Are The Downing Street Memo’s Real, Update


Marc over at USS Neverdock made a interesting observation about an article written at The Raw Story:

?I was given them last September while still on the [Daily] Telegraph,? Smith, who now works for the London Sunday Times, told RAW STORY. ?I was given very strict orders from the lawyers as to how to handle them.?

?I first photocopied them to ensure they were on our paper and returned the originals, which were on government paper and therefore government property, to the source,? he added.

?It was these photocopies that I worked on, destroying them shortly before we went to press on Sept 17, 2004,? he added. ?Before we destroyed them the legal desk secretary typed the text up on an old fashioned typewriter.?

Marc observed a curious similarity between Dan Rather and the DSM:

Now let me get this straight. Dan Rather’s forged documents were typed up on a computer using the default setting of Microsoft Word. And now Smith wants us to believe that his legal secretary used “an old fashioned typewriter” to forge the Downing Street memos? When was the last time you saw an old fashioned typewriter, let alone use one? Why would you want to type them up on a typewritter instead of a computer? Was Smith trying to make them look more authentic? Was he trying to avoid his own Rathergate?

Why in the hell would they use an old fashioned typewriter other then to fool people looking at them?

This is sounding more and more like another attempt to get Bush’s head on a platter by the looney left. Even though nothing in these memo’s say’s anything other then the fact Bush wanted Saddam gone. As I pointed out in the below post, this isn’t new….sorry.

Even a huge Bush critic contradicts these memo’s:

( – A former diplomat who has criticized President Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq Thursday appeared to contradict one of the main charges leveled by those who point to the “Downing Street Memo” as proof that the administration knew Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction but
went to war with Iraq anyway.

The Downing Street “Memo” or “Minutes” originated at a secret July 23, 2002 meeting, where Prime Minister Tony Blair and other top British officials discussed the situation in Iraq.

Bush critics have seized on the memo as proof that the president was determined to invade Iraq in July 2002, regardless of what intelligence efforts uncovered.

One paragraph of the Downing Street Memo reads: “Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”

But on Thursday, former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson admitted
that “we all believed” Saddam had WMD.

“I believe the threat to the United States posed by Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction — which we all believed he had — could have been dealt with using something less violent than
the invasion, conquest and occupation of Iraq,” Wilson said in a response to a question from Cybercast News Service following a Democrat-sponsored hearing on the matter.

Wilson’s comment, that “we all believed” Saddam had WMD,
appeared to contradict the memo itself and whether “intelligence and facts” would need to be “fixed around the policy” of invading Iraq if the general consensus was that Saddam possessed WMD.

Granted, this guy is another left wing loon who believed we should of asked the UN to introduce 17 more resolutions and bake Saddam a cake to force him to comply, but he is saying what everyone in the freakin world was saying….no one disputed that Saddam had WMD’s.


Are The Downing Street Memo’s Real
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