Miss Drug Smuggler


Now this takes the cake:

South America’s latest beauty queen won’t be campaigning abroad for world peace any time soon, unless, of course, she’s granted early parole.

Angelica Mazua, a statuesque Angolan serving five years on international drug smuggling charges, on Thursday was voted Miss Penitentiary 2005 after a six-hour contest pitting 40 women inmates from 10 prisons around Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo.

“People told me, ‘You’re tall; you should enter the contest,’ so that’s why I entered,” Mazua said. “I’ve always been interested in fashion.”

The women, serving sentences for crimes from armed robbery to drug trafficking, were vying to be named Miss Penitentiary 2005 – a title that brings a $160 prize and a break from dreary routine.

Last year’s winner, Fernanda Maria de Jesus, gained early release months after her victory, but prison officials insist the shortened sentence had nothing to do with her winning the title.

Here is last year’s winner:

And this year’s winner:

I’m sorry but are they even sure she is a women?

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