The Haditha Poem


Those who have followed the Haditha case will immediately recognize the name Abdul-Rahman Al-Mashhadani. If you don’t then I will refresh your memory. He is co-founder of the anti-American organization Hammurabi based in Iraq. A “supposed” film of the bodies in the morgue after the “massacre” was given to Al-Mashhadani by the other co-founder of Hammurabi, and supposed cameraman Thaer al-Hadithi. They then sat on the film for four months, not even mentioning the “massacre” to reporters during the recent elections:

On December 15, 2005 Mashhadani was interviewed by the Institute for War and Peace which described him as “an election monitor.” In that interview he expressed great satisfaction with the election turnout (which in fact was terribly low in Haditha). Why did he not mention to this apparently sympathetic group one word about the supposed “atrocity” which he claimed had occurred three months earlier?

These two will become the crux of the case in my opinion. Their motivations, their stories, everything will be open to the defense of these Marines.

In the mean time Sweetness & Light has done some more excellent web searches and came up with this poem written by Al-Mashhadani:

Occupation is not Liberation

O My Country

O My Country
I Write You Poetry

Because I See Your People Cry
When Thier Children Die

They Fight In The War
And Die More And More

The West With Their Fame
Are The Ones To Blame

And I Will Find The Track
To Save Iraq


O Palestine
I Write You A Ryhme

Occupied By The Xionist Jews
The Day Will Come When They Will Lose

You Will Be Freed
And I Will Be The One To Lead

The Army That Will March
To Al-Aqsa’s Arch

Jerusalem, Some Day Will Blossom Like The Rose At Sunrise
And The Land Will Be Free Of Fraud And Lies

This Is A Fight Of Right
Against The Terrorism Might

O Palestine I Will Free You
And Any Other Islamic Land Too

Sweetness & Light notices this on the webpage of the poem:

The page displays an Iraqi nationalist crest and a map of Iraq, as well as a playing card of President Bush as a joker.

The page also links to a site called the National Priorities Project, which has an active ticker representing the cost of the Iraq War to US taxpayers.

When will these people learn? You leave a paper trail, or in this case a web trail, and your case is toast.

This case is toast.