The Coward – Part III


You may remember Pablo Paredes from an earlier posting of mine. He is the coward who after volunteering for the Navy decided he doesn’t want to serve in Iraq so he went AWOL all the while getting as much press as possible from his Socialist buddies.

Well, he was “surprised” yesterday when he was formally charged with AWOL and Missing A Movement (what took them so long?):

Petty Officer 3rd Class Pablo E. Paredes decided to protest the Iraq war by not sailing with his ship when it left San Diego Harbor on Dec. 6.

Yesterday, the Navy decided to charge Paredes, 23, with being absent without leave and missing movement, charges that could send him to military prison for as long as a year and limit his employment options.

The action by the Navy surprised Paredes, who made headlines and drew supporters and critics with his stance.

“I showed up at the base expecting to hear whether the local Navy command had approved my conscientious objector status. Instead I was read the charges against,” said Paredes, who is on temporary duty at Naval Base San Diego.

This guy is in for an even bigger surprise once he gets his just deserts. Hopefully he rots in prison for the maximum which is one year in jail. Plus tack on forfeiture of pay, reduction in rank and a bad-conduct discharge. Guess he can get a job as a secretary for A.N.S.W.E.R. and his other buddies, doubt many will be hiring a shitbird who has a Big Chicken Dinner on his record.

Thanks to Citizen Smash on the heads up and for doing such a great job of holding this coward accountable.


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