Italian Idiots – Update XI


Since most everyone in the blogosphere is already blogging about the corrupt UN and the need for that organization to be ignored, I figured I would blog a bit about Italy’s village idiot Giuliana Sgrena.

There was an interview recently of Naomi Klein, a well known moonbat who believes the US is eeeevilllll, an example:

In a September 2004 article for Harper’s Magazine entitled “Baghdad Year Zero: Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia”, she argues that, contrary to popular belief and criticisms, the Bush Administration did have a clear plan for post-invasion Iraq, which was to build a fully unconstrained free market economy. She describes plans to allow foreigners to extract wealth from Iraq, and the methods used to achieve those goals.

Or how about this:

In the run-up to the June 30 underhand (sorry, I can’t bring myself to call it a “handover”), US occupation powers have been unabashed in their efforts to steal money that is supposed to aid a war-ravaged people. The state department has taken $184m earmarked for drinking water projects and moved it to the budget for the lavish new US embassy in Saddam Hussein’s former palace. Short of $1bn for the embassy, Richard Armitage, the deputy secretary of state, said he might have to “rob from Peter in my fiefdom to pay Paul”. In fact, he is robbing Iraq’s people, who, according to a recent study by the consumer group Public Citizen, are facing “massive outbreaks of cholera, diarrhoea, nausea and kidney stones” from drinking contaminated water.

So as you can see not the most even handed journalist huh?

So knowing this context lets sit down for a interview with her about her new pal Sgrena:

One of the things that we keep hearing is that she was fired on on the road to the airport, which is a notoriously dangerous road. In fact, it’s often described as the most dangerous road in the world. So this is treated as a fairly common and understandable incident that there would be a shooting like this on that road. And I was on that road myself, and it is a really treacherous place with explosions going off all the time and a lot of checkpoints. What Giuliana told me that I had not realized before is that she wasn’t on that road at all. She was on a completely different road that I actually didn’t know existed. It’s a secured road that you can only enter through the Green Zone and is reserved exclusively for ambassadors and top military officials. So, when Calipari, the Italian security intelligence officer, released her from captivity, they drove directly to the Green Zone, went through the elaborate checkpoint process which everyone must go through to enter the Green Zone, which involves checking in obviously with U.S. forces, and then they drove onto this secured road.

OK, so let me get this straight. Now her story has changed once again. They reallly wern’t on the road that we initially said we were on, but another safe road.

Lets say this is true, this road is only to be used for high ranking officials and they go through this elaborate checkpoint but the roving checkpoint down the road doesn’t know you are coming? Or are they trying to assassinate you again?

And the other thing that Giuliana told me that she’s quite frustrated about is the description of the vehicle that fired on her as being part of a checkpoint. She says it wasn’t a checkpoint at all. It was simply a tank that was parked on the side of the road that opened fire on them.

Yes, that would be called a roving checkpoint Einstein

There was no process of trying to stop the car, she said, or any signals. From her perspective, they were just — it was just opening fire by a tank.


The Italians say the car was swerving around cement blocks in the road when a bright light went on and, with no warning, the car was pummeled with automatic weapons fire for 10 to 15 seconds. U.S. military officials say troops made hand and arm signals, flashed white lights and fired warning shots to no avail.

More of her interview:

The other thing she told me that was surprising to me was that they were fired on from behind. Because I think part of what we’re hearing is that the U.S. soldiers opened fire on their car, because they didn’t know who they were, and they were afraid. It was self-defense, they were afraid. The fear, of course, is that their car might blow up or that they might come under attack themselves. And what Giuliana Sgrena really stressed with me was that she — the bullet that injured her so badly and that killed Calipari, came from behind, entered the back seat of the car. And the only person who was not severely injured in the car was the driver, and she said that this is because the shots weren’t coming from the front or even from the side. They were coming from behind, i.e. they were driving away. So, the idea that this was an act of self-defense, I think becomes much more questionable.

This also comes from the lady who said 300-400 bullets were shot at the car, even tho pictures of the car show virtually no damage plus admitted to staging her tearful hostage video:

She did suggest that she appeal to the Italian people to demonstrate in favour of a withdrawal of the country?s 3,000 troops. But when the guards filmed her, they told her the film wasn?t dramatic enough. She was a hostage, they insisted, she must be more convincing and ordered her to make a direct appeal to her boyfriend of 25 years, Pier Scolari. For the first time, Sgrena broke down in tears.

?Usually I cry over even the tiniest things, but until then I hadn?t cried. I realised I could talk directly to Pier, and I became emotional. I knew that he would never give up,? she says.

But you know as well as I that the lefties will eat this stuff up, and judging by a quick search of the moonbats blogs they are all over it with headlines such as:

Sgrena Set The Record Straight

There Was No Checkpoint, No Self-Defense

There Was No Checkpoint

Was There Really A Checkpoint?

Or my favorite

Bush Team Clears Assassination Squad

Ok, so we have a wackjob who writes for a leftist paper and has been lying through her teeth from day one talking to another wackjob who believes captilism is eeeevillllll who then talks to this reporter to write about. Think I got that about right?

I have one word for you


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