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I missed this news yesterday:

PARIS (AP) – France’s former U.N. ambassador has been taken into custody as part of an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing in the Iraq oil-for-food program, judicial officials said Tuesday.

Jean-Bernard Merimee, 68, who also was ambassador to Italy from 1995-98 and to Australia in the 1980s, is suspected of having received kickbacks in the form of oil allocations from the regime of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. He was also a special adviser to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan from 1999 to 2002.

[…]Saddam manipulated the program under a scheme by which he essentially sold oil at a reduced rate to favored buyers, who could then turn around and sell the oil at a hefty profit.

Ten French officials and business leaders – including a former adviser to former Interior Minister Charles Pasqua – are suspected of having received oil allocations as kickbacks from Saddam’s regime.

Just a guess here but I bet Merimee surrendered without a fight…

When he is convicted the UN will type out a strongly worded memo condemning him and demanding that he cease immediately, that will scare him.

Ok, back to my serious side. Is there anyone out there (except the wackjobs on the left of course) who does not understand by now why the French, the Russians, and the Germans went against the war? Money people, money.

Check out A Blog For All, Bloggledygook, Sir Humprhey’s, Inside Larry’s Head, & USS Neverdock for more.

Just a guess here but I bet Merimee surrendered without a fight…

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