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I was in need of a good laugh so I thought I would pay a visit to the wacko’s over at the Democratic Underground. Here’s a few of the things I found:

In response to the news that Al-Qaeda prepared to send Anthrax to the US prior to 9/11 one person asked who they thought sent the Anthrax after 9/11, here’s a great answer:

well considering that the first person to die from the attack was the person responsible for the published pictures of the bush twins falling down drunk, I would have to say it was a revenge killing. The other deaths were to provide cover for the real target.

I also believe that the sniper shootings had a real target, the FBI officer shot in the parking lot of home depot. the other shootings were again just a cover for the real target

Or this one:

Someone in the government to engender a greater fear of biological weapons and as an “example” of what will happen if we don’t fight this “war on terrorism” as agressively as possible, making the “war on terrorism” a priority in the minds of the American people


Republican operatives. It was only sent to enemies of bush. No one else.

Now here’s one where the poster believes that people who were a cross or talk to someone about religion in public should be arrested or cited:

Should religious display be banned in public?

I think most of us would agree that we’re having a national problem with rampant religiosity, and that if we don’t figure out how to solve it in a permanent way we’re going to end up with a pseudo-theocracy as our form of government.

There are scriptural exhortations to make one’s prayer and religious affilation a private matter. So: how about making public religious display a misdemeanor?

It would be similar to drinking alcoholic bevvies in public, or driving without having your licence with you, or having a bonk in the bushes. If you go around wearing a visible cross/magen /avid/pentagram/whatever, or handing out tracts, or walking up to strangers and asking whether they’re ‘saved’, then you get a ticket, a fine, and perhaps a scolding for a first offence. And if that doesn’t work and you keep on doing it anyway, then after awhile maybe the court decides that you’ve won the prize of having your head read to see if you’re wrapped tightly enough to be wandering around loose.

Let me emphasise this again: I’m talking about public display, not private practice. I’m not talking about making religious membership or practice itself an offence!!

The First Amendment guarantees that government isn’t allowed to meddle with our religious practice. But the right to practice in public is not unbounded: one couldn’t, for example, get away with holding an impromptu service using a bullhorn in the middle of a busy intersection or in an expensive neighborhood. So that would be the legal basis behind it: your religious choices cannot be messed with, but your public practice can be.

To be fair, this guy was rolled over the coals for that one. Not because they believe Religion is important, but because anything to do with the police enforcing anything is a police state.

Here’s a winner:

Just a theory, but is GWB trying to instigate a terror attack?

It seems one story after another has been published recently that seem designed to raise the ire of the Muslim world toward the U.S.

All have been leaked in one way or another by…our government.

Could it be to incite a new terror attack?

1: I saw the general in charge of recruiting complaining that “the further we get from 9/11, the fewer prospects sign up, creating the current shortage.

2: George Buxh never again enjoyed the approval rating he had on 9/12/01.

Another terror attack could be viewed as a “fix” for both problems with the bonus of creating a smokescreen for ethics investigations and Iraq war questions.

I hope everyone didn’t put their little flags-on-a-stick away.


Absolutely, They need another 9-11 to push their agenda.

And another:

I’d say it’s more likely that he plans another inside job and he wants to be able to point to the fury of the Muslim world as “proof” that they did it.

And finally here’s aother liberal who see’s conspiracy everywhere:

I think Laura was sent to the M.E. to help cause trouble. She’s talking about women’s rights and wearing (ugly) Western clothes and she promotes (hahaha) education for women.

Well I think that’s a good way to end this edition of the moonbat wacko’s….


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