The Corruption In Air America, Update II


Well the left has finally gotten around to slinging their mindless tirades against the person who broke the story: (via The Radio Equalizer)

When it came to how they would respond, there was never any question: with all of the usual tactics, name calling, trickery and nastiness.

What they’re saying this weekend reveals much about the state of “progressive” politics.

Step one is to kill the messenger, that happens to be me this time.

It’s a “fake story”, Brian Maloney is “sweaty”, “baloney”, plus all of the usual radical-right labeling highlight (lowlight?) what we’ve so far seen. I’m noticing the same attack pattern across sites, with cut-and-pasted copy.

Emanating first from the Daily Kos, the nation’s largest liberal blog site, it then spreads to smaller sites. I’m accused outright of making up a story:

It’s fun to check in with Memeorandum now and then to see what the righties are linking to. Yesterday they were swarming like flies to a carcass to a story that appears to be phony.

I say “appears”; maybe it isn’t. It’s hard to tell, for reasons that I hope become apparent as you read this post. The point of this post is not to prove or disprove certain allegations, but to illustrate how, shall we say, uncritical reading and writing can create a lot of smoke without there necessarily being a fire.

The “appears” and “maybe” elements are just a way of hedging on Kos writer Maha’s part. From here, it devolves into a lengthy “examination” of how conservatives have sloppily gone bonkers over a single report in a Bronx community newspaper.

I just can’t figure out Maha’s (Barbara O’Brien) logic, since the quote from Air America’s second statement is included, indicating that the company agreed “months ago” to repay the money.

What’s “made up” about that? Air America knows it has a problem, but liberals can’t accept reality.

Then there is the interesting fact that in their second statement they stated that they have been working to pay the Club back months ago:

which is why we agreed months ago to fully compensate the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club as a result of this transaction.

But then a representative from Air America told Brit Hume:

“We’re committed to paying this money and the terms are being worked out… We are awaiting direction from the investigation into how to proceed.”

Terms? Waiting for the investigation? What a second….didn’t their second statement (you will remember that their first statement stated “Hey, it wasn’t us!”) say they have already agreed to pay them back?

It appears the people running this company are some incompetent fools, or criminals. They keep spewing out lies and half truths hoping one will stick. I have a feeling this company doesn’t even have a half a million dollars to pay back this club since they basically, suck ass, for lack of a better term.

Check out Wizbang, The Radio Equalizer, Powerline, The Blue State Conservative, & Pardon My English for more.


The Corruption In Air America
The Corruption In Air America, Update

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