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On December 28th, for some God-awful reason, someone had the bright idea to repeat the broadcast of this episode of The View. What is it? Ratings week? As if they didn’t have enough controversy hanging around recent comments by Rosie and Joy Behar . Whose bright idea was that? I think they knew it would generate controversy the 2nd time around if it was missed the first time.  Compound that with the childish mudslinging of Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell (the latter needs to learn to keep her piecrusted cakehole shut, so go Donald!).


James Brolin puts down Republicans and promotes a 9/11 conspiracy site. Meanwhile, we have Danny Bonaduce, who was a cohost to the male answer to the View a while back, and his family receiving death threats and harrassment, because he chose to call bull-sh** when rudely intruded upon by nobody John Conner. Being married to Barbra Streisand probably doesn’t do much in the way of increasing one’s intelligence; or in one’s capacity to think with logic and reason:


Also discussed on: Dennis Prager Show

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I really liked James Brolin till I found out he was married to Streisand and then he did that awful Reagan movie. What a disappointment!!