Put Em Up, Or Shut Up


Vice President Dick Cheney tried to stall a Senate investigation into flawed intelligence on Iraq, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., said Thursday.

Let’s see, Rockefeller was head of the Sen Intel Com (SSCI) before the vote on war in 2002.  He had seen consistent intel on Iraq for years.  He came out and was even more hawkish that W ever was.  He said there was unmistakable evidence Saddam was making nukes.  If there is ONE person who had access to all the intel, it was Rockefeller.  As soon as the vote was over, he became a dove. 

We know from the Rockefeller memo that he did his 180 just for purely political reasons.  He sought to divide the nation at a time of war.  Me, I see that as treason, or at least action warranting a censure.  From 2003 forward he demanded investigations into the intel.  2004 came around, investigation showed there was no pressure, manipulation, creation, or misuse of intel.  He demanded a comparison of the pre-war claims to post-war finds.  He got it, and it showed people were just plain wrong-nothing more.  Then he raved that W had pressured the then SSCI Chair to stall those investigations.  He’s still making that claim…problem is…now he’s head of SSCI.  If the Phase II version 3 investigation were politically held up as this liar claims, then it would effectively have been complete in 2006 when the Phase II version 1 and version 2 were released-or at least complete now.
So where is it Senator?  If VP Cheney put pressure on the previous SSCI Chairman to not release the last phase of the investigations into pre-war intel, then why don’t YOU release it?  Your the head of the SSCI.  It’s obviously done.  Just release it.  Or is it that you’re getting more political mileage from pretending Pres Bush lied/you were a complete dupe and failed in your duty as head of the SSCI to oversee intelligence gathering, analysis, and presentation?  Nah, it couldn’t possibly be that an honorable, two-faced liar such as Sen Rockefeller would be playing the Capital Hill cover-one’s-ass blame game (version 2.3 of course).
This man is head of the Sen Intelligence Committee.  He was head of it before the war.  It was HIS JOB to ensure that the intel communities (all 17 of them) were able to do their jobs, were doing their jobs, and were presenting the best intelligence possible.  He failed.  If anyone should be held accountable for pre-war intelligence failures, it is those people who presented incorrect intelligence, but even more than them, the people charged with overseeing the intelligence communities, the people who underfunded them, the people who put in political appointees instead of specialists, and the people who turned the Senate Intelligence Committee into a political football that cannot be checked, balanced, and monitored by the American people…those people-that person-Sen Rockefeller must be brought up on charges immediately.
If we are to believe "Bush Lied", then we must also believe that Sen Rockefeller was grossly derelict in his duty before the war.

If we are to believe the pre-war intel on Iraq was just bad, weak, limited, or wrong, then Sen Rockefeller was grossly derelict in his duty before the war.

If we are to believe that the Bush Admin blocked investigations into pre-war intel (while at the same time ordering investigations like the WMD Commission), then we should see the results of those completed and blocked investigations now.
Where are they Senator?
Did you screw up then, did you lie then, or are you lying now?
Put em up, or shut up.

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Why would anyone believe Rock e feller? He’s an admitted traitor that should be doing hard time or stretching a rope, ala Saddam.

we need to follow the Grand Jury actions in VA re: Rocky and his leaky activities!