Happy Birthday Mr. Communist


Today is the birthday of a mass murderer, Mr. Che Guevara:

Revering a man who had split so many skulls requires the splitting of hairs. Without such compartmentalizing it would be impossible for those who call the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay a “gulag” to continue idolizing the man who helped create Cuba’s real gulags — the labor camps Fidel Castro used to detain, and worse, his political enemies.

That Guevara, a mass murderer and totalitarian, has generated such reverence and idolatry among the left while real heroes of democratic revolution toil in obscurity is one of the clear signs that the left wing in America still hasn’t let go of its deeply felt sympathy with Communism.

Cuban dissident Gustavo Arcos Bergnes is 78, which makes him a contemporary of Castro and Guevara. A founding member of the Cuban Committee for Human Rights, Bergnes was wounded fighting with Castro during the revolution of 1959. He was Castro’s ambassador to Belgium, but he was imprisoned after he questioned the dictator’s increasing grip on power. No Western college students bear his face on their chests.

The organizers of last month’s pro-democracy rally — Felix Bonne, Marta Beatriz Roque and Rene Gomez Manzano — are not the subject of fawning Hollywood films, though they have all been imprisoned for promoting democratic revolution in Cuba. A slogan chanted at last month’s rally: “Down with Fidel!” When Oswaldo Paya Sardinas, organizer of the Varela Project, a petition to bring about civil rights in Cuba, accepted his Andrei Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought from the European Union in 2002, Oliver Stone was not there to chum up beside him.

During this week marking Che Guevara’s birthday, let’s dishonor his memory by paying respects to the people who deserve to replace him among the pantheon of liberal heroes: the pro-democracy revolutionaries who struggle every day to overcome Guevara’s legacy of oppression and totalitarianism.

The recent adoration that the left is showing towards this ahole is a sure sign of how brain dead these people are. How can they support the person who brought such misery to their people? Easy answer, they support communism.

(h/t Babalu Blog)

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