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According to a recent poll for the Paris newspaper Le Monde, the American president has a six percent approval rating in France.

Sacre bleu! That is awesome! Go Bush! Keep it up!


The Democrats need to quit bellyaching about President Bush making America hated by the rest of the world, and that he’s burning bridges with our allies. Stop with the narcissism and the need to feel loved by the world.

France has a opportunity now to change things inside that country. While he isn’t a socialist, he is still a frenchman….which usually means one thing. Weak and appeasing.

Hopefully Sarkozy will change this perception.

He’s only half French. His father was Hungarian and with a family history that suffered much from the turmoil of 20th Century Europe. His mother was French, but from a family of Greek Jews.

Yes, he’s still FRENCH, but we may allow ourselves to be cautiously optimistic.

First Germany and now France comes to it’s senses. All we need to complete the triple is for the democrats to return to being Americans first and quit aiding the enemy at every turn.
Would someone please post why the world and the stupid democrats are campaigning against a man that can’t run for office again? I believe the study out of London on the effects of smoking pot on the brain may have a lot to do with it. Paranoia, a form of insanity has spread in the democrat party faster than the flu.

Love It!

To answer Scrapiron in a way, I would suggest the sections about half-way down this page, titled “Psychological Leftism”, and “Other Causes of Leftism” to explain their thinking:


This guy seems to have really done the research.