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Check out my earlier post here for updates up till todays date.

I would not be surprised to hear that a few arrests may be forthcoming, he did not do this alone and this was not a suicide. Sorry, just don’t believe it.

10/5 0444HRS PST

Details are still emerging on the story of the suicide bombing Saturday night just 100 yards from 84,000 football fans attending the OU-Kansas game. Authorities are still just calling it a simple suicide, but the information coming out seems to paint a much more sinister picture.

1. The FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force are the lead agencies on the case.

2. The bomber had inquired about buying “a significant amount of ammonium nitrate, the primary ingredient used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing”.

3. He apparently attended the same mosque as Zacarias Moussaoui.

4. His roomates had islamic fundamentalist beliefs.

5. Investigators found a huge cache of weapons in his apartment. (enough that police were overheard saying it would take 24 hours to remove all of it).

6. He was “bright and lonely”… just the kind of kid terrorists like to recruit.

Mark Tapscott has some questions, based on the quick statement given, about what University of Oklahoma David Boren knows, considering he used to be a U.S. Senator and, in fact, was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

10/5 0835HRS PST

The FBI also looked at possible ties to Islamic groups after learning Hinrichs? roommate is from Pakistan, attended a nearby mosque and worked for the OU athletics department, The Oklahoman has learned.

Hinrichs and the roommate, Fazal M. Cheema, a finance major, lived together only a few months at Parkview Apartments.

Cheema and three other Muslim students were led, handcuffed, from a party by police after the blast, said Ashraf Hussein, president of the Muslim Student Association. They later were released.

Cheema is ?a really, really nice guy,? Hussein said. Cheema could not be reached for comment.

The dead student?s father, Joel Hinrichs Jr., said he told the FBI on Tuesday his son was skeptical of ideology.

?Joe would have become a Muslim fanatic when pigs fly,? the father said.

…One OU senior, Adam Smith, of Oklahoma City, however, said a stadium guard Saturday night told him ?a guy had sprinted off? outside Gate 6 after refusing to let his backpack be searched.

There have been reports Hinrichs had a backpack with him when the bomb went off.

The FBI also is checking a report that Hinrichs tried to purchase ammonium nitrate last week from the Ellison Feed and Seed store in Norman.

The store did not carry any. Ammonium nitrate can be used to make bombs and was a key ingredient in the 1995 Oklahoma City attack.

Hinrichs? father said the FBI told him the bomb his son had was made of hydrogen peroxide. He said the FBI told him more high-density hydrogen peroxide was found in the apartment.

10/5 0903HRS PST

Norman (AP) – The operator of a feed and seed store in Norman says the University of Oklahoma student who died in an apparent suicide explosion tried to buy ammonium nitrate three days before the blast.

Joel Hinrichs the third died Saturday in the explosion near Memorial Stadium where more than 80-thousand people were watching the O-U-Kansas State football game.

Dustin Ellison of Ellison Feed and Seed says Hinrichs acted strangely and was wearing a vest with what appeared to be wires in it when he asked for ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Ammonium nitrate was used by Timothy McVeigh to build the bomb he used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Ellison says he decided he wouldn’t sell Hinrichs anything and says the store quit selling the fertilizer in April because of new federal requirements for extra paperwork.

The F-B-I declined comment on Ellison’s statements but issued a statement saying they’ve found no connection between Hinrichs and any terrorist organization.

10/5 0915HRS PST

From Frontpage in March 2003:

What is the real nature of the Muslim Students’ Association of the U.S. and Canada (MSA)? This octopus-like entity has infiltrated numerous college and university campuses in North America, and has taken the lead in corralling young Muslims to defend the fascist dictator Saddam Hussein. According to MSA, the correct position for Muslims in America involves their marching alongside neofascists and Stalinists, with the legions of “useful fools” who flock to bogus “peace” demonstrations.

When its leaders speak to mainstream media, MSA presents itself as a campus-service organization not much different from other collegiate faith groups. But the reality is very different, and deeply sinister. MSA is a key element in the Wahhabi lobby, and a cornerstone of the conspiracy by Saudi-backed extremists to control American Islam, as well the public discourse about Islam in America.

Above all, MSA now seeks to present itself as moderate and opposed to terrorism, even though its chapters have distributed the propaganda of Osama bin Laden on its websites, along with publicity-recruiting campaigns for Wahhabi subversion of the Chechen struggle in Russia.

To best understand the MSA and its history one should turn to the work of Hamid Algar, a Western Muslim scholar of impeccable academic credentials, who also happens to be a ferocious critic of the U.S. and Israel. Algar, a member of the University of California-Berkeley faculty, is the biographer of Ayatollah Khomeini and among the leading historians of Islamic spirituality alive today.

But although he is no friend of President Bush or Ariel Sharon, Algar has described with stunning accuracy the nature of the MSA. In his brief work Wahhabism: A Critical Essay, published in 2002, he writes: “Some Muslim student organizations have? functioned at times as Saudi-supported channels for the propagation of Wahhabism abroad, especially in the United States. The Muslim Student Association of the U.S. and Canada was established in 1963, one year after the Muslim World League [MWL] with which it had close links.” Let us note here that the MWL was established by the Saudi regime as an extremist Islamic equivalent of the old Communist International or Comintern, and that its cadres included numerous Islamist “revolutionaries” from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and from Pakistan.

Algar continues, “Particularly in the 1960s and 1970s, no criticism of Saudi Arabia would be tolerated at the annual conventions of the MSA? Its numerous local chapters would make available at every Friday prayer large stacks of the [MWL]’s publications, in both English and Arabic? Although the MSA progressively diversified its connections with Arab states, official approval of Wahhabism remained strong.” Algar notes that in 1980 the organization published a translation, which was actually a text puffed up to give it more substance, of writings by Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the 18th century founder of the dispensation named for him, which is presently the state sect in the Saudi kingdom.

With some sarcasm, Algar points out “it might appear at first sight puzzling that students pursuing a higher education should be attracted to a Wahhabi reading of Islam? they found in Wahhabism a ‘rationalized’ Islam, stripped of the niceties and ambiguities of juristic reasoning, the complexities of theology, and the subtleties of Sufism” [Islamic spirituality]. He calls attention to MSA’s role in the creation of the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA, which is best described as a branch of the Saudi religious militia operating to impose Wahhabi conformity on all of American Islam.

In addition, the MSA has strong ties with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), established in 1972 and directed from the Saudi capital, Riyadh. WAMY’s U.S. offices in Northern Virginia have been a central target of the federal investigation of terrorist funding and money laundering by Islamist groups following the horrors of September 11th.

The foremost aim of the Wahhabis is always to impose a single voice on Muslims. Right now, this means projecting the image, in U.S. media as well as on campuses, that all right-thinking Muslim believers consider an attack on Saddam and his regime to be aggression against Islam. This is a lie. Thousands of Iraqi Shias, Kurds, and other Muslims in the U.S. support the Bush project for the liberation of Iraq from the fascist regime, and for the broader liberation of Islamic societies from the grip of tyranny and terrorism, leading to a new epoch of democracy, prosperity, and stability.

This month, Shia Muslims in the New York area will use their commemoration of Ashura, the main Shia holiday, as an opportunity to express loyalty to America, support for the removal of Saddam, and opposition to Saudi-funded terrorism ? which has always aimed first to kill Shia Muslims. But you won’t hear that from MSA chapter leaders on our campuses ? just as you won’t hear from International ANSWER, the Stalinofascist cabal that organizes pro-Saddam marches, about the crimes of the Butcher of Baghdad. Like the new breed of out-front Jew-baiting Stalinists, and the revived isolationist Judeophobes who see the hand of Sharon pulling President Bush’s strings, MSA stands for the “peace” of the grave ? surrender to tyranny abroad and promotion of treason here at home.

10/5 1034HRS PST

FOX news is interested in this story…I’ve been communicating with one of the anchors…I guess they’re compiling the info that’s available in prep for jumping on it when deemed appropriate..This is my first post, so I hope no one has mentioned this…Been reading this thread since the incident!

10/5 1410HRS PST (via Tapscott’s Copy Desk)

A Lincoln Town Car believed driven by OU Suicide Bomber Joel Henry Hinrichs III remains in the parking lot of the apartment where he lived and a U.S. Department of Justice inventory of the contents found by law enforcement officials is visible on the seat, Tapscott’s Copy Desk has learned.

Among the items listed on the inventory are “13 plastic bottles” in the trunk. The inventory did not note if there was anything in the bottles, their size or coloration.

Other items on the inventory include a title, insurance certificate, a 2003 Rand McNally Road Atlas and two other highway maps with undecipherable titles. The car’s license tag is Oklahoma VUL014, with a February 2006 expiration date. Tapscott’s Copy Desk has also learned that a tree near where Hinrichs’ bomb detonated displays a number of small round holes and some areas of a metallic substance.

…Tapscott’s Copy Desk has also learned that a tree near where Hinrichs’ bomb detonated displays a number of small round holes and some areas of a metallic substance. The holes and substance are only on the side facing the bench on which Hinrichs was seated when the bomb detonated. The holes appear to be about the size of the head of 16 penny nail.

Hinrichs’ neighbor, Alfred Yang, told Tapscott’s Copy Desk today that he believed Hinrichs lived with “three or four Arab guys.” Yang said he rarely saw Hinrich or his roommates, except when they appeared to be going to and from classes.

Yang said all of the residents of the university apartment complex are from Nigeria, Iran, China and other Arab countries.

10/5 1542HRS PST

Hi, lurker here. Wanted to respond to this post. I live in Oklahoma City and just watched the local CBS affiliate, KWTV’s news broadcast. They reported that indeed, Joe Hinrichs not only had a ticket to the game, but also tried to enter the stadium at two different entrances and was turned away both times when he refused to let security look through his backpack. The lady doing the news report brought this information to President Boren’s attention. His office claimed to not have that information and couldn’t confirm it. Again, that was from KWTV News in OKC. Their website is the same as the state’s newspaper, The Oklahoman, at newsok.com. Not sure if it’s on newsok.com yet though. By the way, I sent this info to drudge.

10/5 1604HRS PST

In case nobody has posted a transcript yet for those who can’t access the video, I typed one up. If it’s already been posted, well, this can serve as a bump for the thread.

Feed store employee: Verbal, uh, communication with me was very uh, um, mumbled. He couldn?t answer anything, what I felt truthfully, as a? as a? as a normal customer would that comes in the store.

Tamara Pratt: News9 has learned that 4 days before the explosion that killed an OU student, the suspected suicide bomber was out trying to buy ammonium nitrate. The same type of fertilizer used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Kelly: And News9 has learned Joel Henrichs tried to buy it at a Norman feed store. The last known stop on a trail that Tamara Pratt shows us started in 2002.

Tamara: Fresh out of high school from Colorado Springs, Joel Henrichs heads for OU. A National Merit scholar, choosing mechanical engineering as his major. Spring of ?03. Henrichs joins the Triangle fraternity, which is an engineering student organization. Although it?s a house, like a fraternity, we?re told Henrichs never lives there. His own father states that a few months later from 2003 to 2004, Henrichs drops out of school for a year. Doing odd jobs in the state, where he works is unclear. What Joel Henrichs does until the Spring of 2005 is also a mystery. It?s not until then we hear from neighbors that Henrichs moves into the Parkview Apartments owned by the University. Around this time sources report seeing Henrichs at the Norman mosque. The same mosque visited by the only man charged in the 9/11 attacks, Zacharias Mussoui. A records check by News9 reveals another person living in Henrichs? apartment address, a person we?re choosing not to name at this time, but a Pakastani student. According to OU?s online student records, that same student is an employee with the athletic department. Which leads us to last week, when on September 28, Henrichs reportedly tries to buy a large quantity of ammonium nitrate fertilizer from a Norman feed store. Henrichs was unsuccessful.

Now you?re gonna hear more about that attempted transaction coming up at six. Meanwhile, the Norman mosque has been very quiet the last few days. We?re gonna see if that continues on this significant day in the muslim faith. It?s the start of Ramadan. The month of fasting, Kelly.

Kelly: All right Tamara. And the medical examiner is telling us it is yet to positively identify this person killed in the blast. Could be weeks before DNA results are in, and may be several months before an actual cause of death is determined.

10/5 1608HRS PST

Channel 9 just reported on the 6 news that 5 others were “involved”. They don’t know exactly how they were involved or the status of the 5 at this time.

Restated that the psycho did try to enter through gate 6 and fled when he was asked to show the contents of his backpack.

10/5 1610HRS PST

According to KWTV News 9 in Oklahoma City, from the 6 pm broadcast:

Joel Hinrichs has been spending most of his time over the past few months at the Norman Mosque. This is important because Zacarias Mousoui also spent time there. The second detonation that many reportedly heard, indeed was NOT another bomb. It was however, chemical compounds to make bombs. An airline ticket was found in his apartment, destination: Algeria. The name on the ticket links back to Hinrich’s roommate, Fazelle Cheema (a Muslim). They report that 5 others were reportedly “involved.” In what capacity they were involved, News 9 doesn’t know. They are committed to staying on top of the story.

10/5 1651HRS PST

As FReepers are probably aware, Jayna Davis, indefatigable reporter and author of THE THIRD TERRORIST, is on the case of the OU suicide bomber. A local FReeper is giving her assistance. Here are some of the highlights of our discussion a short time ago:

1 – she has spoken to the feed store owner, Justin Ellison . . . Joel Hinrichs III exhibited strange behavior while in the feed store trying to buy ammonium nitrate . . . the store owner asked why he wanted it, and Hinrichs turned away and started mumbling to himself

2 – Hinrichs was dressed in a photographer’s vest that was stuffed . . . a wire was noticed sticking out of it

3 – a plain clothes officer was in the store at the time and witnessed what happened . . . Jayna is not clear who got it, but someone got the plate number to track the guy

4 – they did a background check and he came out clean . . . Jayna reminds us that he was a “lily white,” just like McVeigh and Nichols

5 – Norman PD could not confirm much for Jayna because this has gone up the food chain . . . they did answer a few questions about procedure, however . . . this would have gone to a special ops task force . . . but what about the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)? . . . Norman, Oklahoma has no budget for an officer or a JTTF office! . . . Jayna was stunned . . . the area around OKC is on the front line . . . Norman was the home of the former chief pilot of Osama bin Laden . . . Moussaoui got his flight training there . . . Atta and Alshehhi visited the Airman Flight School in Norman . . .Minepta’s mosque is there . . . the VP recruiter for the overseas Al-Fatah network was in Norman

6 – the police in Norman did their job after the report of the feed store incident . . . they knew it was Hinrichs right away after the bombing – they knew it before DNA tests . . . Jayna wonders if their quick action prevented a major casualty count . . . Jayna wonders if they possible had done a “knock and talk” on him before the event to shake him up

7 – a local reporter who verbally attacked Jayna before is at it again . . . the reporter is kissing up and apologizing to the local Muslim community

8 – a security guard at the stadium would not give Jayna info about whether Hinrichs tried to get in with the backpack at halftime . . . apparently, that may be the time when some of the crowd leaves the stadium and comes back with alchohol – so the guards look for that . . . Jayna thinks that, had he planned it better, there was a possibility that he could have gotten in with the crowd at the beginning of the game

9 – officials are denying that there was something else that did not detonate . . . there are differing stories in the news

10 – how is this for quick action and approval? . . . OU is erecting concrete barriers at the stadium to prevent a truck bombing

10/5 1825HRS PST

The below article was printed in 2002 by the AP. It tells the story of another lonely young man doing poorly in school in Norman, OK. He was befriended by none other then Zacarias Moussaoui. (h/t Zombietime)

NORMAN, Okla. – His name is Hussein al-Attas. He is 24 years old. Ten months ago, he was arrested by federal agents at the mosque where he worshipped.

He has been locked in solitary confinement ever since, his only companion a Spanish-speaking prisoner on the other side of the wall, to whom he speaks through the air-conditioning vent.

Neither his family in Saudi Arabia, nor his Muslim friends in this college town will speak for him. They are afraid, they say, of endangering themselves. And of making life harder for al-Attas, held by the Justice Department in downtown Manhattan as a material witness in connection with the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

…He is the university student who gave a ride to Zacarias Moussaoui, a Muslim extremist arrested last summer after spooking administrators at a Minnesota flight school with his badgering insistence on learning to fly jumbo jets.

Moussaoui, a French citizen of Moroccan descent, is the only person charged with conspiring to help 19 hijackers who plowed two passenger jets into the World Trade Center and a third into the Pentagon. Al-Attas, born in Riyadh to Yemeni parents, was his friend and, briefly, his roommate in this suburb, home to the University of Oklahoma.

…FBI reports and interviews in Norman provide one of the most detailed profiles to date of a Sept. 11 material witness: A young man who spoke of loneliness, of shaming himself by doing poorly in school, and of keeping company with Moussaoui, who offered to lead him to the pure, outer limits of Islamic faith.

…According to confidential FBI reports, Hussein Ali Hassan al-Attas told federal agents he entered America in 1995 on a student visa, determined to obtain a university degree in engineering so he could return to Saudi Arabia and continue the legacy of his four older brothers, all successful engineers.

But his heart did not dwell in the land of pipe fittings and blueprints. After flunking several
classes, he changed his major to mathematics, a step away from his family’s wishes but close enough to please.

In Norman, he met other young men from the Middle East, sent like him to study state-of-the-art oil and building technologies, and to bring that knowledge home.

He found solace at Norman’s Islamic Society and mosque, a white house two stoplights from campus. He taught the Quran to children there, a vocation he came to love.

10/5 1826HRS PST

Zombietime has a great overview of the crimescene and the adjacent properties including the Mosque.

10/5 1913HRS PST

The (CENSORED) Network has received exclusive information from reliable law enforcement sources that the explosion that killed 21 year-old O.U. student Joel Henry HINRICHS III was to be much larger and was part of a much more deadly planned attack targeting the fans in the packed stadium. In the style reminiscent of the blast at the Murrah building that killed 171 people on 19 April 1995, it was also confirmed that HINRICHS attempted to purchase a large quantity of the fertilizer ammonium nitrate, the very same compound that was used in the Ryder truck bomb just miles from where the Murrah building once stood, and a favorite bomb component used by Middle Eastern terrorists.

?It appears that HINRICHS was part of a larger plan that included members of an Islamic terrorist cell based in and around the Norman and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area. As a Caucasian, it was much easier for him to obtain the materials needed to create a large bomb, act in concert with members of the local terrorist cell, and strike when relative calm was the word of the day,? stated this source.

The source added: ?Federal authorities are investigating HINRICH?S roommates, friends and companions, some from Pakistan, who were on a watch list of potential terrorists in that area. Sources of funding and financing are also under investigation, and arrests are very possible. Thankfully, more than a few things went wrong, but the failed plan left HINRICHS holding the bag in the end ? literally,? added this source. ?Otherwise, we could have had a bombing on the scale of Oklahoma City in 1995.?

10/5 1935HRS PST

5 October 2005: The Northeast Intelligence Network has received information from individuals who claim they have seen the Oklahoma University ?suicide bomber? visit the Islamic Society of Norman, Oklahoma, located within blocks of his Park View residence. Developing…

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I know this is an old post but I’m doing some study and came across this quote (which I’ve typed up) whilst watching a programme. It has some context on why the Joel Henry Hinrichs event wasn’t made national / international news at the time.

“…Terrorism is a great demonstration, of the power of the media narrative to shape how the media portrays events. In 1995 Timothy McVeigh who was a white anti-government rightwing radical detonates a terrible bomb in Oklahoma City killing many people and that becomes the paradigm of terrorism. The terrorism story, the terrorism narrative throughout the late 1990’s is that of militias, of angry right-wingers, of anti-government radicals. Then of course, 9/11 happens. Now the narrative of course is, it’s Islamic radicals, that’s what terrorism is. Then of course we all go out, rush out go looking for facts and figures that support and advance that media narrative. Well in 2005, in Oklahoma City of all places, a man named Joel Henry Hinrichs detonates himself outside a football stadium. Well this is a suicide bombing in Oklahoma City and it was not reported around the world. If Joel Henry Hinrichs had blown himself up in the late 1990’s that absolutely would have been widely reported. He not only would have been national news, he would have been international news and everybody around the planet would have known his name. But his name was Joel Henry Hinrichs it wasn’t Mohamed. He didn’t fit the narrative so he was ignored…” (Canadian Journalist Dan Gardner)