Disliking The French


Now we know the REAL reason FEMA was slow to Katrina: (h/t Area417)

Independent Sources reports that the U.S. government?s slow response to Hurricane Katrina was a direct result of a well-documented dislike of French people by the Bush Administration.

As stated by Larry King live on CNN, ?New Orleans is a French City.? Since neither President Bush nor most of the U.S. government like France, they purposely held back relief efforts to that region. There can be no other explanation.

?We know this much, this wouldn?t have happened if Katrina had hit New England, or possibly a city with strong Spanish or Polish heritage, since all of those nations supported Bush?s policy in Iraq.? stated Insider of Independent Sources.

The lack of acknowledgement of this bias has allowed other groups to play their own ?bias card? to fill the void. Black leader Louis Farrakhan had this to say:

?FEMA is too white to represent us, and so is the Red Cross?.

Rapper and political commentator Kayne West said:

?George Bush Don?t Like Black People?

The Bush administration has been happy with these red herrings because it has diverted the media?s attention away from the government?s strong anti-French bias.

If French people want to counter this bias, they need to find French athletes, movie stars, and rappers who are popular in the U.S. and get them to issue their own media sound bites else other groups will completely steal the bias momentum. Poverty activists and regionalists are also vying for the ?bias spotlight? so there is little time to waste.

If French activists don?t respond quickly their window for political leverage will completely disappear the same way that elderly whites missed out on their chance for political gain in the wake of FEMA?s slow response after Hurricane Andrew. (That would have a been a perfect time for noted elderly white celebrities like Karl Malden or Bea Arthur to have said ?President Bush doesn?t like old people? or ?FEMA is too young to represent us.?) Let?s see if French people have learned their lesson.

For the lefties in the audience who may not be too swift on their feet, the above was a joke.

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