Rape, Mutilation and Murder


A Horror Story Hidden from National Attention

On Saturday January 6, 2007 Hugh Christopher Newsom, age 23 and Channon Gail Christian, age 21, both students at the University of Tennessee went out on a date.

They were driving in Channon’s Toyota 4-Runner when they were carjacked at gunpoint. Suddenly the crime turned far more savage than an armed car theft. Chris and Channon were kidnapped and driven to 2316 Chipman Street where they were forced into the home at gunpoint. While Channon was forced to watch, her boyfriend was raped prison style and then his penis was cut off. He was later driven to nearby railroad tracks where he was shot and set afire. But Channon’s hell was just beginning. She was beaten; gang raped repeatedly in many ways, had one of her breasts cut off and bleach poured down her throat to destroy DNA evidence—all while she was still alive. To add to Channon’s degradation the suspects took turns urinating on her. They too set her body afire, apparently inside the residence, but for some reason left her body there—in five separate trash bags.

The District Attorney General of Knox County later announced the arrests of the following five suspects and the charges they’d face:

Lemaricus “Slim” Davidson, age 25 faces a total of 46 charges. Davidson was indicated on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two counts premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

Latalvis “Rome” Cobbins, age 24, faces a total of 46 charges. Cobbins was indicted on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two counts especially aggravated robbery from Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

George “Detroit” Thomas, age 24, faces a total of 46 charges. Thomas was indicated on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two Counts of premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom, 2 counts especially aggravated robbery from Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

Vanessa Coleman, age 18, faces a total of 40 Tennessee State charges. Coleman was indicated on 12 Counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. One count premeditated murder of Christian only, 1 count of especially aggravated robbery of Newsom only, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

Eric “E” Boyd, age 24, was arrested in connection with the carjacking, but faces only federal charges as an accessory after the fact.

I wasn’t aware of this incident until a friend brought it to my attention May 9th.

Until then I’d never heard even a single comment regarding this brutal crime mentioned by any of our national news media.

We had the death of Anna Nicole Smith shoved down our throats by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and FOX News (if we cared to watch) for hours on end over a period of several weeks. I didn’t give a rat’s ass about some overweight, drugged out, has-been bimbo who was apparently willing to crawl into bed with any man who had anything vaguely resembling a pulse. Yet, I couldn’t turn on the television without some new twist in the Anna Nicole saga being discussed. The only victim in this entire matter is the poor baby who was used as a pawn by everyone with dollar signs in their eyes.

Just about the time the Anna Nicole Smith epic was winding down we had Don Imus and the “Nappy headed hos” comment that grabbed headlines around the world. So, for another two or three weeks we were bombarded with cries of insensitivity and racism while Al Sharpton frantically tried to arouse the fires of racial hatred.

Why wasn’t the nation informed of the brutal rape, mutilation and murder of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian? Was it because they were white and the suspects black? That certainly seems to be the opinion among thousands who have very angrily commented on this case in daily blogs. There are accusations that the press has a double standard when race is a component of crime. One example given was how often do we hear about a suspect wanted for a crime described as a “white male,” but when the suspect is black no mention of race is made? Like it or not, I’ve heard this quite often from the Baltimore and Washington television stations. Though I will also report that I’ve heard the race given when the suspect is black. I don’t know if it’s station policy or the beliefs of particular reporters broadcasting the news when it comes to the offering of a full description of a suspect or not. But, in my opinion, when you air a broadcast and ask the public to provide information regarding a suspect and his or her whereabouts, you should publish the complete description and that includes race—no exceptions.

The murders of Chris Newsom and Channon Christian have brought a firestorm of criticism directed toward the national media and rightly so. There are glaring gaps in the reporting of crimes when race is an issue. We need only to look at Duke University and the accusations leveled against members of the lacrosse team. The media went wild in reporting the alleged rape of a black woman by white team members. The press couldn’t wait to put Duke University, the players, the lacrosse team coach and the white race in general on trial for this reported atrocity. Not only did the press put them on trial, but also convicted everyone involved before all the evidence had been collected and analyzed and the investigation completed. Of course, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton couldn’t wait to jump in front of any and all cameras available and go on the attack. This was their moment to shine once again by standing tall for the rights of the “victim” and scream racism. They had the privileged white boys of Duke in their sights and were going to mow them, their families and friends down. And seizing the opportunity to hype his political aspirations was District Attorney Mike Nifong. He declared the players guilty and the media was damn near choking on their exuberance to build the gallows and braid the hangman’s noose. Plastered on every televised news report and on the front page of every newspaper across the nation are the photographs and names of the accused players. By God, there’s a good old fashioned lynching brewing and those privileged white boys are gonna be hangin’ by their rich necks. Oops. It seems somebody forgot the evidence. You know, the proof needed to confirm beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of the accused players. Crystal Gail Mangum, the alleged victim of the rape, had seven different DNA samples on her body and clothing and none of the DNA belonged to even one of the Duke Lacrosse players. The repercussions from the false allegation of rape by Mangum are still reverberating throughout the entire community. But media attention dwindled to almost nothing very quickly when the “race card” died and there was nothing left for them to sensationalize. To the lacrosse players and Duke University the media said, “screw you and the fact that we did our best to ruin your reputations. Our ratings skyrocketed and that’s all that matters.”

As far as the rape, mutilation and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, some in the media are saying this case doesn’t represent a hate crime. Well, it sure as hell doesn’t symbolize a night of love and bonding between the young couple and those who butchered them. Was the cutting off of Chris’ penis an act of human kindness? Was the cutting off of Channon’s breast and pouring bleach down her throat an act of compassion and love? This was pure hatred, nothing less. How could any person of sound mind and thinking look at this case and say with absolute certainty that hate wasn’t involved in the commission of the atrocities against Christian and Newsom?

Reading over dozens of pages on the Christian and Newsom murders and other cases I noted many angry comments one of which said the media has a recent history of “blacking out” certain news stories when race is involved. The Wichita Massacre was referenced as one of these. The Carr brothers executed four white victims, after forcing them to kneel naked in a frozen field in Kansas. A fifth intended victim lived when a bullet fired toward her head knocked her unconscious instead of killing her. She was able to identify her attackers who were arrested and charged with other violent crimes as well.

Yet, their vicious crimes were treated to a media “black out.” Here cries of bias are raised because the murder of James Byrd, a black man, dragged to death by three white men received top media billing. But the Byrd case was only one of the examples used to point out the disparity in reporting.

I won’t attempt to write a lengthy commentary on this issue. Instead I’ll refer you to the various web sites that can be found detailing all of these cases. You need only enter the names Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom to open the dozens of sites and blogs that tell of and talk about these crimes. But be forewarned that you will find some shocking and sickening incidents of violence. And maybe your views will be similar to mine after you read about these events—the perpetrators, white and black, are indeed a subhuman culture and should be erased permanently from society. They should become nothing more than a bad memory in a faded photograph.

I’ve always believed the motto “No one is above the law, nor is anyone below it.” I’ve held a belief that the law was and is for everyone, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background and when it comes to crime and justice everyone should be treated equally. I don’t care if a person accused of a crime is considered privileged because of wealth and fame or they’re from a row home in the city, the law should apply equally.

I feel the same about media coverage of crimes. If you’re going to beat the drums

loudly, point fingers and cry racism or hate, do it without bias. Bang your drums and point your fingers, but make sure you cover all races with equal fervor. When the media tires to play the game of “politically correct” by concealing facts regarding the race of suspects in a case, they are guilty of inciting racial prejudice. We can find enough of that in our society without the media further fanning the flames of bigotry.

Maybe Doctor Martin Luther King said it best. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

UPDATE 7-14-07

This post is getting a ton of attention so I figured I would update it with what’s new.  Which isn’t a whole lot.  The killers attorneys appeared in court five days ago:

Attorneys for the four suspects in the brutal rape and murder of a Knoxville couple appeared in court Monday.

Lemaricus Davidson; his brother, Letalvis Cobbins; and George Thomas were indicted on 46 counts, including first-degree murder.

Vanessa Coleman was indicted on 40 counts, also including murder, in connection with the deaths of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.


The suspects won’t be in court until July 30th and only one trial date has been set so far.  That one is for Letalvis Cobbins and the date for that one is May 12th, 2008.

UPDATE 8-08-23

I saw this story somewhere and decided to look into what the outcome of the trials were:


The four suspects indicted in Knox County were originally scheduled to be tried separately, at trials scheduled between May and August 2008. However, the trial date for the subjects indicted in Knox County was moved back to 2009 in February 2008. In an apparent attempt to force the prosecution to try the case with the least forensic evidence first, the attorneys for Thomas filed a motion for a speedy trial, arguing there was no forensic link between their client and the crime scene. Thomas was granted the motion and was scheduled to go on trial on August 11. Judge Baumgartner ruled that Thomas’ phone calls made from the jailhouse to his acquaintances were admissible as evidence.

District Attorney Randy Nichols announced that the state would seek the death penalty for both Cobbins (the first to go to trial) and Coleman if convicted. Davidson was also indicted for a second robbery which was committed after the murders. The publicity against the accused led the defense to argue that a change of venue was required in order to ensure a fair trial. However, the state argued that an impartial jury could be found during voir dire, and the presiding judge subsequently denied the motion as “premature”.


On April 16, 2008, Eric Boyd was found guilty in Federal court of being an accessory to a fatal carjacking and for failing to report the location of a known fugitive. Boyd’s was the first case to go to trial, and he was the only suspect not charged with murder. He was sentenced to the maximum of 18 years in Federal prison. He is currently incarcerated at Beckley FCI.

On August 25, 2009, Letalvis D. Cobbins was found guilty of the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Cobbins faced the possibility of the death penalty because he was convicted of first degree felony murder in the murder of Christian. He was found guilty of facilitation of murder for Newsom but he was acquitted of Newsom’s rape. The jurors worked about 10 hours Monday and on Tuesday morning before reaching a verdict. They never asked Judge Richard Baumgartner any questions during their deliberations. On August 26, Cobbins was sentenced to life without parole.

On October 28, 2009, Lemaricus Devall Davidson was found guilty on all counts. He was found not guilty on three counts of the aggravated rape of Christopher Newsom but was found guilty of the lesser included charges of facilitation of rape. The sentencing hearing began on October 29, 2009 at 9am EST. The sentence hearing ended the next day October 30, 2009 at approx 3pm EST when a jury, after deliberating approx 3 hours, sentenced Lemaricus Davidson to death on 4 of the conviction counts.

On December 8, 2009, George Thomas was found guilty on all counts, including the ones the other defendants were acquitted of despite his case being based solely on circumstantial evidence and testimony. The sentencing hearing began December 8th, 2009 and ended on December 10th, 2009 at approx 10:45 am EST when the jury, after approx 3 hours of deliberation, returned a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole on each of the 4 capital convictions.

The convictions of Boyd, Cobbins, Davidson and Thomas left Vanessa Coleman as the last defendant to face trial. Coleman’s case is complicated by the fact that, while she was granted immunity by federal authorities for testimony in the federal case on the car-jacking, the state courts have ruled that the federal grant of immunity does not extend to the state charges on murder and rape. On May 13, 2010, Coleman was acquitted of first degree murder but found guilty on lesser charges. On July 30, 2010, she was sentenced to 53 years behind bars.

Tennessee Supreme Court denies appeal in 2007 Knox County torture slayings

The Tennessee Supreme Court this week shot down an appeal bid by the fifth and final suspect to be convicted in the 2007 torture slayings of a Knox County couple.

The high court’s decision–made public late Monday–to deny Eric Boyd another appeal of his convictions effectively ends what was a 12-year quest by the families of slaying victims Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, to put him behind bars in the killings.

…Davidson and three others–Letalvis Cobbins, Davidson’s brother; Vanessa Coleman, Cobbins’ girlfriend; and George Thomas, Cobbins’ friend–each admitted they were inside the Chipman Street house while the couple was being held captive, but all denied any active role in the crimes.

All four were indicted in the slayings and underlying crimes, including rape and kidnapping. Davidson, Cobbins and Thomas were convicted of all crimes committed against the couple, while Coleman was acquitted of crimes involving Newsom and deemed a facilitator only in the crimes committed against Christian.

Davidson is now on death row. Cobbins is serving life without parole. Coleman is serving 35 years.

Thomas was serving a 127-year sentence in the case–until he secretly agreed in 2018 to testify against Boyd in return for a 50-year sentence. Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen then did what her predecessor refused for years to do–seek a murder indictment against Boyd.

Thomas’ agreement to testify came as the direct result of lobbying by Newsom’s parents, Hugh and Mary Newsom. Newsom’s parents had long believed it was Boyd who raped their son, put a dog collar around his neck and forced him to walk barefoot to nearby railroad tracks, where he was then executed. They enlisted the help of a private investigator, repeatedly begged prosecutors for an indictment and directly appealed to both Cobbins and Thomas to turn on their co-defendants.

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Until then I’d never heard even a single comment regarding this brutal crime mentioned by any of our national news media.

Rob, this is the first I’ve heard of this. Capital punishment is too good for these five monsters. I wish they could experience the horrors they inflicted upon their victims. And if that makes me a bad person, good!

As far as the media blackout, I can’t make sense of why some stories make national headlines and others don’t. I don’t know if it’s always about race. There was that obsession over that white girl who disappeared in Aruba…Greta van Sustern (who I cannot stand) was all over that. You’d think the potential sensationalism of this story would grab her attention.

I pray for the families of Channon and Hugh. I for one will never willingly go with anyone who insists I get in the car with them. I’ll take my chances with being shot at, if there’s such an opportunity.

Old Soviet style justice for these pieces of filth, 9 mm in the back of the head, and make them buy the bullet.

SPO… if these guys are the ones who did it, I vote that we make arrangements with the GRU to borrow their blast furnace.

These 4 will probably get off on the OJ/Football Williams defense. Heck I even hear they are going to dig up Johnny Cochran for lead defense lawyer. When are crackers* going to accept that this is all a part of the Slavery Reconciliation Act enacted by the Congressional Black Caucus, and has full non-partisan approval from the Assoc. Press, the ACLU, and the Southern Poverty Law Center!

Remember, there are the ghosts of a couple hundred years ago to appease!

*(Being one, it’s okay to use this racial-specific term!)

Having said that, if they fail in aqquital, being fed feet first into a wood-chipper seems a bit on the compassionate side, donchathink???

The local ‘Media General’ propaganda outlet ran a couple of small articles on this and dropped it. Not more than 30 seconds a couple of times on the antique MSM broadcast outlets. Evidently they didn’t want to upset the racist followers of Rev Je$$ie and $harpton, but just ask them, race had nothing to do with the lack of coverage.

The chief suspect in the case of the girl in Aruba is white.

Don’t just sit there doing nothing White man…JOIN US AT THE KNOXVILLE RALLY!

Details here: http://www.vnnforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=71

If there’s no way you can possibly be at the rally, AT LEAST HELP SPREAD THE WORD!

Hal Turner will be talking about the rally TONIGHT on his radio show: http://halturnershow.com/

Not only race, sexual preference is blocked, too. Remember the case from Wyoming, Matthew Shepherd? Now he’s a matyr. What about the 13 year old boy who was “kept” for several days by two homosexuals – Jesse Dirkhising? Why did I never hear Jesse’s death mentioned but Matthew’s was trumpeted. Shepherd’s death was a ‘hate crime’, so what was Jesse’s? A ‘love crime’ – did they ‘love him to death’? Yet those two “men” are part of a group protected by ‘hate legislation’.
What’s the difference?


I was originally puzzled as to why the Newsom and Christian murders weren’t deemed newsworthy. Why was this terribly depraved double-murder ignored while the Duke rape case received such endless media coverage? Dare I say that when the murderous perpetrators are either homosexual or black, and the victims are children or white, it just doesn’t fit as “newsworthy” in the minds of liberals who are the obviously dominating presence in the newsrooms across America ? What’s more, in their loonie left daft opinion, there is no way that such horrible crimes as this case (as well as additional ones listed in my blog entry) would merit being labeled as “hate crimes.”


We seriously need to ask and answer that question!

Why are certain crimes worthy of being labeled “hate crimes” and others are not?

There must be something else behind this trend.

Anybody care to guess??

I’ll tell you.

Is there a reason why my last comment was deleted here?

My God, I have no words ……..

I first read about the horrific murders of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian last night. It seems that bloggers are the only ones currently covering not only the utterly heinous and evil depravity of these criminal murderers, but they are also addressing the very important question as to why this story has been basically ignored by the MSM.

Here’s my theory over at Talkwisdom.

I would like to add just one item, at least one of the perps is a member of the Black Supremist group “Black Gangsta Disciples” which would lead one to think that yes indeed this was a racially motivated crime. Would any MSM reporter say a case involving Blacks tortured and killed by members of a White Supremacy group was not racially motivated? I think not. Further backing this is another report on a organisation, Black Poverty Speaks, that will be “Celebrating the Carjackers” believe it or not!


Hey Mark, since you mention the suspect for the Aruban case is white, you’re justifying the hate crime perpetrated by 6 black thugs to two white people? You are one sad racist puke!

If jailing people didn’t require so many tax dollars to pay for these rejects I’d be all for locking them up and throwing away the key. Since my tax dollars ARE involved in keeping these types of people alive and fed and watching cable tv I am of the opinion that since they will no longer be serving a worthwhile purpose in life while they sit behind bars that we the good people of the world pay for, put a bullet in each of their heads and be done with them.

I thought Mark was explaining his theory on why the mainstream media deemied this case worthy…

JBB use a rope be environmentally friendly.

The thought of their families paying a dime to keep them alive is utterly evil.

What is BadLeaders talking about? NOTHING justifies these murders.Maybe I misunderstood the angle,of reasoning.The Aruba case has nothing to do with this. As far as the media is concerned…only white people can commit hate crimes…that’s the fraud the media pushes on the public.

death is to good for these monkeys,..they deserve to be mutilated and killed in public,….seeing their battered mutilated carcasses swinging from a rope is the only thing that would satisfy me…

I hear the parents are insisting that this isnt a race issue and those that propogate it as a race issue should “stay out of it”. Looks like the parents are smart folks.

Rumor also has it that the parents did not want national attention of the crime, wanted a full investigation and wanted to eliminate all possibility that the two students were looking for drugs when they were carjacked.

I want all five shot in the head, point-blank. I will pull the trigger. Either that, or drop them through the trapdoor. I’ll be the hangman.

This was a “hate crime.”

Emma Goldmann, B.A.
AHRS Founder

Fiction vs. fact in the Christian-Newsom double homicide
By News Sentinel staff
May 27, 2007

The allegations in the court case alone are chilling. The falsehoods being used to heat up controversy over the case are disturbing. Here are the most common claims circulating on the Internet and in some traditional media, compared with statements from court records and authorities familiar with the Christian-Newsom double homicide.

Fiction: Christian was held captive 4 days.
Fact: Christian was dead within 24 hours of the kidnapping.

Fiction: Christian’s breasts were cut off and Newsom’s penis severed.
Fact: Neither Christian nor Newsom was mutilated, although both suffered tearing injuries from being repeatedly raped.

Fiction: Christian was dismembered and placed in five separate trash bags.
Fact: Christian’s intact body was wrapped in trash bags and dumped in a large garbage can.

Fiction: Acid was poured down Christian’s throat.
Fact: A cleaning solution was poured in Christian’s mouth in an apparent attempt to wash away DNA evidence.

Fiction: The slaying suspects allegedly targeted white people.
Fact: The slaying suspects have told authorities they targeted Christian’s Toyota 4Runner.

There are no words to describe the extent of my disgust at, not only the crime, but the cover up by the media. Others have addressed the crime. Here is my take on the media. The media is owned by the rich, who also own our politicians. The rich and their minions are interested in creating a world economy and a world government, which they will control. As a side-note take notice that terrorism has been granted a niche market by our government, through the fighting of “civilized” war, respecting religion and territorial boundaries thats grant them sanctuary. For example, recall the Al Queda operatives gathered, en mass, at the funeral of one of their own, photographed by U.S. military hardware. These terrorists went unmolested. Rather than firing a hellfire missile at this elusive group a photo was taken, demonstrating our respect for religious gatherings. The existence of these terrorists is then used as a basis to suspend our Constitutional rights, moving us one step closer to those nations thats are not “of, by, and for the people”. The media is portraying the black community as the poor victim of society, to justify the social programs which also move us one step closer to socialism. The reality is that both black Americans and white americans, who work, that is, should be focused on the fact that our government is no longer a democratic republic, but an oligarchy of the rich. By emphasizing the poor blacks they are fragmenting us, and thwarting any unified stand against what is happening in America (West Europe). What is happening to America is almost as bad as what happened to that poor young white couple.

There are more details about the murders on AmRen


the mainstream media has a long history of covering up black on white crimes while propagandizing racial guilt by making a big deal out of some rare white on black crimes. It’s been going on for decades.

Melissa McLaughlin was raped tortured and murdered in 1992 by a gang of blacks in a manner very similar to Channon Christian. One of the murderers was finally executed 2 years ago:


But I bet you’ve never heard of Melissa McLaughlin and I bet that back in that year her murder was only a quickly buried local story.

In San Francisco members of a violent branch of the Nation of Islam killed tens of whites to climb the echelons of their organization. It was known as the Zebra Killings but I bet most americans who lived during the 70s don’t remember the murders.


according the American Renaissance’s booklet The Color of Crime there’s about 3,000 black on white gang rapes EVERY YEAR and Lawrence Auster in FrontPageMag the other day looked at the figures and concluded that EVERY DAY there’s a 100 white women raped by blacks. I could make a very long list of horrible stories of black on white rape/torture/murder that should have been national news.

But for example when three ex-cons killed that black guy in Jasper TX it was like a nuclear bomb had exploded on New York, it was non stop nationwide media coverage and CLinton and Reno were in front of cameras saying how horrible the crime was and so on and all the liberal dimwits jumped on the bandwagon.

Here a liberal cretin at Salon.com talks about that murder and racism in Texas, you know the big bad racist state of Texas whose school age population is less and less white and more and more mexican :


do a Google search for “James Byrd” +murder and compare it to “Melissa McLaughlin” +murder. I can only conclude that this media coverage of the James Byrd murder was a big hate campaign against whites. I mean it’s just as obvious as 2 + 2, they only care about murder victims or hate crime victims when A) they’re not white and B) when the murderers are white.

The mainstream media creates the news by carefully selecting the events that they cover and their decisions have nothing to do with the well being of the majority. Anything that’s bad for whites they’re all for it, anything that would be good for white whether it’s intended or not they’re all against it. They create this make fantasy world where blacks being eternal victims are entitled to commit all the crimes they want and if whites resist this racial assault against them they push the red button and the alarm goes off – RACISM ! RACISM ! RACISM ! RACISM !

I stopped watching TV years ago and I don’t even read the NYTimes website, I get my news from blogs and news websites and I’m so glad I’m not giving a penny to those politically correct liberal presstitutes. They make me sick and I consider them to be the partners in crime of the murderers of Channon and Hugh and of all the black or mexican murderers of tomorrow.

There will be more murders like this one, more innocent victims that the liberal sickos and the mainstream media will sweep under the rug.


I agree with all you said. We have a real problem in this country. There are no consequences for breaking our laws. We need to make an example of these five monsters. Their deaths should take several hours and be very painful. We need to put their executions on TV so the rest of the criminals out there get to see what will happen to scumbags like this.

Shocking. Simply shocking brutality, and even more shocking that this was the first I’ve heard of this– and I read international, national, and local news sites every day! I’m no fan of Bill O’Reilly at Fox News, but I would send this story to his attention, people need to hear about this.

This story just makes me so mad and makes me cry. It saddens me so much that we never heard about it on the news. I have 2 teen age kids and my daughter is leaving for college next year and I am scared to death to let her go. I want to lock my kids up and not let them out of the house. We used to live in Louisville Kentucky and know all about racial things. The news there is very biased and always wants to report in a biased way.

Just shows what a dirty shithole america is

Yeah, like Rosemary West who kidnapped and made into sex slaves 10 girls before executing them in ur beloved Britain? Or Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, the rapist and killer of Hannah Foster…again, in your beloved Britain.

Human scum exist everywhere but idiots like yourself ignore this.

i just heard about this and i am speechless, these guys really have no heart or soul.

what i want to know is why they had to do this and kill them this way?

also, they dont need to wait a year before they go to court, i would like to say, they need to have the samething done to them and see how they like it.

I can’t believe people can be so evil. Why in the hell are we giving these animals a trail and waste the taxpayers money. They are guilty as sin. They should be killed the way they killed the victims. Putting them in jail for life or putting them to death is to good for them. Why in the hell did they had to kill her like that. It makes no sense and why kill him like that?? They are animals plain and simple. I say take the guys and rape, mutilation them. For her just sent her to iran or iraq they would deal with her. heheheh.. Sound mean who cares. They don’t desevre to live. They are just a waste of human tissue.

These rabid beasts should be pithed like frogs and then buried in a dung heap!

Scanning the “Sighing” Sphere

Nosing around the news and blogs, in no particular order…
President Bush conducted an orchestra playing Stars and Stripes Forever. I’m sure we will see no videotape on this, however. Apparently he didn’t suck at it. If it’s n…

UPDATE on a horrendous crime — but details are still unverified

Last month I wrote three posts about the brutal double rape and murder in Tennessee. The crime was about as horrible a crime I’ve read about, except that there was no way to verify the most gruesome (and widely repeated)…

The murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom: Media double standards working overtime

Imagine this: A young black couple in Knoxville, TN go out for a night on the town, but instead are viciously murdered – their bodies mutilated and burned, after being brutally gang raped, sodomized, and tortured at the hands of five white thugs. The …

knoxville murders ignored by press

This is absolutely sickening. The video below comes from Hotair.com’s Vent with Michelle Malkin. The text following comes from Wikipedia.com. Despite the horrific nature of these murders, they received virtually no coverage in the mainstream media. Som…

A hate crime the MSM’s somehow missed. [not for children] Hugh Christopher Newsom and Channon Gail Christian killed by hate.

On Saturday January 6, 2007 Hugh Christopher Newsom, age 23 and Channon Gail Christian, age 21, both students at the University of Tennessee went out on a date.
They were driving in Channon’s Toyota 4-Runner when they were carjacked at gunpoint. Sud…

It’s horrifying what is going on and being covered up. All decent people need to contact their Congressperson and request a change. Any murder or gang rape (two or more) against a member of another race should be defined as a hate crime.

Also, educate your family & friends.

Very sickening!! i think the whites should get on the street and show their support to their kit and kin. It’s so sickening.

I spent 5 years in prison for something people get 3 months for ( intimidation of a witness) . Take my word when I tell you that life in prison is better than most live on the street. They receive medical care, food 3 times a day, play sports, and laugh with their homeboys. Don’t get me wrong…prison can be tough, but it is much too nice of a place for anyone guilty of these crimes. These cowards deserve to be tortured before they are killed. That is a language they understand.

If you do a Google search, you will see that this story was not has hidden as you claim. People have been blogging about it since the day it happened, including myself. I have MANY posts on Chris and Channon AND one on Melissa McLaughlin, who you seem to think no one knows of. Some do, some people educate themselves on society and the crimes happening, especially since the triggerman in Melissa’s case was sentenced to death (and rightfully so).

One thing not mentioned thus far, one defendant, Eric Boyd, has been convicted of his charges. He has not been sentenced yet.

People do care about these cases.


You are correct that there are bloggers and other “New Media” outlets covering this story.

I think that Rob was trying to make the larger point that this story has not been picked up and carried by the traditional media like one would expect.

There has been virtually no newspaper coverage outside of local TN newspapers. To my knowledge the TV coverage has been equally localized.

Why has the MSM chosen to be silent on this story instead of reporting it on the scale that they chose to carry the Duke case or the Brawley case?

Is it because Newsome and Christian have skin which is not the right color?

Or are these “news” outlets afraid that they will be accused of racism when they broadcast the photos of the creatures who did this?

I appreciate the diligent effort that you and other bloggers do to get these stories out. We, together, can make a difference in getting the word out and keeping the pressure on in situations like this.

I wonder what we would need to do to get the “Old Media” to put forth such due diligence.

Personally, I would rather be informed of events such as these rather than knowing about the underwear that Britney isn’t wearing.

this is fucking sick!they should make a movie about this so more people could know

but you need to shut the hell up about raise and all that it doesn’t matter what color they were that had shit to do with anything especially if your saying the media is racist toward white people because if anything the media is racist to everyone but white people so shut your mouth about that

I cannot believe how quick black on white crime is dismissed because AL SHARPTEN AND JESSIE JACKSON can come to the rescue, but wait who the hell comes to these to kids rescue wait I hear silence bunch of media racism and rating approvals.Martin Luther King JR is rolling in his grave at the way his movement has turned out.Integration not segregation that was his main objective then you get loud mouth al sharpten and jessie jackson involved who dont have a clue and cant see past they dolla dolla bill signs it sickens me and I will be writting to cnn and nbc and cbs and anyone who will listen and respect the fact that this crime should have been televised im so ashamed of the media and why dont we haVe a (Wet) white entertainment television and why (uwcf) united white college fund owhats good for one race is good for another DONT TAKE THIS STUFF LYING DOWN PEOPLE OR WE ARE AS BAD AS THESE PEOPLE and what about black history month thats cool but where the fuck is white history month what the fuck



What’s funny about this whole thing is the fact that you people are so absolutely consumed with hatred within yourselves that you put the blame on others with a different skin color, religion, or whatever it might be. But for argument’s sake, let’s assume this event was racially charged. While I would never agree with something done in “retaliation”, why are you so upset over a white couple or person, (depending on the story we are talking about), being killed by someone of a different race yet blacks who were enslaved for HUNDREDS of years were tortured, raped, murdered, and God knows what else and that is ok. They should just deal with it because past is past, right? You bigots are so hypocritical it is beyond belief! Get over the thought of skin color making someone who they are!! There are MANY white, black, hispanic, asian, and other people that are successful, kind, intelligent, and most of all, not full of unfortunate hatred. To clump one part of a race as being the end all description of that race is not only wrong, it is downright irresponsible. Do you think that all white people are of absolute quality? I could go down the list of examples that prove this perception otherwise.

Oh and by the way, I’m white, Christian, and happen to be married to a white man if that makes a difference for those of you carefully planning your verbal assaults.

PS – And will you KKK members wear something a bit more manly than a white gown? Don’t you find that a little feminine? I mean we know you are all homophobes.. why dress like a transsexual if you are so against it? Just curious..

@April: Are you okay? Or do you need to take your meds? If I had to make an educated guess, I would guess YOU were the one in the dirty trailer, by the way you speak. Get some class, there’s a way to express yourself with out all the obsentities.

Ashley,obviously you are very young.I was forced to go to school with black people starting in the 6th grade they were like savages.They disrupted in the classroom,attacked white kids,attacked teachers.The school administration did nothing.When there was an attack,the media would not tell about it on the news,unless it was a white person fighting back.I WORK WITH BLACK PEOPLE EVERY DAY,THEY ONLY HAVE TO SHOW UP,NO WORK INVOLVED.I live this every day,don,t speak if you don,t know.I am also a christian and I am fed up.

@Barbara Rice: You are a RACIST. To generalize an entire race of people is just ignorance. If you are a Christian, then you need to study your bible more. God NEVER said we should only love white people. Did you know Jesus was not white?

My husband went to school with all white kids, and one black girl. He was forced to defend himself, and the other girl everyday. They were verbally, and physically attacked, totally unprovoked, on a daily basis. My point is there is another side to everything. From what you wrote, I’m guessing you went to school during desegregation. Why do you think that black people in that time had so much anger, and pent up frustration? I’m guessing it was probably the centuries of oppression. What do YOU call a group of people that enslave an entire race of people? I call THAT savage. Animals were even treated better than slaves. If black people are supposed to move forward and forget the past, then white people have to as well. The past between white people and black people is not pretty, we all know that, but it is people like you that keep our country from moving forward and set aside the petty differences. There are bad people in ALL races. And there are attacks of all kinds that come from all sides.

I am embarrassed to call myself a Christian, if YOU are representing the faith.

I am fed up as well…OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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