Saddam And His WMD’s


An interesting article at New Media Journal about the Russian help given to Iraq to hide the WMD’s:

In December 2002, Russia?s Middle East envoy, Yevgeny Primakov (former Russian Intelligence Chief), flew to Baghdad under the front of making one last chance for peace with the dictator.? As soon as his plane landed, it was allegedly loaded with ?sensitive materials? and flown directly to Belarus.? People speculate as to whether or not it was WMD, WMD equipment, documents, people, or things the Russians didn?t want the US to get their hands on, but in any event?the plane was loaded with things the US wanted. There is no doubt that the Russians did send GPS jammers to confuse American satellite-guided bombs, night vision goggles, special anti-tank missiles, and Russian advisors.

[…]Renowned reporter Joe Galloway reported that two Russian Generals, Gen. Vladimir Achalov, a former commander of airborne and rapid-reaction forces, and Gen. Igor Maltsev, a leading expert in air defense systems were in Baghdad up until 6 days before the war. During their ?visit? they were photographed being given medals by Iraqi Defence Minister Sultan Hashim Akhmed.? Other smiley photographs include the two Russian Generals standing with head of the General Staff of the Iraqi Army Izzat Ibragim between them.? Upon their return to Russia, the generals were asked why they went on a ?last-chance? diplomatic mission.? They replied, ?We didn’t fly to Baghdad to drink coffee.?? One wonders if all the elements of the story were proven true, could the claim of ?special weapons? being moved out be less true than the other elements.

Immediately after the arrival of the Russians in Baghdad, retired USAF Lt Gen. James R Clapper Jr-then head of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency-monitored an increasing flow of traffic and communication from Iraq to Syria.? Former head of the UN?s WMD inspection group, UNSCOM, Richard Butler, was asked to review the imagery.? He agreed that Iraq appeared to be moving weapons out of Iraq, but did not think that ?the Iraqis wanted to give them to Syria, but?just wanted to get them out of the territory, out of range of our inspections.?? Syria was prepared to be the custodian of them. The entire idea was nearly identical to when Saddam sent his entire air force to Iran for safe-keeping during Desert Storm.

Israeli intelligence (flush with human intelligence sources in the region-particularly in Syria, and Lebanon) reported that the increased traffic was Saddam?s repositioning of WMD to Syria.? On December 23, 2002, Ariel Sharon stated on Israeli channel 2 television, “Chemical and biological weapons which Saddam is endeavoring to conceal have been moved from Iraq to Syria.?? About three weeks later, Israel’s foreign minister repeated the accusation.? The U.S., British, and Australian governments issued similar statements.

Opponents to the war like to point to the 1000+ pages of the Duelfer Report and summarize it as ?NO WMD,? but there?s a lot more to Moby Dick than 5 letters.? Not even an elementary school student would dare turn in a 5-letter book report on Melville?s epic.? Similarly the ISG?s report contains a lot more than just ?NO WMD.?? It is a resounding verification that, yes, there was a great deal of ?something? secreted out of Saddam?s Iraq into Syria.? While the ISG doesn?t claim that it was in fact WMD in those trucks, it specifically says that the investigations should remain open on the issue because the clandestine nature and the assembly areas for the convoys that left Iraq for Syria would be consistent with WMD, WMD equipment, documentation, and even personnel.

Given that there is so much evidence that Saddam?s illegal weapons, programs, documents, and equipment existed and were moved rather than did not exist and were destroyed, it seems that logic has turned.? There?s simply more evidence it was moved than there is any evidence of WMD destruction.? Yet, the debate from those who oppose prefers to ignore evidence and pretend that fictional evidence of destruction exists.?? That door to reality is creaking open for the opposition, and as such it?s no wonder that the anti-war movement is shattering, the Democratic Party is spinning, and opponents to the war are confused.

Of course this article will be quickly ignored by the MSM elite.

As the author notes, it is getting harder and harder for the left to ignore all the evidence being accumulated that points to the fact that not only did Saddam have WMD’s but also that he had help moving them out of country.

Meanwhile new charges have been filed against Saddam:

BAGHDAD, April 4 — A special criminal court said in a news conference Tuesday it had completed gathering evidence on a massacre of tens of thousands of ethnic Kurds in the late 1980s, paving the way for a second trial of former dictator Saddam Hussein.

Investigative Judge Raed Juhi said he had referred the case against Hussein and six co-defendants to the Iraqi High Tribunal, the rough equivalent of submitting formal charges.

Hussein and Ali Hassan al-Majeed, nicknamed “Chemical Ali” for his alleged role in a gas attack that killed more than 5,000 Kurds at Halabja in 1988, will be prosecuted for genocide, the court said. All of the defendants will be charged with crimes against humanity.

Hussein’s operation against the Kurds is commonly known as al-Anfal, which refers to a verse in the Koran describing the spoils gained by Muslims in a battle against infidels. International human rights groups have estimated that more than 100,000 people were killed.

But wait a damn second.? How could he be charged with this if he never had any WMD’s?? Or is it the lefts argument that he became a good boy and saw the light after those tough sanctions from the UN?

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But wait a damn second. How could he be charged with this if he never had any WMD’s? Or is it the lefts argument that he became a good boy and saw the light after those tough sanctions from the UN?