Broussard, Mr. Travesty


Hmmm, sound a little suspicious to you?

Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard said Friday he is moving to sack the head of the East Jefferson Levee District, who publicly questioned the Broussard administration’s decision to evacuate drainage pump workers as Hurricane Katrina hurtled towards the Gulf Coast.

Broussard sent a letter asking Gov. Kathleen Blanco to remove Patrick Bossetta as Levee Board president and to install Bobby Bourgeois, one of Broussard’s executive assistants, as an interim board member.

The request was the latest sign that the Aug. 28 evacuation of the pump operators has become a political powder keg for Broussard. While Bossetta was among the first to go public second-guessing the administration, other critics have come forward in Kenner, on the Parish Council and especially among the myriad residents whose homes Katrina flooded.

Broussard cited Bossetta’s questioning in a written statement disclosed that he had written to Blanco. He also criticized Bossetta for failing to inform him that Metairie was flooding after Katrina passed Aug. 29.

Bossetta suggested at a Levee Board meeting Oct. 4 that the Levee District take responsibility for pump stations to ensure they are staffed during hurricanes. He said pump workers are essential employees who should be required to remain at their posts, or at least be sheltered nearby, so they can return quickly after a storm subsides.

When he found out Friday he would be removed – through rumor rather than official channels – Bossetta redoubled his critique of the Broussard administration.

“Everyone makes mistakes. The mark of a true leader is admitting his mistake,” Bossetta said. “The mistake was sending the pump station personnel out of East Jefferson. The half truths being perpetrated on the citizens of Jefferson by the emergency operations center under the direction of Aaron Broussard are truly a travesty.”

He’s got that right, a total travesty! You know that Bossetta is done tho because what he is saying makes WAY too much sense.

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Broussard, Mr. Travesty

Broussard, Mr. Travesty

Meet the Depressed was an excellent showcase for this blundering incompetent nitwit to make himself look good by blaming the federal government, FEMA, and whoever else for his own pathetic decisions. Russert covered for this jerkwad, and incredibly, Broussard is still in office. Unreal. Why didn’t Russert ask Bussard why he tried to silent Patrick Bossetta?