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After calming down a bit from Mr. Arkin’s vile piece yesterday I read his TWO new posts about the same subject in which he whines about all the hate mail he is getting.  In his first piece he states he is sorry about calling our troops mercenaries.  Why is he sorry?  Because they may actually be much worse:

I was dead wrong in using the word mercenary to describe the American soldier today.

These men and women are not fighting for money with little regard for the nation. The situation might be much worse than that: Evidently, far too many in uniform believe that they are the one true nation. They hide behind the constitution and the flag and then spew an anti-Democrat, anti-liberal, anti-journalism, anti-dissent, and anti-citizen message that reflects a certain contempt for the American people.

Why do you think they "spew" anti-Democrat & anti-media messages?  I’ll tell you why, because neither has shown ANY support for the job they do.  They pretend to support them but at the first hint of any wrongdoing they jump on the hang-em high bandwagon.  They talk down to our troops like they are mindless robots doing the bidding of the evil emperor and this nimrod can’t fathom why they are anti-Democrat.

Again, I understand the frustration of those in uniform and the supporters of the war. But these are not the only people who have a valid opinion, and there is great danger for the nation – as Bush-Cheney and company have already demonstrated – when people arrogate to themselves the sole determinant to make a judgment about national security.

What!  You mean our Commander-In-Chief has the gall to think he is responsible for our national security?  Holy cow, what has this world come to.  It’s not like our Constitution says that right?


Bush and company, and the Abizaid’s, Casey’s, and Petraeus’s have had years to make their case to the American people that the threat is so great and the mission so noble that the sacrifice is worth it. They clearly have failed to make their case and that is why the majority of Americans no longer support the war.

They have clearly MADE the case for war nimrod.  You arrogant elitist liberals just plugged your ears and pretended not to hear it.  Pretended not to hear the same facts coming from Bush’s mouth as came out of Kerry, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, etc….mouth way back when.

You liberals are a fraud who think nothing about the security of this nation.  All you care about is who wins the political horse race.  Bush wrong, Democrats right….that about sums up your decision-making process.  If it hurts Bush then it’s a-ok.

The Mr. Nimrod penned a second screed:

In the 30 years that we’ve had an all-volunteer force, this is the first war we’ve had where the justness of the cause is questionable and where we are losing and still could "lose."

We’ve had a all-volunteer force for much longer then that.  People have volunteered to serve this country since the Revolution and the justness of the cause is not questionable.  Every reason to go to war is a valid reason and it would have been criminal if Bush had NOT taken out Saddam after 9/11.  Just because your a liberal writer insulated in your little cacoon of smug socialists who believe every biased poll out there does not make you right.  You are actually quite wrong sir.

When I hear soldiers and war supporters expressing their frustrations about the American public or the news media, something doesn’t quite seem right — even when the soldiers and war supporters aren’t talking about me. I know that those in uniform would like to bring the war to an honorable conclusion, but are they blaming those who are against the war and the news media for having tied their hands under a Bush administration which is certainly the most warrior-oriented in the past 20 years?

Your damn right they are blaming the media and the liberals for tying their hands behind their backs.  It is due to the liberals hand wringing and wailing about prisoners being forced to wear panties on their heads and Marines firing back and clearing houses where the terrorists were firing from (Haditha) that caused much of the handcuffing of our troops.  The incessant cries of "unjust" war will take a toll on any commander, and even a Commander-In-Chief. 

but I completely reject the notion though that we undermine them or support the enemy by debating at home.

When your cronies chose to highlight every negative story that comes out of Iraq and ignore the good then you are undermining the war.  When your cronies chose to show insurgent made videos of our troops getting sniped at you are undermining the war.  There is no debate with the media.  They talk to insurgent stringers, ala Jamil Hussein, get a blood and guts story that is verified by NO evidence other then a few witnesses who refuse to be named, and then run the story over and over and over again.  Why?  To undermine the support of this war. 

But I just can’t stand by and do nothing when I can see that your risk is no longer being matched by a commitment or a plan or the prospect for victory or a just ending.

Are you freakin kidding me?  No commitment for victory?  No plan for victory? 

We have beaten a nations army on the battlefield, taken out a tyrant, freed 25 million people who now live in a fledging Democracy where the economy is booming.  All in 4 years with a cost of 3000 American lives.  That, my friend, is a success.  While every life lost is sad the casualty rate for this war should be a reminder to everyone at how great a job our military has done.  No other conflict in the history of the United States has accomplished so much with so little lives lost.

They have a commitment for victory but they cannot do it alone.  The American people were calling for more troops just a year ago but when the plan comes to send more the liberals balk.  How is that a commitment for victory from you?

I’ll say this one more time.

You sir are a nimrod.

And this audio from your interview with John Gibson proves you are unhinged also: (h/t Johnny Dollar’s Place)

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