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A system that could handle a handful of Iranian nukes is not much of military advantage against Russia’s inventory of missiles. Hypocritically the Soviet Union maintained a single ABM site as per the ABM treaty. Something we never implemented.

Russia is doing this to keep Iran’s nuclear & missile capabilities pertinent. One reason is that they are making money off of Iran’s nuclear weapons programs and want Iran to believe it is still worthwhile to pursue one.

I think the real reason is deeper. By empowering an Iran they keep the US preoccupied. In fact, right now, the Ukraine is on the verge of falling back into Russian Control.

We are in a Cold War already. Putin is just too smart to say “We’ll bury you”. And we’re too dumb to realize it unless someone says it to our face.

Any Russian attack by ICBMs is not going to take a path over Eastern Europe. They would take a path over the pole or over far Eastern Siberia. I can’t understand Russia’s pushback on this unless they are afraid the RADAR involved might be used for some other purpose such as peering over the horizon deep into Russian territory. That’s about the only reason I can think of why Russia would be against a defensive system in Eastern Europe.