Bilal Hussein Caught Again


AL at Sir Humphrey’s has a post up showing the collusion between the Asshat Propaganda (AP) organization and terrorist collaborators, such as Bilal Hussein. I bloged about him last April:

What kind of scumsucking jackasses are the types to award those who collaborate with terrorists? Why the Pulitzer Board They have announced that the Asshat Propaganda shall get the Pulitzer for 20 photo’s. What do those 20 photo’s depict? From Jawa:

5 of the 20 photos were taken by journalists who were working with terrorist forces. 11 of the 20 photos would likely cause anti-American inflammation. Only two show Americans in a positive light. Three more show the victims of terrorism.

Included in the 5 photos are 1 photo taken by Bilal Hussein [more background on Bilal Hussein here and here] of terrorist forces firing at the U.S. in Fallujah.

AL has found some more evidence of Bilal and his buddies:

This is both disgusting and absurd. I was flicking through a Yahoo Photos thread called “US Military” when I came across six photos of the same small group of ‘insurgents’ posing for the photographer. The photos originate from both Reuters and Associated Press and are dated October 3rd, 2005. Reuters attributes the photos to ‘Stringer’, while AP attributes them to ‘Bilal Hussein’.

Note the distinctive yellow piping is common to all photos, though I’m unsure if the same alley is featured in all six.

(1) Source (Reuters). “Excuse me Mr Insurgent – could you please move forward slightly so that you’re better framed by the light?”
(2) Source (Reuters). The man (or boy?) at back-right is clearly unconcerned about incoming fire. I initially thought he was in photo 1, but that guy seems to have black trackpants with a white stripe rather than baggy brown pants.
(3) Source (Associated Press). This photo appears to have a running car in the background (note the brake light) – and is that guy out back using a cellphone? From the looks of his shirt he was either holding the AK in photo 1 or at the back of photo 2. The photographer has used a different lens here to make it look like he took the photo from across the street – note the slightly bent yellow pipe 2nd from left is also in photo 2. But from photo 1 we can clearly see the other side of the (empty) street is a wall.

(4) Source (Associated Press). This is the only photo which has both “insurgents” successfully posing in a Hollywood-type fashion. Of course they’re probably aiming at the same wall visible in photo 1.

Kinda reminds me of the staged killing of Muhammad al-Dura, which ended up starting the Palestinian intifada