Tookie Must Die


I love these guys already:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Supporters of Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the street gang leader and convicted killer facing execution in three weeks, have filed a federal complaint against a Los Angeles radio station for a “Tookie Must Die” campaign by two talk-show hosts.

The Federal Communications Commission complaint, dated Tuesday, charges “racist and inflammatory statements” by KFI AM talk-show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou and comes amid an escalating political battle over Williams, who has been embraced by death-penalty activists and some celebrities.

[…]”If any other radio station set aside an hour as ‘President Bush Must Die’ and set forth in that hour to incite a riot among people and to call for the death of the president, that station would be in trouble,” Williams supporter Jasmyne Cannick wrote to the FCC. “There is no difference with the ‘Tookie Must Die/ Kill Tookie’ hour on KFI 640 AM.”

Cannick said Kobylt and Chiampou were being racially insensitive by calling for the execution of Williams, who is black, in a city that saw more than 50 people die in race riots after the 1992 acquittal of four Los Angeles police officers in the racially charged Rodney King case.

[…]Kobylt shrugged off the FCC complaint. He said the “Tookie Must Die” hour was in response to what he sees as a dishonest campaign on Williams’ behalf by anti- death penalty activists and a failure by the media to report the story accurately.

“(The complaint) is a complete waste of time because the FCC doesn’t regulate these kinds of things,” Kobylt told Reuters. “They might as well complain to the Animal Control Board.”

He added: “The jury said Tookie must die. All the judges they’ve appealed to (since 1979) said Tookie must die. That’s his sentence.”

I’m guessing if this scumbag gets clemency then every convicted murderer will start writing children books. All you gotta do is write those books and people will forgive you for murdering 4 innocent people.

On another note, I added a countdown timer to my sidebar the other day, check it out. Not sure of the exact time of his execution tho.

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O yea by the way…
You can get a ham sandwhich nominated for the
Nobel Prize,
if ya got the letter by the right person.
Hell even Bill Handle got nominated!

I think that anybody that has a negative comment about tookie at this time really needs to sit down and think about where they are headed in life, I understand if you can show me in some magical way how you guys know for sure that tookie killed those people, but u can’t just go around accusing people of things you can’t prove, and if that wasn’t bad enough they didn’t just imprison tookie with no solid proof but to sentence him to death, that’s just fucked up. Why don’t you guys go find some bitch ass KKK members and execute them also? Okay, so now that tookie is dead can someone tell me what has changed???……exactly. I personally think that someone should find arnold’s bitch ass and kill him for killing someone that killed, but that’s not going to happen because arnold is too “cool” with white america. Who the fuck picks an actor to make decisions like these? Fuck arnold! long live Tookie!

Tookie is lucky to have lived this long. In Texas he’d a been ashes in someone’s garden by now. As stated by Ron White, “You kill someone in this state and we’ll kill you back”.
I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Deathrow is a waste of time and money. The appellate process for capital murder should be abolished. If you kill, outside the governorship of law, YOU MUST DIE. So say 12, then it should be law.

Now is the time to pay the price for all the agony you have caused. All the death and blood that is on your hands. And although you won’t die tonight because you founded them, the Crips will likely go on stealing, raping and killing. Your legacy for which we must contend. Meanwhile you drift off into a much needed sleep. Maybe it would be a more fitting punishment for you to have been bleached white and clothed with a T-shirt stating “Fuck You Niggers”. Then dropped into one of the neighborhoods you infested with the hate of gang violence. The torment of that who have sinned is upon you. And for all who wished for this day, mourned because of your hands, and struggled because you lived; May your death be a tormenting one.

Tookie is a digusting human being. Tookie does not have a problem with the death penalty as long as it is him applying it to other people. Now he is crying like a little bitch now that the death penalty applies to him.

Tookie-adios motherfucker

it’s all about tookie. how he’s been reformed, his children’s books.i guess the young man

or the asian family he murdered were just a phase of his youth. the years have
been good to tookie, being able to hang out with his buddies, eating three squares a day working out. something he denied any of his victims. he take’s no responsbilty for any of his crimes. he has no remorse. what kind of animal is this. i say one who deserves to die.

tookie must serve his sentence. I bet he has more murders on his hand that we will never know about.

Just stopped by to say Happy Thanksgiving.

I’ve also blogged about Tookie. Somehow I just can’t whip myself into believing that an OG from the Crips didn’t murder at least four people during his heyday.

On a different subject, have a very happy Thanksgiving. Among the many things for which I am thankful is the pleasure of getting to read your blog and to know you as a friend through your blog.