The AP Using Suspect Sources Once Again


The AP never learns.  Recall the Jamil Hussein story which I broke last November in which the AP used a source, one Capt. Jamil Hussein, to verify many stories of bloodshed and mayhem.  Of course no Jamil Hussein was found by Centcom, by the Iraqi government, or by Michelle Malkin. 

In the end one man was produced by the AP who was NOT named Jamil Hussein and claimed to NOT be the AP source.

One such story of bloodshed and mayhem, the one that began my quest to find this Jamil Hussein, was the story of six Sunni’s taken from a mosque and burned alive.  One source for that story, other then Jamil Hussein, was the Association of Muslim Scholars who said:

And the Association of Muslim Scholars, the most influential Sunni organization in Iraq, said even more victims were burned to death in attacks on the four mosques. It claimed a total of 18 people had died in an inferno at the al-Muhaimin mosque.

Centcom and Michelle Malkin verified, with pictures, that there was NO "inferno" at the al-Muhaimin mosque nor any proof that 18 people died there.

Well today the AP used this same group to report on some more bloodshed and mayhem: (h/t Confederate Yankee)

The Muslim Scholars Association, a Sunni group, issued a statement quoting witnesses as saying Tuesday’s battle began after Iraqi troops entered a mosque and executed two young men in front of other worshippers. Ground forces used tear gas on civilians, it said.

"The association condemns this horrible crime carried out by occupiers and the government," the statement said.

They sure do love to put the violence inside a mosque don’t they?

Guess the AP never learns.