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Iawhawk from A Blog For All blogged a bit about the Oklahoma bombing with some great thoughts:

Mark Tapscott’s appearance on CNN definitely raises some interesting points that relate directly on to how the Hinrichs investigation is proceeding and how various officials are portraying the situation.

Which brings us to what may be a significant development coming out of the CNN segment. Pat DeMuro (SP?), the former FBI agent who was in the New York studio with Aaron Brown tonight, described an agreement when the FBI was reorganized a few years back that all explosions would be presumed to be terrorist acts until proven otherwise.

But in this case the presumption virtually from the outset has been that it was not a terrorist act, so Boren, who was Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee when he retired from politics in 1994, needs to come clean about why the FBI’s policy of presuming a terrorist link was junked so quickly in the Hinrichs investigation.

Also significant: At the end, DeMuro made it clear that he “is not saying this wasn’t a terrorist act.” So far, his former colleagues in the FBI in Oklahoma are insisting they have no evidence that it was a terrorist act, but others in the law enforcement community are beginning to strain at having to toe such an obviously flawed official line.

It would seem that the folks down in Georgia were on the same page as the ‘official line,’ which is to treat all incidents involving explosives be presumed terrorist acts until proven otherwise. That protocol does not appear to be followed in the Hinrichs’ case, despite the fact that there are unanswered questions about motive, methods, and background.

[…]Asking questions about media reports isn’t making conspriacy theories. It’s called getting to the bottom of the situation. It’s about getting the facts straight on a story.

Damn right. As many of you know I have been blogging a ongoing timeline of any news or information that comes out about the bombing here:

OCT 1ST, 1920HRS – OCT 4TH, 0359HRS

OCT 5TH, 0444HRS – OCT 5TH, 1935HRS

OCT 5TH, 2004HRS – OCT 8TH, 1104HRS


Plus I have a brief synopsis here.

The attempt’s made by the Media, FBI, & Boren to sweep this under the rug when there are many many suspicious facts about this case is interesting. Why did Hinrich have a large amount of explosives in his apartment? You do not need a large amount to kill only yourself. How about his Pakistani roommate? Why was there a plane ticket to Algeria found in the apartment? Is it just a coincidence that Norman was the town where many of the 9/11 terrorist stayed and learned?

19. In or about early July 2000, Mohammed Atta (#11) and Marwan al-Shehhi (#175) visited the Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma.

34. On or about September 29, 2000, ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI contacted Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma using an e-mail account he set up on September 6 with an internet service provider in Malaysia.

45. On or about February 26, 2001, ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI opened a bank account in Norman, Oklahoma, depositing approximately $32,000 cash.

46. Between on or about February 26, 2001, and on or about May 29, 2001, ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI attended the Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma, ending his classes early.

48. In or about March 2001, ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI joined a gym in Norman, Oklahoma.

53. In or about June 2001, in Norman, Oklahoma, ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI made inquiries about starting a crop dusting company.

65. Between on or about July 29 and August 2, 2001, in Norman, Oklahoma, ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI made several telephone calls from public telephones to a number in Duesseldorf, Germany (?German Telephone # 2?).

Did Hinrich visit the Mosque that was around the corner from his apartment. Is it true the apartment complex he lived in had mostly Middle Eastern men living there? Is it true that he had Jihad paperwork and pamphlets in his apartment?

Lots of stuff don’t add up here and the whitewash by those involved is quite suspicious.

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