Those Evil Minutemen


We got ourselves a winner here:

Nearing the end of a two-day hunger strike to protest the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp?s patrols along the Rio Grande, Laura Sutherland said, strangely, she didn?t feel hungry.

“I eat a lot, more than that big guy over there probably, but when you think of what you?re doing it for you don?t really feel hungry,” she said. “I?ve always been open minded, but I?m against hatred, so it?s hard for me to understand what (the Minutemen are) doing out there ? they?re trying to stop families from coming here to make better lives for themselves.”

[…]While LUPE is calling the fast a protest against any person or group that propagates “hatred” against the illegal immigrant community, their protest closely follows the Minutemen?s arrival in the Rio Grande Valley.

“People were asking what we were going to do about the Minutemen, but this is for all the hatred felt by the immigrant community,” said LUPE Director Juanita Valdez-Cox. “One of those instances is the Minutemen and their hatred-fueled patrols of late.”

Kim Fromme, director of the Minutemen?s operations in Texas, disagreed with that assessment of his organization.

“I suggest that anyone who labels us hateful or racist check with the Border Patrol about how many people?s lives we?ve saved since we started patrolling,” he said. “They need to understand what we?re about. We?re sending a message to our government that our borders are porous? it?s not about one race or another.”

Since the Minutemen?s public arrival in Falfurrias last month ? though the volunteer border patrol group recently disclosed it has been secretly patrolling along the Rio Grande since August ? they have been the targets of frequent criticism from local civil rights groups. But the LUPE effort represents the first organized protest of the Minutemen, who promote themselves as defenders of the nation?s borders against terrorists and illegal immigrants, who they say act as a drain on social services.

To some degree, their efforts seem to be working.

LUPE member Martin Lozano, a Mexican national by birth who arrived in Texas 27 years ago, said many of his friends still living in Mexico are having second thoughts about illegally crossing the border after hearing stories about the Minutemen.

“I?ve never had any problems here. I just work and take care of my family, but the situation is Mexico is a little more difficult,” he said in Spanish. “My friends, they want to come, but they?re scared of being caught by the Minutemen.”

Yeah, all those poor families…what are they gonna do? Maybe come over LEGALLY? You think?

How about the dope dealers, rapists, & murderer’s that come over? Are they ok? Are they worth your huge commitment of a two day hunger strike?

Why is it so hard for these fools to understand that every country has the responsibility of securing their borders. Why is it hatred or racism to force our Government to enforce our laws?

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A two day hunger strike? Sounds like she’s fasting for Ramadan.

Another fine example of how the left perverts the language. Hatred to enforce the laws and protect the country?

Maybe that woman should try eating something before opening her mouth, she’s obviously suffering from low blood sugar and is delusional.