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How in the world could the 15 people chosen to pick a suitable memorial design for the heroes of Flight 93 have picked a design that reminds EVERYBODY of the red crescent of Islam? Is this a joke?

The blogosphere is up in arms about this winning design to be placed on the Flight 93 memorial, as it should be. Putting our enemies symbol on top of the graves of these heroes is repulsive and then calling it the Crescent of Embrace? WTF! Are we embracing the terrorists? This is the ground where we obtained our FIRST victory in our war against the terrorist’s and they want this on that hallowed ground? Unbelievable.

Typically the left is shrugging their shoulders and telling us all that we’re seeing things that are not there:

Nope, no similarity there….sigh

Can they not see that this kind of things is fine on any other piece of land rather then on top of the graves of these heroes? You want to set up a cultural center, then do it, but not here!

AJStrata makes a valid point:

I do not care whether they get it or not. I know what Al Qaeda will do with this. They will say it is a sign that fanatical Islam will win. They will say Allah placed his sign over those of the dead Americans who fought back as symbol of victory. They will use it to rally the forces of Jihad. They will use this as a rallying point against us.

Whoever designed this piece of crap was obviously a wacked out liberal attempting to play a joke on the families of those who died here. What else could be the reason for such a blatant design? How about if someone has suggested a cross symbol? Would the ACLU have been up in arms? Just disgusting the PC state of society now where it is ok to put up the symbol of terrorist’s on top of OUR heroes graves. The heroes who gave their lives fighting these scumbags.

Ed Morrissey has his own suggestion:

Yesterday’s post on this subject generated a heated debate on the nature of the memorial, with a few defenders pointing out the generic shape of the crescent and arguing that its inclusion in the design has no ill intent, and that therefore any objections to it relegate us to lunacy. In response (and I posted this as a comment in the thread), allow me to offer a proposal for a World War II memorial in Pearl Harbor, something new and modern that can be located near the USS Arizona, and see if everyone likes it. Perhaps it could even be a mosaic or a mural on the side of the Arizona Memorial, as an addition.

I think it should symbolize the re-emergence of the US in the Pacific after the devastating attack on our fleet at Pearl. It should represent the national effort to come out of the East to reclaim our position and to establish a beacon of freedom and prosperity.

A rising sun would perfectly symbolize that.

It should also represent how we used that as a launching point to liberate the many islands in the East Pacific that suffered under the brutal Japanese occupation. Several sunrays could symbolize our efforts across the vast ocean to bring freedom to the oppressed in faraway lands.

And since our national colors are red, white, and blue, I would design it as a red sun on a field of white, emerging over a blue ocean. Now, you may not see much of the blue because of the sea line on the memorial, but the idea would be to have the sun rise above the sea line on the Arizona memorial anyway.

Wouldn’t that be a great way to memorialize those who died in a heroic battle for their country?

Oh, wait — the “wingnuts” are claiming that the Rising Sun looks almost exactly like the battleflag of imperial Japan, the very nation that attacked Pearl Harbor! How silly of the “wingnuts”! Why, the sun belongs to everyone! And it even appears on a state flag — Arizona’s!

Had someone trotted out this idea in 1946, they’d be lucky to ever find work in the US again. It’s a measure of the intellectual erosion of the Left that this kind of thinking gets celebrated and defended today.

Amen. The left is in a death spiral so tight that they cannot even see the lunacy of what they defend anymore. Sad that it has come to this state. This is a apt observation:

The most repugnant consequence of this memorial will be jihadis visiting to honor their glorious shahids. This is the equivalent of a memorial to the kamikaze pilots who died during WWII placed over the USS Arizona.

It’s going to be difficult for historians to explain what happened to the generation of Woodstock. They elevated youthful stupidity to a movement. Prolonged adolescence lasted beyond adulthood. Many of them devoted their lives to destroying their nation.

The Worthless Generation?

I have now taken off the link I had up to donate to this memorial. Please call the Superintendent of the Flight 93 National Memorial at (814) 443-4557. Or fax (814) 443-2180 and voice your opinion. Also call Chris Martin who is in charge of this Memorial at 412-952-6632. The architect of this blasphemy can be reached at paul@paulmurdocharchitects.com.

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