When Death To America Doesn’t Really Mean Death To America


Now this is quite funny.  The MSM, who have never seen an anonymous source they didn’t want to hug immediately now complains that one of their own is using one.  Of course this source is telling them Iran is responsible for many of the casualties inside Iraq.  Here is Greg Mitchell, editor of the Bush bashing Editor & Publisher, and a journalist who has been caught red handed doing dirty deeds, pointing both barrels at the WaPo for daring to use anonymous sources:

“First it was Michael Gordon in The New York Times on Saturday. Now The Washington Post and other media outlets have joined in suggesting a slam dunk case for Iranian weapons killing Americans in Iraq.

An article by Joshua Partlow from Baghdad — long atop the Post’s Web site — first carried the declarative headline, “Iran Sending Explosives to Extremist Groups in Iraq,” without even “U.S. officials say.”

Not that those officials could be named anyway. As in case of Michael Gordon’s article, the officials are unnamed.

The Associated Press, The New York Times, Reuters and others also reported on a briefing in Baghdad on Sunday, agreeing beforehand to the condition that none of the three U.S. officials taking part could be named or even described closely.

The Times, after accepting the terms, found itself in the embarrassing position of reporting, “During the briefing, the senior United States military officials were repeatedly pressed on why they insisted on anonymity in such an important matter affecting the security of American and Iraqi troops.”

How ironic.

Alas, lets look at the evidence.  One of the six detained Iranians was the operational commander of a Iranian Revolutionary Guard unit:

During the briefing, the officer said that one of the six Iranians detained in January in the northern city of Irbil was the operational commander of the Quds Brigade, a unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards that trains and equips Shia militants abroad. He was identified as Mohsin Chizari, who was apprehended after slipping back into Iraq after a ten-month absence, the officer said.

The Iranians were caught trying to flush documents down a lavatory, the American officer said. They had also tried to change their appearance because bags of their hair were found during the raid, he added.

And we know how they are supplying the terrorists inside Iraq:

The US officer said Iran was working through “multiple surrogates”, mainly “rogue elements” of the Shia Mahdi Army, to smuggle the EFPs into Iraq. He said most of the components are entering the country at crossing points near Amarah, the Iranian border city of Meran and the Basra area of southern Iraq.

Plus we now know how many of troops have been killed by Iranian supplied weapons and training:

Sophisticated Iranian-built bombs smuggled into Iraq have killed at least 170 US and allied soldiers since June 2004 and wounded 620 more, senior US defence officials have said.

"Iran is involved in supplying explosively formed projectiles or EFPs and other material to Iraqi extremist groups," a senior official in the multinational coalition told journalists Sunday on condition of anonymity.

Of course the Democrats are not convinced:

Democratic Senator Chris Dodd said the Bush administration had tried to falsify evidence before.

"I’m looking at this report with a degree of scepticism," he said.

"I don’t doubt that Iran has been involved to some degree and clearly that’s a problem that needs to be addressed, but I’m getting uneasy that they’re trying to create a premise, set a premise, for some future, broader military action in Iran.

"I think that would be a huge mistake at this point," said Mr Dodd.

Another senior Democrat, Senator John Kerry, said that people should "listen to those of us in Congress who have said we’ve got to engage in the region".

You see, he doesn’t doubt the Iranians are involved but he is worried we will do something about it.  Classic!

Iran has been at war with us since 1979 and now a Democrat Senator, who KNOWS Iran is involved in Iraq, is worried we will strike back.  Now if that isn’t a perfect illustration of today’s Democrat party I don’t know what is.

And in other news Diane Sawyer interviews Hitler Jr:

You get that?  In the interview Hitler Jr. pulls a John Kerry:

"When you heard death to America slogans, I think you know it yourself, it is not related in any way to American public."

Yeah, why would death to America mean the American people?

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