Woodward & The Libby Indictment


Jed Babbin was on Fox tonight predicting that the Libby indictment will be thrown out soon, watch the video here.

What this comes down to is spelled out by Betsy Newmark:

What interests me is that Woodward testified that he told Walter Pincus of the Post about Wilson’s wife but that Pincus doesn’t remember the conversation at all.

So, if Woodward and Pincus both testify to different memories of their conversations, how is that different from Libby and Russert both testifying to different memories of their conversations? If we can believe that the great Bob Woodward is misremembering when he told someone something, isn’t it possible that Tim Russert could misremember something, too? Or that Scooter Libby could? Why is one discrepancy worthy of indictment and the other one chalked up to “confusion about the timing”?

What makes this even better is the irony that Woodward, the Watergate demigod, may actually derail the Democrats attempt at another Watergate scandal.