The Corrupt UN


Another reason why this organization should be dismantled: (hat tip The Captain)

The United Nations says it is looking into allegations that a UN document contained false information that caused instability in war-torn central Africa.

A former UN employee, the American intelligence analyst William Church, told the BBC the details were added to a public UN report by other UN staff.

The report stated Rwanda mounted a military incursion against neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo last year.

This false allegation endangered the peace process in DR Congo, he says.

The stakes could not be higher.

The war in DR Congo, which has spread throughout central Africa, is one of the deadliest of our generation.

Over the past decade, four million people have died as a result of it.

The UN has now imposed an arms embargo on DR Congo.

A UN panel investigating that embargo reported in January that DR Congo’s neighbour, Rwanda, had violated it by mounting a military incursion.

But a dissenting member of the UN panel, William Church, has now told the BBC that the Rwandan invasion was a false claim added by other panel members who had come under pressure from un-named sources.

The chair of the UN investigation, the Algerian diplomat Abdulahi Baali, has told the BBC that he is now looking into what he called “serious allegations”.

All this matters because the UN has been entrusted with trying to bring peace to central Africa.

If there are disputes between UN employees about something as basic as one country invading another, that trust may be brought into question.

The Rwanda invasion became the catalyst for the UN to remain there and eventually exploit the young girls for prostitution. If this invasion turns out to be fake then it could turn out to be another reason why this corrupt organization should be dismantled top to bottom and thrown in the sewer.

UPDATE 4/9/05 2030HRS

Received the following today from an Anonymous user:

This is an update from William Church.

I have reviewed my analysis with the governments of UK US EU and Netherlands and received comments like the evidence is credible.

I alerted the UN of this problem two months before the report was published. They did nothing to vet the report.

The UN is now responding with a slander campaign against me. One journalist told me they labeled me a troublemaker and said I was only doing this because I did not like the Experts and there was no proof.

The UN has no intention of investigating this claim. They are betting it will die down and it will be business as usual.

William Church

Since it was sent from an anonymous user I am uncertain if this is a comment from William himself or someone reporting it to me….be that it may, its interesting information.

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