what punshment they get they deserve they should all go to hell…ad itd be great fro yall to look me up on youtube… search Venus Renawe or Venus Ferrell lol(:

Today is 4/8/2011 and this is THE first time I ever heard of this GRUESOME and SICKENING story! As NOT just a black man, but a man made in th image of God like ALL men, this EVIL crime must NOT go unpunished!


Just when you thought things were maybe better….. you get this….

On Thursday, Quannel X, a community activist, traveled from Houston to help stage a town hall meeting called to address rising concerns — especially in Cleveland’s African-American community — about the case.

Among other issues, he said that the girl didn’t do enough to stop the alleged assailants.

“It was not the young girl that yelled rape. Stop right there — something is wrong, brothers and sisters,” Quannel X said.

And, speaking over yells of support from the crowd, he also questioned the role of the girl’s parents.

“Where was the mother? Where was the father?” he said.

Soon after that event, community activist Linda Morales defended the girl.

“This was an 11-year-old child. And no matter what she did, did not do, how she dressed, how she talked, how she acted does not matter,” Morales said. “This was a brutal and savage rape.”

Myers said that she knows the girl, her siblings and her parents, and the entire family was active in her organization.

“These kids are good kids,” she said. “These (the girl and her siblings) were in basketball, honors society, ROTC programs. So I feel the parents were doing something right in their lives.”

In addition to her distress for the girl, Myers added she also was “devastated … that our community and people in our community are saying (this) about an 11-year-old child. It breaks my heart, it really does.”

Seems QuannelX thinks it’s just fine for 18 thugs to rape an 11 yr old, if she “doesn’t beef enough”!! 11 years old is a KID! And HE says it’s not his “Bro’s fault?? It’ the KIDS?? The kids Mom and Dad??
Guys like this puke, don’t seserve to be on this PLANET!

i want to hit the f***er i cant believe that, i was raped when i was little and its kinda the same thing, my dad told me that my geting raped was my fault, when i dont believe that at all, its couldnt be because i was 9 and my pawpaw raped me sick bastard, have i forgave him yes because there is something wrong with his brain but its never the rap victims fault, recently i was raped again saidly for the second time many years later after i had just gottin over what had happpend in the first case, i went to a party was druged, kid napped, beatin and raped, i have no simpathy for that nimrods out there that think they can get away with something that sick and twisted, i say go to hell…excuse my language but this is a mtter i feel very strongly about.

i want to hit the f***er i cant believe that, i was raped when i was little and its kinda the same thing, my dad told me that my geting raped was my fault, when i dont believe that at all, its couldnt be because i was 9 and my pawpaw raped me sick bastard, have i forgave him yes because there is something wrong with his brain but its never the rape victims fault, recently i was raped again saidly for the second time many years later after i had just gottin over what had happpend in the first case, i went to a party was druged, kid napped, beatin and raped, i have no simpathy for that nimrods out there that think they can get away with something that sick and twisted, i say go to hell…excuse my language but this is a mtter i feel very strongly about.

@Sister Toldjah: not all whites are thugs ass hole some wite olk get brutaly raped and murdered by couloured people aswell
me being one of them

There is no other rational conclusion, a car jacking, just turns into a massacre? If it was just the vehicle they wanted, why spend all that time torturing and murdering these two? THIS was a racially motivated hate crime. I watched the story on ID TV last night,,truly sickening.

This is what you get when you abolish capital punishment! I also believe if there is a special interest group they should be required to represent anyone being violated and not just a racial group of people! I do not believe in representing just any one race! The Jewish defamation league for example will represent and help anyone who has suffered defamation!
I believe strongly that anyone who commits a violent crime and especially one of hate, or holds a person in Captivity and rapes and sodomizes them should without question be executed! They serve no purpose and they are burden to society… The monies that are used to house these animals should be used to help the people and families that are victimized by them! Can anyone show any statistic that shows even one to these animals as being rehabilitated? I say not…….and they do what they do knowing they will not die and they have no fear of the law! They also know that people like Jackson and Sharpton will come to there defense!

Some truly rattling work on behalf of the owner of this internet site , dead outstanding content .

How come white people are always the ones that have to forgive and forget black on white murders. Yet black people use slavery from 300 years ago to justify every racist action they make. That somehow this is divine retribution from centuries ago.

All sorts of manner of people had been slaves at some point in history. Frankly, its not a big deal. Black people just can’t let go because at every turn you have the media, textbooks, black history month, etc etc reminding them that a couple thousand of em used to be slaves. They were the only repressed people on the earth ever? Many oppressed people have moved on and forgave and rebuilt their lives. This is something black people have not managed to catch onto. Blame the media, the government, and white guilt for perpetuating this.

Hi, thanks for this comment 🙂

I want to see these bastards Die & burn in hell! these ppl are SICK & deserve to die the same way they murdered them! & this is coming from a black woman!

I cover this story (as well as the Don Imus and Duke lacrosse scandals) in my post-apocalyptic western Trail of Dust and its prequel Caesar Rising. I find it amazing that the murders happened in between the two scandals I just mentioned, yet “nappy headed hos” got an angrier reaction from the public than the rape, torture and murder of an innocent young couple kissing goodbye in a parking lot. I cover the three stories (not in detail) in the the third act of Caesar Rising (you can find it and Tail of Dust on Booksie under Gideon Elrod). I can’t tell you how many hours of sleep I’ve lost over those kids and their families. Finally, after being disgusted with the media and law enforcement’s inability to recognize a hate crime when they see one, I put it in a book. I’ve also been researching the case of Jan Pietrzak and his wife. Apparently, if you’re not white, you can even write racial epithets on the wall of the young couple you just raped, tortured and murdered and no one will think anything of it. Or, you could take turns urinating on the victim and it’ll just be seen as a carjacking “gone wrong”. Whatever. Anyway, thanks for posting this. Hopefully one day people will learn to separate themselves by morals and not color. When that day finally arrives (if ever it does), the children of this world will be a lot safer and happier. Love and Respect, Your Fellow Human.

Sorry to drop in on you again, Rob, but I was so inspired by you that I dedicated the upper half of my profile on Booksie to Channon and Chris, as well as the young Marine I mentioned earlier and his wife. Even though the story Trail of Dust and its prequel Caesar Rising (all non-profit, of course) deals with this issue, it is more about the sexual enslavement of women and children and the chaos of a post-apocalyptic world. Oh, and I’m not advertising on here by the way. I just want others to know (no matter their color) that rational people who use logic to survive see the truth in this case. Denying that this was a hate crime only helps to keep the bad guys (no matter their color) one step ahead of the good guys (no matter their color). Every time I see the picture above, and think of those two sweet kids kissing one another goodbye, my heart breaks. Maybe one day society (media, government, house wives, etc,) will finally give the kids the justice they really deserve: the truth.

Whoa, I can’t believe how many mistakes you and most others have placed in your articles concerning this story. For one, Chris didn’t have his penis cut off, and Channon didn’t have her breast cut off. I think the crimes are bad enough and scream racism loud enough without the falsehoods some of you guys are spreading. Personally, I’m sticking to what the medical examiner’s evidence, etc. I know this was written some years ago, but maybe you should delete it and write it all over again, only using the facts this time of course. However your love for them is still quite inspiring.

Uh, I don’t see any update. I also see that this article is still filled with out-right lies about what happened to those two. Again, isn’t the medical examiner’s report enough evidence without all of the additions you people are making? I think if Chris would have had is penis cut off we would have heard about it by now. I’m also starting to suspect that this is another one of those “white advocacy/separatist” sites, which, by the way, only hinders the cause to bring equal rights to everyone when it comes to prosecuting hate crimes. Of course, if the roles had been reversed, I don’t think “I have black friends, therefore I can’t be a racist” would have worked in favor of the white defendants, nor would having a sexual relationship with a black girl.

@Gideon Elrod:
What if it were a “white advocacy/white separatist” web site? It’s certainly okay in today’s world for all non-white groups to advocate for their interests. Compare the astronomical differences between black on white and white on black interracial crime rates … especially in the category of sexual assaults (about 1000 to 1). Why is it shameful for a white person to admit that he prefers to live separate from the crime rates which are normal in a community with a large percentage of blacks? Why is it considered to be so “evil” for whites to just admit the obvious fact that some races/cultures are not very compatible? Why is it shameful for whites to want to live and associate with people who share their race and culture? There is no similar stigma for any non-white race you know.

you touch on a very true fact and THE BLACK COMMUNITY DOES THE SAME,

Gideon.. so a simple Robbery/kidnapping/ GANG Rape /Torture/assault and MURDER doesn’t bother you.. only the fact YOU THINK somebody may have “embellished a fact or two”?? REALLY??? Hope the same, happens to someone in YOUR family, then come back and talk…. ASSHOLE!

(Apologies to the DECENT folks here for Profanity… but SOME deserve it)

Actually, Hankster, I’m an advocate for Chris and Channon. When you embellish, it takes away the legitimacy of the case and the right these victims have to have hate crime charges brought against the perps, which can still be done since they were never charged with a hate crime, and therefore, were never found innocent. I have a lot of love for those two kids, and, unlike you, would never wish evil upon innocent children, including the children of those who committed these evil acts against those Channon and Chris (both children as far as I’m concerned). I do not agree with separatism because it tends to isolate the innocent and group them in with those who would exploit them. I am quite aware of the statistics and spread awareness concerning black on white hate crimes, however I refuse to demonize an entire group of people based on skin color, which is exactly what has happened, and continues to happen, to whites. Again, I think the medical examiner’s report is more than enough evidence to prove that this was indeed a hate crime. This story has touched me so deeply in fact, that I have paid tribute to the victims in many constructive ways. I have also spent many nights reliving the horror with them. I have probably shed more tears for them than those in my family who have passed on.

P.S. The fact that you said I didn’t care about the victims goes to prove that you haven’t read my previous comments and are only interested in your own agenda, not protecting future victims. This site is about spreading hate, which makes you no better than the monsters who did this. After all, you just wished that the innocent members of my family were gang-raped and murdered. What does that say about you? That you’re decent? I think not. You’ll never hear me saying things like that.

Oh, and we must not forget that you also said that the innocent DESERVED it. “Simple robbery/ kidnapping/ gang rape/ torture/ murder”? How did you POSSIBLY deduce that from my previous comments? Oh, I see! You don’t like your lies being challenged. You really think that your “additions” help Channon and Chris? Really??? Interesting (not really). Also, do you think that Channon and Chris appreciate you wishing the same that happened to them upon other innocent people because someone related to those innocent people disagreed with you? How about Channon and Chris’ parents? Do you think they are those type of people, or that they would approve of the evil you just let slip through your fingers on behalf of their innocent, beautiful, COMPASSIONATE children? You have no right, NO RIGHT, to try and tie that kind of evil to those innocent children. If you knew anything about them or their families you would know this. Those are good people–DECENT people, who, by the way, would never be part of a site like this, or your wicked agenda. People like you, believe or not, is why Mr Christian said it wasn’t a hate crime. I myself am a redneck too, however my grandfather was a man of God who believed the meek resided everywhere and came in all of God’s magnificent colors, this includes blacks in the inner city. The only thing he was against (a southern boy born during the early part of the last century) was interracial marriage. You, I can only assume after reading your response to me, were raised without the godly light that resides in my heart. I’ve also noticed that those who run black racist sites and those who run white racist sites publish crazy bullshit to provoke one another. However, it’s never the evil ones who are attacked, but the innocent children kissing goodbye in a parking lot. So the next time you start spouting your SICK justice, just keep in mind that the innocent saying their farewells will be the ones to suffer the wrath you have incurred on their behalf, not you, the coward who sits safely behind the screen typing such filth.

You know, it’s my own fault for having known about the facts before having read this article and thinking “Well, even though this article, like a lot of the other early ones, has falsehoods, these are good people who care about protecting children’s rights and would never wish evil on anyone because that would cause them to lose their moral standing and become like their enemies.” Eventually, after much consideration (I don’t think articles such as these, ones with falsehoods, will be the ones that find their way into future textbooks, and therefore are not important), I revisited a couple of sites and told them that perhaps sticking with the medical examiner’s report would help bring about hate crime charges before it was too late. And I must say, you’re response was… embarrassing for me as a human being, to say the least. I’m not going to say as a “white person” because I don’t believe in “white guilt” or “color”. I also can’t believe a 53-year-old Christian would say such things and then claim to be right in doing so. What church did you say you belong to again?

@Gideon Elrod:
I really don’t understand why yall are getting so worked up about the details of the deaths of those two young people. It is well known that they suffered horribly for a long time at the hands of a group of sadistic animals. According to a well referenced article in wikipedia:

“According to the testimony of the Knox County Acting Medical Examiner Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan at the subsequent trial of Eric Boyd, Newsom was repeatedly sodomized with an object and then blindfolded, gagged, arms and feet bound and his head covered. Barefoot, he was either led or dragged outside the house to a set of nearby railroad tracks. He was shot in the back of the head, the neck, and the back, and his body then set on fire.
Channon’s death came only after hours of sexual torture, medical examiner Mileusnic-Polchan testified. Channon suffered horrific injuries to her vagina, anus and mouth. She was not only raped but savaged with “an object,” possibly a broken chair leg, the doctor testified. She was beaten in the head. Some type of chemical was poured down her throat, and her body, including her bleeding and battered genital area, likely scrubbed with the same solution – all while Channon was alive, the forensic expert said. She was then “hog-tied,” with curtains and strips of bedding, her face covered tightly with a small trash bag and her body stashed inside five large trash bags before being placed inside a large trash can and covered with sheets. Channon died slowly, suffocating, the medical examiner said.”

Some of the rumored details about Chris and Shannon’s death are probably conflicting and inaccurate. We’ll probably never know some of the nastiest details with absolute certainty, but we certainly know more than enough to analyze the nature of the life forms which collectively perpetrated that horrible crime. The fact that our society can actually debate about whether or not it was a “hate crime” proves that our society is mentally ill.

Almost all white people strongly prefer to live separately from the crime rates which are normal in a community with a large number of blacks, but that does not mean we are evil. Only a small minority of us are actually willing to openly admit our preference for living among our own people and culture because whites are a heavily brainwashed group which reflexively denies reality. Non-whites can openly prefer and advocate for their own cultures and racial genotypes and the world praises them for their leadership. On the other hand, whites have been taught that self-hatred is a virtue. We have been programmed to self-destruct.

I watched the trial and read the transcripts. Again, how does embellishing help bring about the hate crime charges? Surely there is no statute of limitations for hate crimes. Why can’t you guys just report the facts? That’s the whole point of my argument. Of course, I don’t expect people who wish rape and murder on innocent women and children to get back at someone who SAID something they didn’t like to report facts. That’s not what you’re hear for. OBVIOUSLY. It’s also obvious that Channon and Chris, nor their families, would approve of this article, of this site, or of you. After all, “This isn’t about you.” –Gary Christian

WOW, I just noticed this article uses the same Martin Luther King quote I do. Ironic when considering all of the evil that flows so easily around here. The absolute filth being spewed in some of these comments is truly mind-boggling—and on behalf of innocent children to-boot, who, hopefully, if there is any real justice in this universe, are wrapped snugly and lovingly in the arms of the Lord.

Oh, and, Daryl, stop saying all of us white people feel white guilt. Personally, I don’t know any white people who feel guilty for being white–least of all me. There must be something in the water from your region if people there are that weak-minded. If someone feels guilt because another someone of the same skin-color committed an evil act centuries before, they have issues that go much deeper than watching too much main stream media, which does pick and choose, whether the liberals want to believe it or not.

@Gideon Elrod:
Not all whites are overwhelmed with “white guilt”, but you certainly seem to be. On the other hand, that could be an illusion. This is the internet and I don’t know you. You may be a non-white who is pretending to be a self-righteous southern white man who cares a lot about whether or not people think he’s a “racist” and demonstrates that he’s not by reminding people that he reverently quotes a famous womanizing black communist.

Uh, THIS article quotes King. THIS ARTICLE. Have you guys even read THIS article? I’m as white as they come, and feel NO guilt that I have Irish and Anglo ancestry, nor do I feel any shame in my Native American ancestry, and I never will. Why would I? I’ve never enslaved anyone. Oh, I was born in the south all right, and raised in the mid-west, and, yes, I’m a hardcore redneck who believes in God and His promise that the meek shall inherit the earth. You and ol’ Hankster ain’t very good at deducin’ much, is ya? How did you get “white guilt” from all of my previous comments? Of course, I wouldn’t expect someone who puts me down for quoting King when this very article quotes him to be any sharper than a bowling ball. That IS the closing words of this article, right? Seems kind of hypocritical to me (you putting down King) since you’re SO determined to defend EVERY word of this article (falsehoods and all) tooth and nail–except the quote at the end. And you know King was a womanizer how? And even if he was, that makes him… evil? Never cheated on anyone, Daryl? Sure ya have. You’s a man, ain’t ya? (Is this white enough for ya, or black enough?) Let’s look at something else stupid you’ve written, other than telling me FACTS I already know about Channon and Chris’ case by heart.After all, I’m the one trying to get YOU to stick to the facts, not the other way around. I believe that’s what the more intelligent humans call “deflecting”.

“Almost all white people strongly prefer to live separately from the crime rates which are normal in a community with a large number of blacks…”

Uh, decent black families prefer to raise their innocent babes amongst rapists, drug dealers and murders? Seems like a really egotistical statement to make. You think that those families consider that normalcy? Or would they rather live in the suburbs with adequate police protection? From what I understand, a lot of black families want out but feel trapped in a generational curse of poverty, just like a lot of my dirt-poor white ancestors. My grandfather was an illiterate foreman (couldn’t have been black if he was a foreman during the 50s–in the south), so I know families can break the curse, but it’s not as easy as it should be. It’s all well and good to say “Go get a job at McDonald’s and relocate”, however, things are rarely that simple. This is one of the reasons I do not believe in the welfare system.

Oh, and there IS a difference between communism and altruism, but I wouldn’t expect the uneducated to understand that, especially if the uneducated one is a non-Christian. GOD is not part of ANY government, but a part of our hearts. He influences us and asks us to love one another, to do right by one another, to shield one another from harm, and to help one another find our way home to Him. He wants us ALL to come home to Him. There is a battle for souls–HIS rightful possessions. The Lord cares not about the color of the shell, though all of the colors are beautiful for He has created them, but the condition of the soul. Has that soul fought to be by His side, to stand in His light, to reflect that light, to become part of that light? Did he not through His own son give us another commandment? The commandment to love one another?

“Overwhelmed with white guilt”?
“Simple kidnapping/rape/torture/robbery/murder”?
I’ve never “met” anyone as round as you and Hank. Nope, can’t say that I have. Perhaps you should leave such arguments as these to we tacks (after all, you can’t even remember the quote at the end of the article you so fervently defend). We’re not only sharp, but we’re also honest and refuse to deflect–or project. We also don’t wish evil upon the innocent or revert to using foul language to get our point across.

P.S. I’m quite proud of my Irish/Anglo/Cherokee/Seminole ancestry. However, I’m more proud to be a child of God. I only hope that I can fulfill the role He has chosen for me. If I could be, even in the smallest measure, like my brother and savior Christ, than I shall know that I have achieved what the Father has asked of me.

P.S.S. Is that quote not true? I believe it is.

If you insist on sticking to your script of hate (which you and Mr Hanky always revert to when the questions get tough), then I must counteract with love. Not out of “white guilt”, but out of the love my Father has placed in my heart for my brothers and sisters, whom He also created and whom He also loves. My brothers and sisters come in all the beautiful colors the creator has given to us–as a gift, not a curse. It does not matter if the physical differences in our appearances came about because of regional evolution; He still had a hand in it, and, therefore, loves us all. He, through His son, has let us know this.

Oh, and if you think liberals love me, you’d be SO wrong. They’re worse than you guys(not really, you’re about equal). Why? Well, I don’t believe in welfare, or that the MSM is non-bias. Hmmm, I don’t believe in abortion unless it is a young girl who has been a victim of sexual violence–especially if the perp is a relative. This, of course, is based on spiritual reasons. The unborn child will easily find its way back to God. The child forced to bear her father’s child is in danger of being forever lost to Him. I also believe in the Second Amendment and capitol punishment, including for repeat child rapists. I’m just not a bigot, that’s all.

Being from the UK, I was made aware about what happened to these two poor souls by a close friend who is American. Words can’t even begin to describe the overwhelming monstrosity of what those demons did to those poor victims. It’s beyond my comprehension how anyone can be plagued with such a disease of hatred and maliciousness to the point they’d do that to another human being. I actually shed tears for the couple when I first read about this horror story. I’ve never really been an advocate for the death penalty nor one that condemns it, but in this case, I would happily see the former carried out on the devils capable of something so heinous to the point that hell itself wouldn’t be a worthy punishment.

There seems to be a stigma against whites when it comes to these situations. It’s not only a trend in the US, but it’s also one in Britain. I recently discovered a case about the first racially motivated convicted murder in Scotland; an innocent child was abducted by four Pakistani men and was tortured and murdered in cold blood by those vile creatures, but yet, like this case, the media coverage was minuscule, with even the BBC later admitting that the coverage of the case hadn’t been sufficient. I’m not drawing comparatives with men and women of ethnic minorities who have been murdered because of racial hatred; racism is an absolute in my book, and whether black or white, the colour of a victim shouldn’t dictate whether the crime is worthy of condemnation more or less than others – it’s an absolute paradox and betrayal to the cause of anti-racism. In my book, such philosophy, whether motivated by political climate or social tensions, makes the fight against racism completely void. The fact that one of the spokesman inside the Met Police was quoted as saying, “it is hard to get the media’s attention when the victims are white young men” is is beyond abhorrent. And it’s not even his fault, because there is an element of truth in his words. I mean, talk about spitting right in the face of anti-racism campaigns.

This may sound cliche and most of you will probably brand me as an idealistic liberal for writing this, but when I look at someone, I never see colour or ethnicity. Sure, my eyes see the skin tone and distantly discern the cultural heritage, but I never see anything beyond that – colour or background is about as irrelevant as someone’s eyes or hair to me. I’m Black British and I grew up around a lot of whites, and in fact, most of my close friends today are white because I attended a high school where I and a few relatives were the only blacks students there. It never bothered me, being the only black kid in an entire year of 200 white kids – the fact that I was darker than all my friends never registered to me. I just saw people and that’s it. Now some may assume that such an open-minded and maybe even nonchalant outlook on things may have been influenced by the fact that I wasn’t discriminated against or racially abused, and the fact that the students around me saw things the way I did – and to some extent, that would be true. My sister attended the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and coming from a tolerant and multicultural society in Britain, she was stunned by the blatant separatism between blacks and whites – by the quiet xenophobic undertones that seemed float like phantoms between both sides. She thought she was back in 1959. Being born in the late 80s and having grown up in an open society, such a degree of separatism, even if it’s mainly surreptitious, in the modern day, is an alien concept to me.

There have been a few interesting comments on this thread; some of which I have agreed with and others I’ve not. In regards to Daryl, to quote one of your earlier comments, “There is nothing wrong to prefer associating with your own race than others . . .” You also made a comparative to liking humans of your inherent genetic descent with one preferring his own family over another’s. It’s ironic because I stumbled across a white advocacy site where a woman made the same comparative, but she was a little bit firmer in her stance than you are with yours. Now I’m not saying you’re racist or a bigot, but I do find the comment odd. Why? Well let’s just become hypothetical for a moment. If I came across a black man and a white man, both of whom I knew nothing about, should instantly be partial towards the black man? Just because he’s the same colour as me? Should I instantly like him MORE than the white man on the basis of his appearance without even knowing what kind of man he is? It’s same with a woman – should I care less about the white girls I’ve dated than the black ones? Should I care less about my two nieces who are half white and half black than the ones who are black?

I find the comparative with skin colour and family odd and slightly humorous. Family is a unit that reared you, a unit which you belong in, a unit you are obligated to, a unit you will carry for the rest of my life. I don’t consider to be obligated or to be preferential towards someone simply because he/she is black. But I do feel obligated to family because I and my family members come from the same tree, whereas another random black person doesn’t. I find it strange that one’s compassion for another human being would be dictated by what colour he/she is. The pain I felt for the deaths of Chris and Channon was the same pain for the death of Stephen Lawrence, a Black British teen who was three years younger than I and Channon and like them, was unfortunately a victim of a hate crime back in 1993. I can understand cultural familiarity being more of a welcome factor and one wishing to congregate with those he’s familiar with, but in terms of “liking” one man more than another simply because of the colour of his skin is something I’ve never grasped and never will.

And Hankster, your comment to Gideon, wishing what happened to that young couple on his own family is just beyond despicable. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, and naturally, I’m a very docile guy and I dislike conflict, but for you to wish rape, torture and murder on someone’s own blood, is beyond disgusting. Like with the anti-racism paradoxes in regards to hate crimes against whites being perpetually ignored by the mass populace and thus spitting in the face of the cause, you literally just spat in the face of the horrible crimes Channon and Chris were victims of with that comment. It’s highly alarming for you not to realise that.

Obviously this is a site where an amalgamation of people have contrasting views (as the variety of comments testify) and there have been some comments that I’ve found mystifying. I stumbled across a white advocacy website recently which also covered the case of Channon and Chris, and I’ve been feeling some of the same vibes I got from that site right here. I believe in Freedom of Speech and some here obviously have their own agenda – fine, I can live with that. But what I can’t live with is people using such incidents as tools in a personal, political or social war – Channon and Chris, who encompass and epitomise every single poor man and woman, boy or girl, who has had their life taken at the hands of racial hatred, no matter the colour of their skin, deserve much better than that. Channon and Chris are people who should always be remembered. They are lessons society needs to learn, and driving your own agenda in my opinion does a disservice to what WE as a human race, need to fight for.

May God bless Channon and Chris.

@Nik: @Gideon Elrod:

Wow Gideon. I seem to have touched a nerve. You seem all worked up, but all I did was tell the truth. I stand by everything I said. The stuff you said … well some of it really doesn’t make much sense to me. You started off somewhat in denial about your impulsive quoting of a famous womanizing black communist. Then you posted a bunch of quotes from the same guy. Then it appears that you removed them. Why are you so troubled? Please don’t be. This is just an internet discussion. You seem to think that I hate or dislike blacks, but that is incorrect. I can acknowledge the fact that the black community has much higher crime rates than the my racial genotype because it is true, but it doesn’t mean that I wish them any harm. I support the right of blacks to control their own political destiny just like I do for Europeans, Japanese, Jews, Koreans, Chinese, and Eskimos. It is a well known fact that about ninety five percent of blacks vote for collectivism at every elective opportunity. If that’s what they want, I support their right to have it, but it is not what I want for my people anymore than I want exposure to typical black community crime rates for my family. I would prefer to see blacks do better for themselves, but non-blacks can not do it for them. They need to control their own destiny to improve their culture. The same can be said for whites and other racial genotypes. I believe every race and culture needs to have the right of self determination. I believe a certain amount of racial and cultural separation and self determination is necessary to ensure the future existence of the races which God created.


Hello Nik. You seem like a decent fellow to me. I think you may take it a bit the wrong way when I say that I prefer to live among my own race and culture. It does not mean that I necessarily believe that my people are the best in every way or that I hate people who do not share my race and culture. Actually, Japanese people can legitimately complain about the elevated crime rates of whites just like whites do about blacks. In some very meaningful ways, the Japanese race/culture is more civilized than my own people, but that doesn’t mean that we have less right to exist than they. I would still prefer to reside among my own people instead of among the Japanese because I have more common ties with my people. I understand and can relate to my own people much more than I can to the Japanese people/culture which I happen to admire.

Multiculturalism destroys race and culture and creates an enormous amount of unnecessary conflict. I believe it is being promoted to intentionally create chaos which will be used to justify the creation of a one-world government which is intended to control and ultimately enslave all of us. If the world becomes violent and scary enough, the people will beg for a government which will oversee and control everything so the people will feel “safe”. That’s how the multicultural conflict related “Patriot Act” was promoted and passed despite the fact that it was highly destructive for the rights and freedoms of the American people. As a power-hungry politician named Rahm Emanuel infamously said “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

I’m not in denial. Those quotes were deleted because they were considered spam. I never denied that I LOVE and RESPECT King. I quote him often and have some of his quotes posted on my wall, along with Lincoln’s. If King is a communist, than what of Christ? He taught the exact same thing. He was also as dark as any Arab. So, that must mean he, too, is a black communist. I would never deny my respect and love for The Reverend (one of the few men who deserved to be called such). Who said he was a womanizer? That’s right, his enemies. So everything Bush’s enemies say about him must also be true, because his enemies say they are. Show me at least one picture of King with another woman. Better yet, produce that woman–or a letter. King, like Christ, was an ALTRUIST. Of course “altruism” is an “ism” and God doesn’t like “isms”, right? Even though his OWN son practiced altruism. And as for the quote, which I will post in full later, I was just pointing out that the quote of a “black communist womanizer” were the closing words of the same article that is filled with lies that apparently do not bother you. You’re cool with the lies, just not the peaceful words of a preacher who was murdered because of the color of his skin.

Loved you comment, Nik. Lots of love and respect for you, little brother

So … the web site deleted a bunch of your posts because you seemed like a Michael King quote generating spam-bot. I can see the webmaster’s point. You seem too messed up to be real, but your input does make me smile. There is an abundance of information available about Michael King’s affairs, communist ties, and plagiarism, but perhaps the most interesting issue is the collection of FBI files on him which were sealed until 2027. If he was as good as you seem to think, I think his family would have fought to get that file opened. If that had happened, the world would know more about the real Michael King to better justify his deification. Nevertheless, if someone like you wants to worship Michael King, I suppose it’s probably no more strange than the people who think Barry Soetoro is the messiah.

I have to wonder what life is like for americans when they have to live in fear of niggers and call them gods at every opportunity. I’m european and until the 90’s, we could still speak a fair bit of truth about race but now we’re going down the same tube as America. The population of mudpeople in my country is not nearly that high yet but we know that they are aping, raping and doing little useful in between in disproportionate numbers. And the government is their ally; giving them luxury apartments and disporportionate monetary benefits for doing nothing. The police grudgingly takes their side in scuffles to avoid seeming rational (racist). So all us civilians are basically unprotected and can get in trouble for thinking and doing the right thing. Short of a huge mass movement, all we can do is avoid contact with muds to the greatest extent possible. I hope none of their terror ever lands on my family. The jew propaganda, shitty sell-out whites and christian wackos blind to the biology of race are to pay for unleashing the beast.

so you names CATEGORIES, and you added adjectives on each one,
that leave you with the most dangerous category you did not name,and the one responsible to unleash the BEAST,
so you belong to it, that is the one blaming other for their own mistakes,
it strangely could be the CATEGORY which killed the many millions JEWS,

Thanks! Great site.

living in Texas “the south” i feel as if it may be the opposite because crimes against “white” people that are committed are displayed all over the news i feel like every time i open the Dallas morning news there’s a story about how white people have been done wrong or when there is a crime a murder a robbery kidnapping anything NOT always but usually its a black person their looking for or an illegal. To not believe that this isn’t a hate crime i think is wrong and i agree does show that our society is mentally ill because regardless of race this was done in pure hate …i cant even type or think this story just … you know it really makes me hope in a way that this world does end sooner than later, the sooner the better. There are so many beautiful things in the world and then there are people and hate that goes on and lives alongside us that are just so horrible that i almost cant believe it i almost CANNOT believe that another person just like me who eats breaths and sleeps JUST LIKE ME can do that to someone else the ONLY good thing about this whole story is that Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are in heaven and happy and not in pain anymore aren’t scared anymore and hopefully looking down on everyone one of us. Its very hard to live in today’s society and see the beauty that really is around you but i just keep looking forward everyday to the light at the end of the tunnel

I was so shocked to learn about this unthinkable and imaginable slaughter of these two, innocent young people. I was personally acquainted with DeMarius, we called him Slim. He had a half-brother in prison. I thought he was a young man who simply made a mistake and would take advantage of his last prison sentence and become a positive role model in the community. He had really fooled so many, many people. However, what he did was nothing short of what a “real live monster” would do. Giving him the death penalty was just too kind for him and his co-conspirators. I honestly believe medieval justice is what these monsters need—-to be placed inside
a deep pit and allow members of their family—if they choose to do so—-and members of society who crave a level of justice to scorge these misfits in manner that was consistent to the suffering and hideous nature of how they slaughered these two young people. There would be nothing, absolutely nothing that would be prohibited in ending their despicable lives; and, the event should be on prime time television.

I am a black man and violence has occurred on both sides of the ledger in our society; and, somehow our justice system needs reform where real justice can be realized by society and spare the burden of the “cruel and unusual” mental anguish of how the victims and survivors have to wait for years while this monster works the legal system—-both state and federal government for a Constitutional Issue to spare his reprehensible life. These are the years where the tax payers suffer allowing their tax dollars to keep these monsters alive.

@Joey: Their is a race war comming,and it’s way over due.

YOU say there is a race war coming an it’s long overdue,
I have read that it will be coming straight from the democrats in the WHITE HOUSE LEADER,
they better change their mind on it, the whole of AMERICAN will be watching because this became public, and it won’t pass as easy as they think, they have played this card all theses years, but it won’t get them elected. this time,
the people are smarter this time and won’t play

@ilovebeeswarzone: Semper Fi that



“Old Soviet style justice for these pieces of filth, 9 mm in the back of the head, and make them buy the bullet.”

I would not torture anyone ..I don’t believe in it period. It is not that I am concerned for them but for those who would be brought into that evil world by such actions.

However your method of execution if they are convicted and sentenced to death is far to quick clean and painless. Walk out and get shot in the back of the head.. Nothing to it. The execution method for dissidents and patriots who are far more honorable than this scum.

They should be tried and if convicted they should be hung.. with all that entails. They will know full well what they did and what is coming..

Soviet Style Justice in this case is far to Honorable, it has been applied to too many innocent people for it to be an appropriate punishment for such villains.

America First: First of all dummy, learn to spell! Apparently a solid grasp of the English language is not only an issue experienced by the hispanics! Next, your fearless African American leaders, as they always do, jump in head first before gathering all facts! Zimmerman is more latino than caucasian (look at the pic, read his demographic information), obviously your eyesight is as powerful as your IQ! Lastly, I can’t imagine why the prison population in this country is flodded with your kind; protest the death of the kid by rioting against the local business owners who keep your lousy communities afloat? Genious! Prisons are like big toilet bowls full of shit; just flush it down, remove the problem (you)!

@AMERICA FIRST: Are you serious…? The guy that shot Trayvon IS NOT EVEN WHITE!!!! People like you are the problem…. your so racist that you jump at this bullshit and blame whites just to cause drama. Whites didnt even have anything to do with the whole story. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YOU RACIST IDIOT!