The Liberal Wackjobs


Man, these moonbats are some crazy wackjobs:

I’m declaring John Kerry the President-In-Exile. There are literally mountains of evidence which prove that Kerry should be the President and not Bush. The same could be said about Gore.

So, that is why John Kerry is the President-In-Exile of the Nation that was once America.

I love this, Dem’s complaining that our soldiers dont get enough supplies:

Halliburton probably has the contract for all this, and is probably just blowing it off, with the Shadow Pentagon’s full backing and support.

Complaining about the passport bill:

I think it’s more to keep citizens inside the US than to keep foreigners out.

It’s possible the passport rule will be used to keep future draft-dodgers from leaving the country.

The bushistas are in effect Stalinists so why not?

The Pope:

It only took the Nazis 60 years. Prescott Bush helped finance Hitler and now his grandson controls the world’s superpower. Ratzinger was a member of Hitler’s youth and today he was named Pope.

and Rove’s father was in the SS

About the anniversary of the 93 Bombing:

Before Bushco let Al Qaeda destroy the WTC, one of their nutty right-wing followers took out 168 people in the worst terror attck on US soil at the time. The Clinton administration rounded up the culprits of the ’93 WTC bombing and ’95 OKC bombing and executed or incarcerated them. But I guess Bushco isn’t as keen on jailing their business partners…

Here are a few more from The Kerry Spot:

Boy, It does sound like they are going to be installing “showers” and “ovens” at the Vatican.

I see people talking about the Rat Pope’s homophobia, misogyny (did his doctoral thesis on St. Augustine!), intolerance, rigid hard-line attitudes, his almost blatant electioneering from the Vatican for Bush, his condemnation of other faiths and on and on and on and on.

Well, now it is time to turn attention to the Biblical admonitions against unclean menstruating women and a return to animal sacrifice.

The saddest part is that they only took 2 days to pick this guy. That means it was pretty unanimous. I can’t wait to see what dark ages this takes us to.

Hail to the new Nazi Pope! Back to the Dark Ages!

Hile Pope Ratzinger … wonder so many people have left the catholic church….now they can try to strenthen their flock via 3rd world countries….

Well, that explainds the red, black and white robes……what a f***** up world….a Nazi Pope…

What can one expect from a filthy Nazi?

the catholic church has always trived on violence – any belief that it is a peaceful church is delusional.

This from a Nazi bastard wearing a dress – and no doubt with a past in child-molesting. Can we say projecting our sexual guilt on others, perhaps?

WHY WHY WHY anyone would belong to this Church is beyond me. Especially if you are gay OR a woman. It’s almost like the gay Log Cabin Repubs. But worse.

The only way the Catholic Church will change is for people to wake up and see they are fools for following it or continuing to call themselves Catholic. Surely of the 60 million americans who do – only a handful actually follow it all to a T anyway. WAKE up SHEEPLE!

I guess he doesn’t get called Holy Father – he’d prefer Mein Fuhrer.

Now that we have Pope Adolf 1, that should be more clear to everyone.

Here’s a standout, even amongst this crowd- note the KKK spelling of Catholic, and advocating “nuking” the Vatican:

Maybe they’re trying to incite the Religious War that every right winger has been waiting for for so long. The arrogance and insensitivity involved with putting a freak like this in charge of the kathlick church is sure to piss off a lot of people (Jews, WWII vets of all religions and nationalities). Perhaps someone will finally nuke vatican city after this brilliant move by 115 senile, out-of-touch old men (in dresses).

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