End the Ukraine fiasco now


It’s time. Actually, it’s past time.

Back in August, Joe Biden sent $250 million to Ukraine for its highly touted counter offensive against Russia. This was supposed to be the turning point in the conflict.

It wasn’t. Finally, the realization that many of us had long ago has hit home.

The meeting in Brussels, less than two weeks into the campaign, illustrates how a counteroffensive born in optimism has failed to deliver its expected punch, generating friction and second-guessing between Washington and Kyiv and raising deeper questions about Ukraine’s ability to retake decisive amounts of territory.
As winter approaches, and the front lines freeze into place, Ukraine’s most senior military officials acknowledge that the war has reached a stalemate.
Zelenskyy grudgingly admitted this

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky had admitted his counter-offensive has failed, and the war is now in a “new phase”.

“We wanted faster results,” the Ukrainian leader said. “From that perspective, unfortunately, we did not achieve the desired results. And this is a fact,” he conceded.

It’s been a stalemate for two years and the future looks no better

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned there could be bad news coming out about Ukraine, as fears grow of a stalemate with Russia and allies such as the U.S. debate whether to send more aid to the country.

“Wars develop in phases. We have to support Ukraine in both good and bad times. We should also be prepared for bad news,” Stoltenberg said in an interview with German broadcaster ARD on Saturday, according to Politico Europe

Last month it was reported that the US and Germany were trying to nudge Zelenskyy to the negotiating table.

The United States and Germany want to push Ukraine toward the negotiating table to end the war with Russia, the German tabloid paper Bild reported on Friday, citing anonymous sources.

The paper said that President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz allegedly do not plan to directly put pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, but instead plan to use the provision of arms to encourage a settlement.

This month it was reported that Russia offered Ukraine peace if it remained neutral.

Ukraine is running out of soldiers to feed into the chopper. Young men are fleeing the country and men aged 18-60 are banned from leaving the country.

You will remember that Obama didn’t blink an eye when Russia annexed Crimea and when Biden said he’d tolerate a “minor incursion” into Ukraine by Russia.

The area being fought over now is complicated.

“Those two regions have a lot of people who are not just Russian citizens, but also sympathetic to Russia still, unlike most of the country,” said ABC News contributor Steve Ganyard, a retired U.S. Marine colonel and former deputy assistant secretary of state. “So the reason that the Russians were able to sort of maintain puppet governments there is that they had people who are sympathetic to Russia and to their cause.”

The logical thing is to negotiate. But no. The “If you oppose supporting the war in Ukraine you support Putin” thing isn’t working any more so they’re getting down deep into the mud.   So of course, the Biden regime wants more war and now as support for pouring endless unaccountable money into Ukraine wanes, has begun to threaten Americans. Lloyd Austin warns that Putin would invade NATO nations.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Congress on Tuesday during a private briefing that if they do not pass more aid to Ukraine, it would “very likely” lead to U.S. troops fighting a war in Europe.

“If [Vladimir] Putin takes over Ukraine, he’ll get Moldova, Georgia, then maybe the Baltics,” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) told The Messenger, after Austin and other senior Biden administration officials briefed House lawmakers on their request for more aid for Ukraine.

The disgrace known as John Kirby echoed the same.

“If you think the cost of supporting Ukraine is high now, just imagine how much higher it’s gonna be, not just in national treasure but in American blood!”

This is utter nonsense. NATO is NATO. Putin isn’t about to take it on. Russia is already quite weak and has lost a great many of its military, some estimates say 300,000. Ukraine has lost 70,000 troops with another 120,000 wounded.

But someone wants this war. They want it badly. We’re likely minting more billionaires among the $113 billion we’re sent.  What really grates me is that Biden and his democrat ilk are more concerned about Ukraine’s borders than our own. I wholeheartedly support the position of not another penny for Ukraine until our borders are secure.

The Ukraine conflict is not winnable. It has become another Vietnam; another Afghanistan being fought by proxy.

Joe Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

The streak continues.


Let me add a reminder. Democrats keep crying about this being a “fight for democracy.” From where I sit, Ukraine doesn’t look much like a democracy. Some leaders in Ukraine are accusing Zelenskyy of turning into a Putin.

“At some point we will no longer be any different from Russia, where everything depends on the whim of one man,” Klitschko said in a new interview with the German news outlet Der Spiegel.

They accuse Zelenskyy of lying to the people of Ukraine

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko has accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of lying about how Ukraine is faring in its ongoing war with Russia.

Klitschko said during a recent interview with Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten that he agreed with the assessment of General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Ukrainian military’s commander-in-chief, who said during an interview with The Economist last month that the conflict had gone “into a stalemate.”

Zelensky rejected Zaluzhnyi’s assessment days after his remarks were published, saying during a press conference on November 4 that the war was anything but “a stalemate” and accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of treating his troops “like meat” and allowing them to be slaughtered.

Klitschko, a former world heavyweight boxing champion before entering politics, said during his 20 Minuten interview that Zelensky had been “euphorically” lying about Ukraine’s standing in the war while praising Zaluzhnyi for telling “the truth.”

“[Zaluzhnyi] told the truth,” Klitschko said. “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth…Of course, we can euphorically lie to our people and our partners. But you can’t do that forever. Some of our politicians have criticized Zaluzhnyi for the clear words—wrongly. I stand behind him.”

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Noting that both our World Wars I and II was Under a Democrat a well as Korea and Vietnam

The entire conflict was predictably a loss for Ukraine. Wasting 120 billion and wanting to waste another 80 billion was/is pointless. No more money to Ukraine, it is over for the penis piano player.

Three months from now, Biden could be the man who stopped Putin. That scares the crap out of the Trump-ridden GOP.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the incompetent, corrupt, treasonous pedophile, will forever be known as the IDIOT that destroyed US energy independence, drove up energy prices and enabled Putin to fund his invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Trump is known for keeping Putin in his cage.

TUCKER DROPS BOMBSHELL: Biden Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin THREATENS to Send Americans to Fight Russia if Congress Does Not Give Zelensky and Ukraine More Money – Elon Musk Responds


Simplified translation for idiots: Stop Putin by aiding Ukraine now, or we’ll be fighting him ourselves in defense of a NATO nation later.

Why hasn’t aiding Ukraine stopped Putin so far? Oh… that’s right. Because Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is afraid of Putin, afraid he’ll lose the kickbacks from Ukraine AND Russia and won’t provide the heavy equipment Ukraine needs to stand up to Russia. Thanks to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, there is was in Ukraine and it is being lost. There is nothing to do but to cut our losses and force Ukraine to sue for peace.

Simplified translation: putting incompetent, corrupt idiots in charge of the nation through election fraud has devastating results for a lot of people.

12/23/23 – US Intel Assesses 315,000 Russian Troops Killed Since Ukraine War Began

Russia-Ukraine War: Russian forces have also lost some 2,200 of the 3,500 tanks they had before the start of the conflict, the source said, citing a declassified US intelligence assessment shared with Congress.

Some 315,000 Russian troops have been killed or wounded in Ukraine since the war began in February 2022, nearly 90 percent of its pre-war force, a congressional source said Tuesday.

The Russian military has also lost some 2,200 of the 3,500 tanks it had before the start of the conflict, the source said, citing a declassified US intelligence assessment shared with Congress.

The document emerged as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was in Washington seeking to convince an increasingly skeptical Congress that the war with Russia could be won with continued US funding.

Zelensky met with congressional leaders on Tuesday before scheduled talks at the White House with President Joe Biden.

The latest casualty assessment marks a big leap from that provided in July 2022 when CIA director Bill Burns said US intelligence estimated that Russian losses were “in the vicinity of 15,000 killed and maybe three times that wounded.”

Both Russia and Ukraine have been deeply reticent about providing casualty figures from the war.

Russian casualties of 315,000 killed or wounded would amount to 87 percent of the country’s pre-war military force of 360,000.

The Wall Street Journal, citing the declassified US intelligence assessment, said the conflict in Ukraine “has sharply set back 15 years of Russian effort to modernize its ground force.”

To make up for the heavy losses, Russia has resorted to “extraordinary measures” such has conscripting released prisoners and sending them to the front, it added.

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson insisted after the meeting with Zelensky that his party would not approve Biden’s request for $60 billion in fresh assistance for Kyiv unless Democrats meet their demands on immigration.

Putin can only win if the GOP blocks funding; otherwise, he’s increasingly likely to lose public support by the March 2024 Russian election. To abandon Ukraine this close to an approaching watershed moment after all that’s been sacrificed to stop Putin would be an unforgiveable surrender.

According to a recently declassified US intelligence estimate, Russia has lost almost 90% of its pre-war army. An estimated 315,000 Russian troops have been killed or injured in Ukraine.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Trump surrendered to the Taliban. Now MAGA republicans are surrendering to Putin, 3 months before the Russian election.

I’m old enough to remember that far back and not only did Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden surrender to the Taliban, he put them in charge of OUR security in Kabul… AFTER he gave them Bagram Air Base. Why didn’t Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden provide Ukraine with airplanes and tanks? Did he WANT them to lose after HE brought Russia down on them? Sure looks like it.

12/18/23 – Anti-Putin paramilitaries ‘destroy’ Russian squadron in surprise cross-border raid – The Freedom of Russia Legion said they carried out a cross-border raid a few miles into Russia’s Belgorod region.

Anti-Putin Russian paramilitaries based in Ukraine claimed responsibility for a cross-border attack on Sunday. The Freedom of Russia Legion said they carried out a cross-border raid a few miles into Russia’s Belgorod region.

The group, designated as terrorist in Russia, said it had destroyed a platoon stronghold of Russian troops near Trebreno village, without specifying whether it had destroyed infrastructure or killed soldiers, and said it had left mines behind.

Its claims could not immediately be independently verified. The group says it was formed in spring 2022 to fight Putin’s forces from within the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, Russia launched an overnight air assault on Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Air Force. One civilian has been reported dead in the attack.

Ukraine’s air defence systems are reported to have destroyed the Iskander ballistic missile and 20 attack drones, with the air force reporting the Iskander missile “did not reach its intended target”.

Russia has fired dozens of drones across Ukraine as its winter campaign of hitting civilian infrastructure looks to be underway.

12/17/23 – Putin says Russia has no plan to attack NATO, dismisses Biden remark as ‘nonsense’

MOSCOW, Dec 17 (Reuters) – Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin dismissed as complete nonsense remarks by U.S. President Joe Biden that Russia would attack a NATO country if it won the war in Ukraine, adding that Russia had no interest in fighting the NATO military alliance.

The war in Ukraine has triggered the deepest crisis in Moscow’s relations with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and Biden warned last year that a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia would trigger World War Three…

Putin also said it was complete nonsense when Biden warned he was preparing to invade Ukraine.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

His invasion was made possible by Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden corruption, weakness and stupidity.

Whom ever wrote that is an imbecile, you dont fire drones, they are flown. Why add things that are not confirmed, of a couple of us guys we snuck across the border with some land mines, thats an attack? Well nothing confirmed.
The only one to attack NATO so far is Zelensky bombing Poland and killing innocent farmers.

12/23/23 – Russia bans anti-war candidate from challenging Putin

Independent politician Yekaterina Duntsova wanted to run on a platform to end the war with Ukraine.

But the electoral commission voted unanimously to reject her candidacy three days after her application, citing 100 “mistakes” on her form.

Ms Duntsova said she would appeal the decision at the Supreme Court.

The presidential election, which will be held in March 2024, is Russia’s first since President Putin launched his full-scale invasion of Ukraine nearly two years ago.

The immediate slap-down of a Putin critic will be seen as evidence by some that no dissent will be tolerated in the campaign.

The head of Russia’s electoral commission, Ella Pamfilova, said Ms Duntsova would not be allowed to progress to the next stage of gathering thousands of supporters’ signatures.

“You are a young woman, you have everything ahead of you. Any minus can always be turned into a plus. Any experience is still an experience,” she told Ms Duntsova, 40, after the decision.

The former TV journalist had declared she would run for the presidency in November. At the time, she told the Reuters news agency: “Any sane person taking this step would be afraid – but fear must not win.”

Russia’s constitution was amended in 2020, increasing the presidential term from four to six years and giving Mr Putin a clean slate to run again by cancelling out his previous terms.

Moscow has sidelined opposition figures for years, and President Putin is expected to win in March; the Kremlin claims he enjoys genuine support among Russians.

Ms Duntsova had been vocal on her plans to run a campaign on ending the war in Ukraine and freeing political prisoners.

She was quick to respond after the commission’s decision. “We will appeal to the Supreme Court, since this decision is not based on the law,” a message on her Telegram channel said…

I wonder how long it will take Trump’s propagandists to draw parallels between Duntsova and Donnie? The obvious difference is that she’s standing up against a dictator while Trump wants to become one—but that will undoubtedly be lost on Trump supporters entirely.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Gosh… just like Democrats do here!

12/25/23 – ‘We’re tired of being good girls’: Russia’s military wives and mothers protest against Putin

Against a backdrop of snow-capped birch trees, a group of women wearing white headscarves blend into the Russian winter landscape. In a country where public dissent is rare, their blunt message to Vladimir Putin stands out: bring our men back from Ukraine.

“We want a total demobilisation. Civilians should not be engaged in the fighting,” says one of the women at the start of the nine-minute address this month. “There are many of us, and our numbers will only grow.”

The woman is Maria Andreeva, 34, and she is one of the unofficial leaders of a newly emerging grassroots movement that has been gaining momentum in Russia in the past few weeks.

They are the wives and mothers of some of the 300,000 Russian men who were conscripted in September 2022, at a critical period for the Kremlin when it needed to shore up its troop numbers after Ukraine recaptured swathes of territory in the south and north of the country.

More than a year later, with their loved ones still on the battlefield, many women are staging public protests and writing open letters taking to task the official narrative that mobilised troops are required in Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“Why should our men who led a peaceful life have to go to Ukraine?” Andreeva, who lives in Moscow, says. “If our government decided to attack a smaller country, let the army fight but leave our men alone.”

Andreeva says the movement emerged in September after Andrei Kartapolov, the chair of parliament’s defence committee, told the press there would be no rotation for troops in Ukraine and they would return home after the special military operation was completed.

Russia has a history of female-led protests during wartime. Wives and mothers led an anti-war movement during the first Chechen war in 1994 that helped turn public opinion against the conflict and played a role in the Kremlin’s decision to stop the fighting.

The women were organised in well-run groups such as the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia (CSM), which had hundreds of regional hubs across the country, and, crucially, their message was aired on Russian television at a time when media was not fully subordinate to the state.

But since Putin took power in 1999, the Russian authorities have taken systematic steps to dismantle grassroots movements while also taking over independent outlets that could give them a platform.

After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin moved further, in effect criminalising all anti-war voices and handing out severe punishments to ordinary Russians for even small acts of civil protest against the invasion.

Andreeva communicates with other wives, sisters and mothers of soliders on Telegram, one of the last platforms that hosts independent voices. Most of their work is coordinated on the channel Put Domoy (The Way Home), which has amassed more than 35,000 members since it was founded in September. She says she is not afraid because she is fed up…

Three months ahead of the Russian election, Putin’s war has lost the support of the Russian people. He can only win his war and his election with the help of MAGA republicans.

You keep wishing for some miracle that will pull Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s fat out of the fire for creating this catastrophic invasion. It ain’t happening.

He isnt sending them to the front like Zelensky.

12/23/23 – Putin privately signals interest in ceasefire in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been privately signaling that he is open to a cease-fire in Ukraine, the New York Times reported Saturday, despite publicly saying he won’t back down from the conflict that has been ongoing since early last year.

More than 10,000 civilians have been killed and more than 18,500 injured since the war began, according to the United Nations, in addition to tens of thousands of troops.

Putin has been indicating since at least September that he is open to stopping the fighting at the current boundary lines, the Times reported, citing two former senior Russian officials close to the Kremlin and other American and international officials.

That’s far from Putin’s apparent goal of overtaking Ukraine. Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022 and quickly overtook large swaths of the country. But Ukrainian forces pushed back hard and successfully forced Russia to retreat from its northern regions. Since Oct. 2022, the battle lines have remained largely the same, with Russia holding parts of the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine.

Putin also “sent out feelers” for a cease-fire last fall, according to the Times, and communicated that he was satisfied with the territory they had taken. But sources cited by the Times also warned that it could be an attempt at “misdirection” or that Putin could change his mind if his troops regain momentum. It’s also not clear Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy would accept the deal, as Russia still holds parts of the country.

The Russian military had been worn down by early 2023, as professional soldiers were replaced with draftees and prisoners who did not stand up well to Ukraine’s forces. Only a small portion of Russians support the war effort, and Putin faced an embarrassing mutiny from mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin.

However, Ukraine has been unable to retake its lost territories. It’s facing wavering support in the West and is competing for international attention with the war in Gaza…

12/25/23 – Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny located at Siberian penal colony two weeks after disappearance

Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny has been located at a penal colony in Siberia, his team said Monday, two weeks after they lost contact with him.

“We have found Alexey,” his spokesperson Kira Yarmysh said in a statement on X, formerly Twitter. “He is now in IK-3 in the settlement of Kharp in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.”

She said Navalny’s lawyer had visited him earlier Monday and that the jailed activist was “doing well.”

Navalny’s lawyers said on December 11 they had lost contact with him. Until then, he was imprisoned in a penal colony about 150 miles east of Moscow.

Navalny had “never been hidden for so long,” his team said after he was absent from two scheduled court hearings last week. They warned he had been in poor health before his disappearance after being “deprived of food” and “kept in a punishment cell without ventilation.”

His disappearance, which came just days after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he will run for re-election in March 2024, had sparked concerns for his well-being and safety.

Ivan Zhdanov, director of Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation, said the IK-3 penal colony in Kharp where Navalny is now being held, known as “Polar Wolf,” is “one of the northernmost and most remote colonies.”

“The conditions there are harsh, with a special regime in the permafrost zone. It is very difficult to get there, and there are no letter delivery systems,” Zhdanov wrote on X.

Zhdanov said Navalny’s lawyer had not been allowed into the penal colony “right away.”

“It seems that the colony was prepared for his arrival in advance. The head of the Federal Penitentiary Service, Arkady Gostev, was there in April, and perhaps it was then that they decided to transfer Alexey there,” he added.

Kharp is almost 2,000 miles from Moscow, where Navalny had previously been held.

He had been sentenced to 19 years in prison in August after being found guilty of creating an extremist community, financing extremist activities and numerous other crimes. He was already serving sentences of 11-and-a-half years in a maximum security facility on fraud and other charges he denies.

Supporters of Navalny claim his arrest and incarceration are a politically motivated attempt to stifle his criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Navalny has posed one of the most serious threats to Putin’s legitimacy during his rule. He used his blog and social media to expose alleged corruption in the Kremlin as well as Russian business, and organized anti-government street protests.

In 2020, Navalny was poisoned with Novichok, a Soviet-era nerve agent, and airlifted from the Siberian city of Omsk to a hospital in Berlin, where he arrived comatose.

joint investigation by CNN and the group Bellingcat implicated the Russian Security Service (FSB) in Navalny’s poisoning. Russia denies involvement in Nalvany’s poisoning. Putin said in December 2020 that if the Russian security service had wanted to kill Navalny, they “would have finished” the job.

Navalny was immediately incarcerated upon his return to Russia in January 2021, on charges of violating the terms of his probation related to a fraud case brought against him in 2013, which he also dismissed as politically motivated.

Putin is scared shitless of Alexey Navalny, even locked in a cell. That’s how weak Putin’s hold on Russia is, 3 months before the election.

If Putin doesn’t prevail in Ukraine by then, he effin’ GONE. Only MAGA republicans can save him

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Yeah, that’s why despots use the power of the State to attack any political opposition. They are weak, they are incompetent and they are cowards.

Just. Like. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

You know who else throws political dissidents and opponents in jail? DEMOCRATS, that’s who. YOU, that’s who.

Enjoy the company you keep.

NOBODY has been thrown in jail here simply for being a political dissident—unlike Putin’s Russia.

Yeah, they all have. The DoJ does not prosecute people for protesting or even violently protesting, as they have proven. So, the only reason anyone is in jail for protesting is because of their politics.

The UK is much worse than Russia, they toss people in jail for unacceptable political speech on social media.
Thats what they want here.

You people are nuts.

You spelled informed wrong.

At least we’re not fascist, like you Democrats.



12/26/23 – Ukraine obliterates Russian warship. Pieces of Destroyed Russian Warship Found Scattered Throughout City

Pieces of Russian warship Novocherkassk, which Ukraine says it destroyed, have reportedly been found scattered throughout the Crimean port city of Feodosiya.

Ukrainian Air Force commander Mykola Oleschuk shared a video purporting to show the ship exploding in a massive fireball to Telegram on Tuesday, while thanking the force’s pilots and boasting that Russia’s Black Sea fleet “is getting smaller and smaller.”

Russia acknowledged that the ship was hit in a Ukrainian airstrike on the Feodosiya port but said in a statement that the vessel was only “damaged.” Moscow also claimed that it “destroyed two enemy Su-24 tactical bombers” responsible for the attack.

Anton Gerashchenko, adviser for the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, on Tuesday shared a Russian news clip claiming to show debris from the ship lodged into the ground near a business in Feodosiya in a post to X, formerly Twitter.

“Russian media report that large fragments of the Novocherkassk landing ship, which was hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine strikes tonight, can be found in the vicinity of Feodosiya port,” Gerashchenko wrote alongside the video.

“Russian navy can organize a quest game to put this puzzle of a ship together,” he added.

The Russian reporter in the video says that “numerous fragments” of the ship were found in the city, according to translated subtitles provided by Gerashchenko.

“Numerous fragments of the Novocherkassk landing ship can be seen in the vicinity of Feodosiya port,” the reporter says while standing in front of the debris. “It was damaged tonight. These quite large fragments can be found in Feodosiya.”

“By the way, such a piece of debris stuck almost a meter into the ground,” she continues. “Can you imagine how severe the blow was? The windowpanes of five-story houses were blown out.”

Sergey Aksyonov, the Russian-appointed head of Crimea, wrote on Telegram that one person was killed and two others were injured in a Ukrainian “detonation” in Feodosiya…

One killed and two injured? Right. Crew was equipped with parachutes.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

The Kremlin acknowledges minor damages…

The Novocherkassk was totally obliterated.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Merely damaged…

…rumored to have been loaded with Iranian drones.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Three months until Putin faces a national election.

Russia: It was only damaged…

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

I wonder how many ruptured water mains he’ll need.

Putin threatens Latvia with “repercussions” over policy towards Russian speakers:

The Baltic country, a former Soviet republic, is home to hundreds of thousands of Russian speakers who make up a quarter of the population. A series of bills approved in September 2022 aim to phase out Russian from schools and require a Latvian language test for some non-citizens to stay in the country.

The same story as with Ukraine. He’ll soon be talking about Latvian Nazis.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Unlike Nazi Ukrainians nothing comes up for latvaian nazis
 Azov uses Nazi-era symbolism and recruits neo-Nazis into its ranks
Nice try goose stepper the Neos have lost and need to surrender.
They also trade with Russia, are dependent on that economic factor.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

03/17/22 – Jewish groups condemn Latvian parade to honour Nazis, warn it could be used for Russian propaganda

The march to honour Latvia’s SS Legion has been a controversial annual event, but pandemic health restrictions forced the cancellation of the celebration for the past two years. Latvian TV reported it was back on this year with several hundred people participating in the parade in Riga on Wednesday.

Jewish groups are condemning a parade in Latvia to celebrate members of Adolf Hitler’s SS, warning that the continued glorification of Nazis is not only wrong, but could also be used for Russian propaganda.

The march to honour Latvia’s SS Legion has been a controversial annual event, but pandemic health restrictions forced the cancellation of the celebration for the past two years. Latvian TV reported it was back on this year with several hundred people participating in the parade in Riga on Wednesday.

For decades, Jewish groups have condemned the celebration and what they say is Latvia’s continued glorification of those who supported Hitler or took part in the Holocaust. There were also concerns the parade would give Russian leader Vladimir Putin yet another example to drive home his propaganda message that NATO nations and Ukraine are home to Nazis. Putin has already claimed his military needed to invade Ukraine to “de-Nazify” that country.

Marvin Rotrand, a national director with B’nai Brith Canada, said Latvia continued to ignore calls for the parade to be shut down. “They are honouring a SS unit whose members were involved in atrocities,” Rotrand said. “This year, in particular, there is an amazing lack of understanding of the damage a march like this does to the unity of NATO and the nations standing for democracy.”

Over the years, eastern European nations have erected monuments to nationalistic leaders who fought the Soviet Union during the Second World War, but many of those same leaders were Nazi collaborators and some were active participants in the Holocaust. The Nazis also created SS units drawn from men in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Estonia

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

09/06/22 – Recurring Pro-Kremlin Rhetoric Linking Baltic States with Nazism

Narratives that justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine often exploit historical events and cultural memory, as discussed in our previous Dispatch, Apologists of Russia’s War Label Finland Fascist Following its Bid to Join NATO. This Dispatch looks at pro-Kremlin rhetoric distorting and oversimplifying the national history of the Baltic States, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, focusing on influential English-language Twitter accounts.

Complex chapters of Baltic history are being intentionally misrepresented to elevate Russian actions and discredit the Baltic States as ‘neo-Nazi’ and ‘fascist’. The misconstrual of historical events encourages a reductive Cold War-era posture that justifies spheres of influence in the territories of sovereign states.

On 12 May 2022, the Saeima of Latvia (Latvia’s parliament) approved the demolition of the Soviet-era ‘Monument to the Liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the German Fascist Invaders’. The monument had long been a controversial symbol in Latvia given deeply divided memories of Soviet occupations; it was dismantled on 25 August.

The Bill passed by the parliament amended a 1994 agreement between Latvia and Russia regarding the preservation of Soviet-era monuments. Richard Kols, chairman of the Seimas Foreign Affairs Committee said, “Today, the image and symbolism of the Soviet Army are directly and unequivocally linked to the Russian aggression and the crimes committed by its armed forces in Ukraine”.

On 13 May, protesters rallied against the government decision at Rātslaukums (Riga’s Townhall square). Among those arrested was Tatjana Ždanoka, leader of the LKS and member of the European Parliament. On Twitter, the account of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs immediately responded to these events, calling them “neo-Nazism, European style” (Image 7). The account AZmilitary1 (40.7K followers), which claims to provide “the latest geopolitics, geoeconomics and military news”, posted several tweets alleging the events were “EU fascist beast in action” (Image 8). In August, the official Twitter account of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (556.2K followers) alleged a “neo-Nazi bacchanalia” was gaining momentum in the Baltic countries “with regard to Soviet memorial heritage”

Putin levels charges of neo-Naziism against all formerly Soviet Eastern European nations with Russian-speaking populations that resist the reassertion of Kremlin power.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Moscow says Baltic states’ ‘Russophobia’ will further damage ties

LONDON, Aug 30, 2022 – (Reuters) – Russia condemned the destruction of Soviet war memorials in the three Baltic states and accused them on Tuesday of persecuting their Russian-speaking minorities.

In a forcefully worded statement, Moscow said Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were guilty of xenophobia, saying they were treating their ethnic Russian minorities as “second-class people”. It said Russian-language media, kindergartens and schools were being shut down.

“What is happening now in the Baltic states is unacceptable for us and will certainly affect the state of bilateral relations with these countries, which are already in complete decline,” the Foreign Ministry said.

It complained of “Russophobic approaches” and “an unprecedented, in fact close to fascist, campaign by the authorities of the Baltic states to barbarically remove, en masse, memorials to the Soviet soldier-liberators”…

The “Soviet soldier-liberators” being the Russian communist state that dominated Eastern European nations behind the Iron Curtain for decades, and shot those who attempted to escape.

All three of the nations listed above are resisting Putin’s ongoing efforts to destabilize their governments, the same has he did in Ukraine.

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Your own party is linked, through ideology, to the Nazis. What’s your problem?

Oddly, America’s white nationalists tend to be GOP supporters. Before the US entered WW2, most America First Committee supporters were Midwest republicans.

Full List of 26 Republicans Who Refused To Denounce White Supremacy:

James Comer KY-01
Jim Jordan OH-04
Mike Turner OH-10
Paul Gosar AZ-09
Virginia Foxx NC-05
Glenn Grothman WI-06
Gary Palmer AL-06
Clay Higgins LA-03
Pete Sessions TX-17
Andy Biggs AZ-05
Nancy Mace SC-01
Jake LaTurner KS-02
Pat Fallon TX-04
Byron Donalds FL-19
Kelly Armstrong ND
Scott Perry PA-10
William Timmons SC-04
Tim Burchett TN-02
Marjorie Taylor Greene GA-14
Lisa McClain MI-09
Lauren Boebert CO-03
Russell Fry SC-7
Anna Paulina Luna FL-13
Chuck Edwards NC-11
Nick Langworthy NY-23
Eric Burlison MO-07

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Provide where they were questioned about “white supremacy” and proclaimed their support for it. Largely, “white supremacy” exists in the leftist mind. No where does it exert an influence, such as the left’s fascist political terrorism does.

Meanwhile, note how many Democrats openly support Hamas, terrorism and anti-Semitism.

Uh huh. It’s just a figment the “leftist” imagination.

Largely, “white supremacy” exists in the leftist mind. 

And aside from marching and being stupid, what do they do? There wasn’t even any violence until BLM/ANTIFA attacked them, causing the guy to flee in his car and hit the woman. Meanwhile, leftist terrorism is real, widespread and causes actual harm, injury, death, damage and loss.

Again, let’s all thank Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the DNC and election fraud for the current state of affairs.

12/27/23 – Biden authorizes final $250m aid package for Ukraine after Congress fails to approve more funds

The United States will transfer $250m in arms and munitions to Ukraine as part of what could be the final package of American defense assistance to Kyiv amid a refusal to authorize more funds by Republicans in Congress.

In a statement, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the weapons and equipment package “provides up to $250m of arms and equipment under previously directed drawdowns for Ukraine” in the form of “air defense munitions, other air defense system components, additional ammunition for high mobility artillery rocket systems, 155mm and 105mm artillery ammunition, anti-armor munitions, and over 15 million rounds of ammunition”.

“A coalition of more than 50 countries continues to provide critical support for Ukraine’s forces. It is imperative that Congress act swiftly, as soon as possible, to advance our national security interests by helping Ukraine defend itself and secure its future,” Mr Blinken added.

The arms package announced by the Biden administration could be the last bit of US assistance provided for Kyiv’s fight against Russia, as many Republicans continue to oppose further support to Ukraine because it would be counted as a win for Mr Biden in an election year.

Earlier this month, Mr Biden slammed House and Senate Republicans for appearing to do the bidding of the Russian government by blocking the supplemental appropriations bill he called for in October to allocate billions of dollars towards Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s invading forces.

Speaking alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a 12 October press conference at the White House, Mr Biden said the US was “rapidly coming to an end of our ability to help Ukraine” without passage of the supplemental spending bill, and he warned that Russian president Vladimir Putin was “banking” on US legislators not being able to agree to advance the funding bill.

“Moscow celebrated when Republicans voted to block Ukraine aid last week — a host of a Kremlin run shows literally said and I quote: ‘Well done Republicans, that’s good for us,’” Mr Biden recalled, apparently referring to a recent Daily Beast report detailing the gleeful reaction to the GOP’s intransigence on Russian state television.

The president added: “If you’re being celebrated by Russian propagandists, it might be time to rethink what you’re doing”.

House and Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats have been at an impasse over the GOP’s demand that Mr Biden agree to draconian changes to US immigration policies meant to make it more difficult — if not impossible — for largely non-white immigrants from South and Central America and other countries to claim asylum at the US-Mexico border or receive protection from removal from the country.

The GOP hostage-taking, which is reminiscent of other Republican-induced crises over funding for the US government and the federal debt ceiling, has held up funding for multiple US defense priorities in recent weeks.

Additionally, some Republicans in both chambers remain intractably opposed to appropriating further defense aid to Kyiv because it would be seen by their political base as a win for Mr Biden, and because many GOP voters believe conspiracy theories espoused by former president Donald Trump and his allies, who claim that Mr Biden’s steadfast support for Ukraine stems from alleged bribes paid to him through his son, Hunter Biden.

There is no evidence to support any such claims of corruption, but some GOP members have cited the outlandish theories to justify their lack of support for further aid to Kyiv.

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10% for the “Big Guy”.


Peter McFarlane

Yet another confirmation, by Ukraine Ambassador Chalyi, that the Ukrainians and Russians had reached an agreement in principle to end the war in April, 2022, but Ukraine was pressured to abandon the deal by its NATO backers. This has been confirmed by others involved in the negotiations including Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, former German Prime Minister Gerhard Schroeder and Ukraine negotiator Davyd Arakhamia. As a result hundreds of thousands of young Ukrainians and Russians are dead, Ukraine has been destroyed and it will lose a sizeable part of its territory. This disaster can be laid at NATO’s door.

How did that Ukraine War Go?

    This was one of the Globalist’s big plays. But what was the objective, really? To “weaken Russia?” Or to exhaust the United States of money, armaments, and the will to act as the world hegemon, while at the same time destroying what’s left of Europe’s economy and culture? If that was the aim, it was a whopping success. In terms of our country’s own interest, the Ukraine project was a completely unnecessary failed enterprise of epic foolishness.

    The so-called “free world” was unbothered by Ukraine during the decades it was a province of the Soviet Union, nor during centuries prior when it was a backwater of the Romanov monarchy. Ukraine didn’t cause any problems for us, or anybody else all that time, nor after the Soviet collapse when it became a sovereign state. We made it a problem in 2014 by mounting the color revolution against President Viktor Yanukovych and then installing a set of puppet presidents who we directed to antagonize the Russian-speaking people of Ukraine’s Donbas region.

    We adopted the stupid plan to try and enlist Ukraine into NATO, when Russia made it clear that was unacceptable. We persisted and prodded Ukraine to attack Donbas with rockets and artillery for eight years, and blew off the Minsk accord that would have settled the Ukraine-in-NATO quarrel. And finally, the Russians had enough and moved militarily to assert the proposition that Ukraine was and remains within their sphere-of-influence — just as we claim the countries of Latin America are in ours under the Monroe Doctrine.

    After two years of real shootin’ war, Ukraine’s death toll is around half a million; Russia’s is way less than that, and altogether, including refugees who left, Ukraine has lost nearly half its population, formerly 32-million. The Russians are firmly in control of the battle space now. They have reserve troops, armaments and equipment, and a substantial arms manufacturing infrastructure to back that up. The Ukrainians are left with just about nothing. It’s only a question of time before Ukraine will have to seek terms for concluding this fiasco. The USA is currently pretending to shift to a stance that would join whatever that negotiation amounts to, but we have no leverage left in the matter. The upshot is another military humiliation for America on “Joe Biden’s” watch. I believe President Putin will resist the urge to rub it in — for the simple reason, as any reader of history knows, that the victor must give the loser a way out, to save face, or at least pretend to. If I were Mr. Putin, I would be respectful of America’s current deeply psychotic condition.

    The news media has already pretty much memory-holed Ukraine. It’s off the front page and the first ten minutes of CNN. Two years ago, the US propaganda-industrial complex ramped up vast sentiment for helping Ukraine in its supposedly valiant struggle. $200-billion later we have zip to show for it. Now everyone sees what actually happened and recognizes it as just another trademark “Joe Biden” disaster. There are no blue and yellow Ukraine flags still hanging from the porches and windows here. It’s over.

Do You Dare Even Look? — Forecast 2024 – Kunstler

Putin has launched an attack on Russian-speaking Kharkiv. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about ethnic Russians.

12/30/23 – Russia strikes Kharkiv hours after accusing Ukraine of shelling border city in retaliation

Why has biden failed to win his war against Russia?

Ask Putin’s GOP tools that have locked down further aid to Ukraine only 3 months before the Russian election.

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Because all Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden wanted to do was put lots of money in flow so he could steal large portions of it.

12/31/23 – Lithuanian Foreign Minister warns West against “repeating mistakes” and urges not to wait for another Pearl Harbour

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis believes the West is on the verge of repeating historical mistakes by supporting Ukraine insufficiently in its fight against Russian aggression and has warned against waiting for a “Pearl Harbour effect”.

Quote: “For nearly 25 years we have been kicking [the] can down the road, trying to contain Putin’s imperialism with dialogue and diplomacy while he continues to ignore borders and flatten cities,” the official stressed.

Details: Landsbergis pointed out that the Minsk Agreements had provided a pause after Russia’s hybrid aggression against Ukraine in 2014 but actually only postponed the war to the future [the Minsk Agreements is a well-established umbrella term describing the three joint documents of the parties involved in the settlement of the situation during Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine, mediated under the Normandy format].

“Tomorrow always comes. The problem of Russia’s imperialism didn’t disappear in 2014, and to most eastern flankers it was clear that the next phase of the invasion would be costlier and deadlier. And so it was. When Russia attacked again, the war suddenly became today’s problem. Again we think we can solve it by making it tomorrow’s problem. But the premise has not changed. Russia’s imperialist revanchist ambitions will remain,” the Lithuanian Foreign Minister stressed.

Gabrielius Landsbergis stressed that the next phase of the hot war might be directed not only against Ukraine, Georgia or Moldova but also against a NATO country, and the cost of repelling such aggression would be even higher.

“We could wait for what I have called the ‘Pearl Harbour effect’, a moment in history when the problems of tomorrow finally become the problems of today, but at an enormously inflated price. Or we could treat this as today’s problem and start solving it today.”

“We are on the verge of repeating historic mistakes. I am convinced that if we won’t defeat Russia now, that means our chosen path is to suffer unimaginable and unnecessary losses before we eventually decide it’s time to step up and win.”

Background: Earlier this autumn, Landsbergis suggested that a Russian attack on a NATO member was “only a matter of time” if Moscow did not suffer a decisive defeat in Ukraine and called for the introduction of general conscription in Lithuania.

However, the Lithuanian president criticised him for his initial statement.

Polish President Andrzej Duda also stressed that if Russia is not defeated, it will attack again.

The war Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden made possible.

Like a wife beating drunk, Putin is enraged when Ukraine hits back.

12/31/23 – Russia attacks Ukrainian city with drone strikes in retaliation for barrage that killed at least 24

Russia launched a massive retaliatory air strike against a Ukrainian border city late Saturday, killing at least three people and injuring 28 others — hours after the deadliest Ukrainian attack on Russian soil since the war began.

Dozens of Russian mIssiles and drones rained down on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, striking a kindergarten, homes, retail shops and a local hotel housing journalists — the latest in a series of back-and-forth air attacks between the warring nations in recent days, CNN reported.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said in a statement that a British journalist was injured in the attack, as was a translator and security guard from the German public broadcasting network ZDF when the Kharkiv Palace Hotel was struck by Russian bombs… 

Russian officials called it a “terrorist attack” during an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Saturday night, saying the bombardment was “a deliberate act of terrorism directed against civilians.

“This crime will not go unpunished,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. 

That attack followed an earlier 18-hour bombardment by Russian forces along the Ukrainian border Friday, which killed at least 41 people — one of the deadliest single assaults during the prolonged conflict.  

Officials in Ukraine now say they are bracing for further attacks. At least three civilians were killed by Russian forces on New Year’s Eve last year. 

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Did you know that Putin decriminalized domestic violence in 2017? Putin’s War on Women /
08/03/22 – Putin’s Other War: Domestic Violence, Traditional Values, and Masculinity in Modern Russia

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Ok California decriminalized child prostitution, and theft, while criminalizing whistle blowing for felony human body part trafficking.

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I bet HIS name is not on Epstein’s list.

Putin was a chronically drunk wife beater during his days as a KGB officer in Dresden.

In any year, 1 of every 5 Russian women is a domestic violence victim.

Over 16% of adult Russian males are alcoholics.

01/02/24 – Putin Issues New Ominous Threat to US

Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening to “deal with” the U.S. and its Western allies for aiding Ukraine while it remains at war with Russia.

Ukraine claims that Russia has lost more than 360,000 soldiers since Putin ordered his full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, including over 253,000 during 2023 alone. Newsweek has not independently verified the figures.

Putin suggested during a New Year’s Day visit with injured Russian troops in Moscow that the U.S. and its allies have blood on their hands for whatever Russian casualties have occurred during the so-called “special military operation.”

In response to a question about “Western countries helping our enemy,” Putin argued that the West was working in opposition to “the existence of Russia” and should be viewed as Moscow’s true “enemy.”

“The point is not that they are helping our enemy,” said Putin. “They are our enemy. They are solving their own problems with their hands. That is what it is all about. This has been the case for centuries, unfortunately, and continues to be the case today.”

“Ukraine itself is not our enemy,” he added. “Those who want to destroy Russian statehood and to achieve, as they say, a strategic defeat of Russia on the battlefield, are mainly in the West … They want to disintegrate [Russia].”

The Russian president went on to say that the West had been “nurturing the Kyiv regime for quite a long time” in order to “create” the war.

Putin argued that the U.S. was working to “exponentially” increase the flow of artillery shells to Ukraine, while Russia was still outpacing the West in “building up” military equipment.

“Therefore, though it has been their goal to deal with Russia from time immemorial, we will deal with them faster, it seems,” Putin said. “Those who are trying to destroy Russia using Ukraine … That is the problem.”

“But they will fail: it is simply out of the question, absolutely out of the question,” he added.

Newsweek reached out for comment to the U.S. State Department and the White House via email on Tuesday.

Putin and his allies have repeatedly threatened the West with retaliatory action for aiding Ukraine, including potential nuclear strikes, during the course of the 22-month war.

In February 2023, Putin warned that “those who plan to defeat Russia on the battlefield don’t understand a modern war with Russia will be very different,” while adding that Russia has “ways of responding” that “won’t just be limited to armored vehicles.”

Dmitry Medvedev, former Russian president and prime minister who now serves as deputy chair of Russia’s Security Council, last month accused President Joe Biden of attempting “primitive blackmailing” to secure more aid for Ukraine, warning that the Russia-Ukraine war could turn “into WWIII” as a result.

“[The Biden administration] and their scared fosterling are sure to get the money,” said Medvedev. “If not now, then in the coming year, to go on with their war business at all costs. And for this dough, new rivers of blood will flow, for which Biden family and their [Banderite] scum are responsible.”

Typical wife-beater logic: “Look what you made me do.”

And all Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is load his diaper and go on vacation again. He enabled Putin to launch his invasion and then he made sure Putin would succeed by withholding vital weaponry. But, at least he’s getting his cut. 10% for the “big guy”.

What is it with your fixation on diapers?

We currently have a failed Commander in Chief that wears them and loads them. That’s it.

01/03/24 – Putin ally Kadyrov says if suspected criminals can’t be found, their family will be killed instead

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a key ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has called for the execution of family members of suspected criminals who cannot be found.

During a Dec. 30 meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, Kadyrov told security commanders that relatives are acceptable recipients of punishment for criminal suspects who are not apprehended.

“If someone infringes on public safety, an officer or a tourist, and if we don’t even find the offender, we won’t keep looking for them, but we will definitely find their relatives,” said Kadyrov, according to translations from Newsweek.

He continued, “As is customary from time immemorial, if one of the relatives has done wrong and the criminal cannot be found, their brother, their father would be killed.”

The comments reportedly related to the region’s plans to ensure public safety over the holidays.

“Thus, our blood feud will be repaid very quickly. Otherwise, a person kills someone and lives with impunity, and their relatives start renouncing them,” said Kadyrov.

He continued, “No relatives’ renunciation is effective until we kill someone from their family and take the right of blood feud.”

Kadyrov is a close ally of Putin, who appointed him to govern restive Chechnya in 2007. 

The Muslim-majority republic has fought alongside Russia in Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion…

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It could stop a few terrorists. Perhaps if there is a terrorist event here deportation to the country of origin for the terrorists family might be a good idea. The mental health excuse is getting played everytime.

Ramzan’s father Akhmad Kadyrov, the first president of the Chechen “republic”, was assassinated. Hopefully being assassinated will become a family tradition.

Akhmad rose to power by betraying his countrymen during Chechen’s second war with Russia and switching sides, offering his services to Vladimir Putin.

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Ok so he had a bad daddy theres plenty of evil men in the world, like Biden and G Bush.

Aren’t you glad Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden enabled this war? Great success, huh?

What’s happening while 30 MAGA morons paralyze the US Congress:

01/04/24 – Russia hits Ukraine with North Korean missiles, seeks Iran help as US runs out of aid funds

WASHINGTON – As the US runs out of money to supply Ukraine with more military aid, Russia has used North Korean missiles to attack Ukrainian targets in recent weeks — and is in talks to secure more ballistic weaponry from Iran, US officials said Thursday.

Moscow has launched Pyongyang’s rockets into Ukraine at least twice in recent weeks as it strengthens ties with other US adversaries, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters at the White House.

“Due in part to our sanctions and export controls, Russia has become increasingly isolated on the world stage and they’ve been forced to look to like-minded states for military equipment,” he said. “As we’ve been warning publicly, one of those states is North Korea.”

The North Korean missiles can reach targets up to 550 miles away, according to Kirby, who called the attacks “a significant and concerning escalation in [North Korea’s] support for Russia.”

Russia launched its first North Korean missile on Dec. 30 – a day after Moscow fired 122 missiles and 36 drones in what Ukraine called the biggest aerial barrage of the war. At least one landed in an open field in the Zaporizhzhia region in southeastern Ukraine, Kirby said.

Then on Jan. 2, the Kremlin sent “multiple” North Korean missiles into Ukraine, “including as part of this overnight aerial attack” that day, Kirby said. The US is still assessing the impact of those strikes.

“We expect Russia and North Korea to learn from these launches, and we anticipate that Russia will use additional North Korean missiles to target Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and to kill innocent Ukrainian civilians,” he said.

In return for its support, Pyongyang is asking Russia for military assistance, “including fighter aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, armored vehicles, ballistic missile production equipment or materials and other advanced technologies,” Kirby said.

“This would have concerning security implications for the Korean Peninsula and the Indo-Pacific region,” he said.

Meanwhile, Russia is also in talks with Tehran’s mullahs to obtain close-range ballistic missiles to use against Kyiv. While the US assesses that Iran has yet to deliver those weapons, negotiations “are actively advancing,” Kirby said.

Iran has previously sent Russia hundreds of attack drones, upon which Moscow has relied heavily as its own stockpiles dwindle. While Iran has not yet sent missiles, Russia has been seeking them since at least this past November.

Recent interactions between the two countries have suggested they are close to closing a deal. For example, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in mid-December “deployed ballistic missile and missile-support systems to a training area inside Iran for display to a visiting Russian delegation,” Kirby said.

As Moscow looks to its like-minded friends for aid, Washington has run out of funding to provide additional military equipment and weapons to Ukraine with Congress currently locked in stalemate over a supplemental funding bill that would provide $61.4 billion for Ukraine in its current form.

“Russia is relying upon its friends to replenish its military stockpiles and enable its war against Ukraine,” Kirby said. “Iran and [North Korea] are standing with Russia – Ukrainians deserve to know that the American people and this government will continue to stand with them.”

The Biden administration technically has congressionally approved authority to send another $4.2 billion worth of military aid from its stockpile, but Pentagon spokesman Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said Thursday there are no appropriated funds to actually pay for further assistance packages.

“As we went into the holidays here, we had no more replenishment funds [for DoD stockpiles,]” he said. “And so right now, I’m not anticipating any new [military aid package] announcements in terms of new capabilities, which is why we will continue to work closely with Congress and urge them to pass the supplemental.”

In response to the recent missile launches, Washington plans to raise the issue at the United Nations Security Council to “demand that Russia be held accountable for yet again violating its international obligations,” according to Kirby.

The Biden administration will also impose additional sanctions “against those working to facilitate arms transfers between Russia and [North Korea] and between Russia and Iran” that “directly violate multiple UN Security Council resolutions,” he added.

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Could just agree to resecure the southern border. Why does the southern border need to be resecured, anyway?

01/07/24 – Russia Loses 36 Artillery Systems, 22 APVs in a Day

According to the latest report, released on Sunday, Russian forces allegedly suffered notable hardware losses on Saturday, including 36 artillery systems, 24 UAVs, and 22 armored personnel vehicles. The report also claimed that Russian forces had lost four tanks during the same time frame. …

Here we go again Ukraine is winning, so they dont need us to borrow more money to fund them.

Ukraine was never winning anything. We wasted billions of taxpayer dollars.

But Greg has all this proof, war toys destroyed
You know allegedly suffered 

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Here you go! Russian citizenship for any foreigner who agrees to contract into the Russian military for one year, and fight for Putin in Ukraine for 6 months!

Russian citizenship! What a prize. One wonders why illegal immigrants from all over the world, mostly military-age men, swarm our border instead of jumping at that tantalizing offer. After all, the US is a racist hell hole, right?

01/08/24 – Russia’s military accidentally targeted its own civilians on Monday for the second time in a week.

A Russian aircraft dropped a bomb on the town Rubezhnoye in the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic, which is in Ukraine’s Donbas region, but is controlled by Kremlin-installed legislatures.

“As combat missions were executed by aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces over the city of Rubezhnoye, an emergency discharge of the FAB-250 aircraft munition occurred,” the Moscow-backed head of the region, Leonid Pasechnik said in a post on his Telegram channel, adding that no casualties were reported.

People living in nearby houses were evacuated and have been offered the opportunity to stay at a temporary accommodation center, Pasechnik said…

“I Started the Civil Rights Movement!” – Joe Biden Lies in Stump Speech in South Carolina Black Church (VIDEO)

In other news: 01/08/24 – Russian Air Defense Accidentally Fires at Own Paratroopers

Russian air defense accidentally fired at and killed Moscow’s own paratroopers near the Ukraine border, according to a local report.

The incident occurred during an exercise at the Kuzminsky military training range in Russia’s Rostov region, the Russian Telegram channel Kremlin Snuffbox reported on Sunday. It said that a ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun operator mistook the drills for a Ukrainian invasion and opened fire. The range lies about 30 miles from the border with Ukraine.

Two Russian servicemen were killed as a result, according to the channel, which said that “fortunately, most of the shots missed.” …

The exact quote from the Russian Telegram is no less bizarre: “К счастью, большинство выстрелов прошли мимо, однако двое военных получили ранения несовместимые с жизнью.” (“Fortunately, most of the shots missed, but two soldiers received injuries incompatible with life.”)

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VIDEO: Pro-Hamas Protesters Shut Down a Stunned Joe Biden During Lie-Filled Speech at Historically Black Church in Charleston, South Carolina

You do realize that you’re making the pro-Trump/pro-Putin correlation totally obvious, don’t you?

BOMBSHELL: Jack Smith Prosecutor Discouraged FBI from Investigating Clinton Foundation in 2016

Why is Peace pro Putin?
Why is anti proxy war funding when our debt is spiraling Pro Trump?
You repeat like a mindless parrot anything the CIA feeds the media.

Are you pro-peace with regard to Israel’s military operation in Gaza?

Yes, dont want to fund their quest to regain an ancient long lost kingdom.
You dont remember you already asked me this stupid question.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

The other warRobin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden created.

There is none. There is only the Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and corruption/treason/pedophilia correlation.

I guess they couldn’t switch to responses to hecklers on his teleprompter quickly enough so he could answer them. Another example of this clown’s brain just shutting down in the event of something unexpected.

One of the wars Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden caused.

01/08/24 – Putin Forced To Dispatch National Guard Against Uprising

Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed nearly 35,000 national guardsmen to curb Ukrainian resistance in occupied territories under Moscow’s control, according to Kyiv’s National Resistance Center (CNR).

The Kremlin currently occupies large swathes of south and eastern Ukraine, where Putin has established illegitimate Russian districts after holding sham elections in the fall of 2022. Ukraine launched the CNR in March 2022 following Russia’s full-scale invasion a month prior. The CNR, under the direction of Kyiv’s Special Operation Forces, helps coordinate and train Ukrainian partisans living under Russian occupation.

According to the CNR, Russia’s National Guard—also known as the Rosguard—is the “second-most important component” of Putin’s forces in occupied Ukraine. Those deployed to the territories are tasked with suppressing Ukrainian civil resistance by “filtering activities among the civilian population and identifying members of the underground movement,” according to Ukrainian sources.

As of January, at least 35,000 Rosguard members have been sent to occupied territories. About half of Putin’s guardsmen have been organized into “regular formations,” Kyiv’s military said, including a brigade, five battalion tactical groups, and 44 tactical groups. The other half of the Rosguard is made up of guardsmen who were transferred from Russia’s Special Purpose Police Detachment and the Special Rapid Response Unit, read a release from the CNR on Sunday.

Those deployed from Russia come equipped with tanks, artillery systems and helicopters to “use this entire range of weapons to subdue those who disagree with the Russian occupation,” said Kyiv’s resistance center. Putin’s guardsmen also reportedly played a role in protecting the polling stations used during Russia’s illegitimate elections in occupied Ukraine in September 2022 and 2023.

“In addition to conducting actual combat operations against the civilian population, Rosguard employees are actively involved in propaganda activities in educational institutions,” read CNR’s release. “They also play the role of force projection by constantly patrolling populated areas in armored combat vehicles and in full equipment.”

Newsweek reached out to Russia’s Ministry of Defense via email for comment. An email was also sent to the CNR.

While the war rages on along the frontlines, Ukrainian partisans living in Russian-occupied territories have carried out a number of attacks on Moscow’s personnel appointed to the regions. The CNR has also reported instances of Kyiv’s resistance sabotaging the Russian military, including disrupting supply railways and targeting Moscow’s soldiers in several poisoning schemes.

Last week, the CNR reported that a movement of Ukrainian partisans living in Crimea carried out an attack on Russia’s radar system and control center located on the peninsula, which Kyiv said was “responsible for the secure communication channel with the Kremlin, including the coordination of the entire peninsula’s air defense.”

Without Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, there would be no war in Ukraine.


comment imageUkrainian Fantasy — https://www.foreignaffairs.com/ukraine/path-victory-ukraine-dmytro-kuleba

No. Admiral “Rachel” Levine, a dude pretending to be a woman who heads the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, will give birth to a baby and breastfeed it before Ukraine “wins.” Try telling that to “Rose Gottemoeller, a lecturer at Stanford University and former NATO deputy secretary-general, and Michael Ryan, a former U.S. deputy assistant defense secretary for European and NATO policy”, who just published an article in Foreign Policy, Ukraine Has a Path to Victory. Thank God they are no longer in government service. Their article reveals a depth of ignorance and delusion that is breath taking.

They start with this nonsense:

Ukraine’s daring attack on a major Russian warship in occupied Crimea in the small hours of Dec. 26 was one more episode in Kyiv’s strategy to deny Russia control over the Black Sea. With most of its ships driven out of its home port in Sevastopol, the Russian Black Sea Fleet can no longer find safe haven anywhere along the Crimean Peninsula.

Yep. In their fantasy world, hitting an aging ship that is in dry dock and serves no current military purpose for the Russian Navy is a major victory. Then they offer up this bit of laugh-your-ass-off inadvertent humor:

While Russia has been going all-out to attack Ukraine’s infrastructure, its risky move to deploy ships and submarines armed with Kalibr missiles in the Black Sea is exposing them to potential Ukrainian attack. It is a tacit acknowledgment that Russia can no longer depend on Crimean ports and launch sites.

Word to Gottemoeller and Ryan — have you guys been locked away in a prison cell? During the last two weeks Russia has been shellacking Ukraine with Kalibrs and Iskanders, knocking out critical Ukrainian defense plants, air defense systems and railroads. And guess what? Not one of the Russian ships that launched a Kalibr has been attacked by Ukraine. Not one!

These two are bona fide kool aid drinkers (must be laced with some LSD) because they insist, without one shred of proof, that Ukraine is “regularly shooting down the majority of Russian missiles and drones destined for Ukrainian targets.” The expiration date on that foolish assertion was December 29, 2023. Ukraine has faced unrelenting salvos of Russian missiles and drones and Ukraine has even admitted it is not able to shoot them down because their air defense systems have been destroyed.

Gootemoeller and Ryan finally admit the reason for their bizarre analysis — they are terrified that when Russia prevails, “it spells defeat not only for Ukraine, but also for the United States and its allies in Europe and Asia.” That’s the rub.

They do get one thing right. They acknowledge that Ukraine, “to achieve a tactical breakthrough on the ground front that leads to operational and strategic success, … will need to be more effective from the air.” Of course this presupposes that Ukraine has or will have an air force that will not be shot out of the sky by Russia. They obviously have not paid attention to what has transpired in Ukraine over the last two years. Ukrainian pilots have the shelf life of a snowball in Miami in July. Even if Ukraine had a couple of squadrons of F-16s, those jets are useless without pilots. Where exactly is Ukraine going to get pilots?

These two clowns, who have zero experience in commanding or fighting a military peer, seriously believe that all Ukraine has to do is employ NATO tactics:

The Joint Air Attack Team (JAAT) was developed to synchronize attack helicopters, artillery, and close air support by fighter planes to ensure a constant barrage of the enemy in case of a ground force attack. Pooling NATO assets in this way was designed to give the alliance’s forces the mass, maneuverability, and flexibility needed to overcome superior numbers, avoid a war of attrition, and escape the type of bloody slugfest that characterizes the current stalemate in Ukraine.

Every single magical NATO weapon system that has been deployed to the Ukrainian battlefront has been destroyed or neutered. Furthermore, just where is Ukraine going to find trained soldiers and airmen capable of carrying out this strategy? They don’t exist and will not exist.

Gottemoeller and Ryan conclude with this bit of insanity:

If Ukraine can achieve the momentum in the ground war that evaded it during its failed summer offensive, Kyiv will have a real pathway to victory. That pathway will run through Ukraine’s demonstrated prowess at sea and in the air, joined to an embrace of a sophisticated combination of techniques on the ground.

If? If a frog had wings it would not bump its ass when it jumps. If Rachel Levine had a vagina he/she might have a shot at getting pregnant. If a snake could stand on its tail it could get the lead at the Bolshoi. These two make Jim Carrey, in Dumb and Dumber, sound like Einstein in his prime.

UPDATE — Check out the latest from Simplicius. He provides ample evidence that Ukraine can’t fend off Russian missiles and drones.

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The grafters are lying their asses off, to keep the gravy train rolling.
The US, UK and EU are bankrupt both morally and financially.
The US, UK and EU have lost Energy and essential minerals supply for production.
NATO has depleted its artillery shells and tanks, and dare not send fighter jets to Ukraine.
NATO is now engaged in a two front war in Ukraine and the Middle East.
500,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since 2014.
+500.000 Ukrainian soldiers have been maimed since 2014.
20 million Ukrainians has left Ukraine since 2014.
The US is provoking for two more wars with Iran and China.
However the western population has woken up to their lies and the gravy train has arrived at the end station.
Time to EXIT.

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Putin’s invasion has killed over 10,000 Ukrainian civilians.

They should thank Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden for the war.

This never would have happened if Trump had never been president.

Govt of Volodymyr Zelensky Kills American Citizen Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine Prison

After outlining the fraud behind the election of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, and after telling the truth about events inside Ukraine during the conflict with Russia, American journalist Gozalo Lira was arrested by the Ukrainian government and thrown in prison. According to several sources, Gonzalo Lira (55) is dead.
comment imageTucker Carlson stated, “Gonzalo Lira, Sr. says his son has died at 55 in a Ukrainian prison, where he was being held for the crime of criticizing the Zelensky and Biden governments. Gonzalo Lira was an American citizen, but the Biden administration clearly supported his imprisonment and torture. Several weeks ago we spoke to his father, who predicted his son would be killed.”
Indeed, Lira outlined the details of the fabricated case against him as well as the torture he was enduring while captive [SEE HERE]. When the government arrested him no one was pretending it was simply for his videos and free speech; everyone knew the Ukranian government arrested Lira because the truth he was telling was against the interests of the Zelenskyy regime.
(WSAU) – […] Lira stated in a post on X back in July of 2023 that he was in the process of trying to escape Ukraine to plead for political asylum in nearby Hungary, and laid out documents he had received from Zelensky’s government detailing the case and charges against him as well as allegations of abuse he was receiving inside the Ukrainian prison.
Ukrainian officials stated in a press release when Lira was initially arrested that he was “one of the first to support the Russian invaders and glorify their war crimes.” They stated that he had “engaged in discrediting the top military and political leadership and the defense forces of our state.” (more)

Read Gonzalo Lira story in his own words HERE. 




Americans were abandoned in Afghanistan after 13 members of our military were slaughtered and many other permanently maimed. The current regime was useless in getting Americans out of Israel post Oct. 7th 2023. Other countries were evacuating their civilians out quickly while our White House and State Dept. fiddled around. A FL congressman chartered a plane to fly Americans out of Israel and safely back home.
Human life, in general, means nothing to this regime unless it has an exploitable political value.

The central banking model is based on war and killing. If you go mucking around with this business model you are going to get yourself killed.

Central bank model: “WAR is an absolute necessity for making the US economy work.”


The people of Poland know the score.

The people of Poland are sick and tired of being used as a battering ram against Russia:


RIP Gonzalo Lira

War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier

War Is a Racket is a speech and a 1935 short book by Smedley D. Butler, a retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient.[2] Based on his career military experience, Butler discusses how business interests commercially benefit from warfare. He had been appointed commanding officer of the Gendarmerie during the 1915–1934 United States occupation of Haiti.

After Butler retired from the US Marine Corps in October 1931, he made a nationwide tour in the early 1930s giving his speech “War Is a Racket”. The speech was so well received that he wrote a longer version as a short book published in 1935. His work was condensed in Reader’s Digest as a book supplement, which helped popularize his message. In an introduction to the Reader’s Digest version, Lowell Thomas, who wrote Butler’s oral autobiography, praised Butler’s “moral as well as physical courage”.[3]

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US Embassy Confirms Death of Gonzalo Lira in Ukrainian Dungeon; Was Victoria Nuland Behind It?

01/19/24 – Ukrainian drone attack on oil depot in Russia causes a massive blaze, officials say

A Ukrainian drone struck an oil storage depot in western Russia on Friday, causing a massive blaze, officials said, as Kyiv’s forces apparently extended their attacks on Russian soil ahead of the war’s two-year anniversary.

Four oil reservoirs with a total capacity of 6,000 cubic meters (1.6 million gallons) were set on fire when the drone reached Klintsy, a city of some 70,000 people located about 60 kilometers (40 miles) from the Ukrainian border, according to the local governor and state news agency Tass.

The strike apparently was the latest in a recently intensified effort by Ukraine to unnerve Russians and undermine President Vladimir Putin’s claim that life in Russia is going on as normal before its March 17 presidential election.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has vowed to hit more targets inside Russian border regions this year. Russia’s air defenses are concentrated in occupied regions of Ukraine, Kyiv officials say, leaving more distant targets inside Russia more vulnerable as Ukrainian forces develop longer-range drones. …

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What about the environment? What about the climate?

01/18/24 – Putin, Unofficially Campaigning Through Work Events, Flouts Russian Election Law

President Vladimir Putin is defying Russian election laws by unofficially campaigning during his work trips and meetings while enjoying preferential coverage on state television.

In the five weeks since Putin announced that he will run for a fifth term in the upcoming presidential election, independent observers have noted violations in both his self-nomination as a candidate and the collection of signatures needed for him to appear on the ballot. 

At the same time, Moscow’s wholesale repression of the opposition and independent media makes public mentions of violations virtually impossible.

“On the instructions of our senior comrades [in the presidential administration], the Duma has deliberately made independent observation of voting more difficult, introducing electronic voting and other measures,” a State Duma lawmaker who attends regular meetings with the Kremlin told The Moscow Times.

The lawmaker spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to make statements to the media.

Under the Russian Constitution, Putin, 71, was supposed to leave the presidency in 2024.

But following 2020 constitutional amendments — whose adoption was described as illegitimate by independent lawyers — he was given the right to be elected for two more six-year terms. 

If he exercises this right, he will remain in power until 2036, having spent a total of 32 years in the Kremlin…

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Sound familiar? 12/22/20 – Putin signs bill granting lifetime immunity to former Russian Presidents

Vladimir Putin has signed legislation that will grant former presidents of Russia lifetime immunity once they leave office.

The bill, which was published online on Tuesday, gives former presidents and their families immunity from prosecution for crimes committed during their lifetime.

They will also be exempt from questioning by police or investigators, as well as searches or arrests.

The legislation was part of constitutional amendments approved this summer in a nationwide vote that allow Putin, 68, to remain president until 2036. …

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01/19/24 – Ukraine ‘Blackjack’ Hackers Hit Jackpot in Russia

Ukrainian hacking group linked to the country’s main spy agency has stolen construction plans for more than 500 Russian military sites, Ukraine’s military intelligence agency, the GUR, said Friday.

The group, dubbed “Blackjack”, which has previously been linked to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), hacked into a Russian state enterprise involved in construction work for President Vladimir Putin‘s military. Blackjack was able to obtain more than 1.2 terabytes of classified data. Newsweek has contacted Russia’s Ministry of Defense for comment by email.

This data includes the maps of more than 500 Russian military bases across Russia and in regions in Ukraine that Putin has occupied. This includes military headquarters for the Russian Army, air-defense installations, and weapons arsenals.

“Critically important information about Russian military facilities that have already been completed, are at the stage of construction/reconstruction, or are planned for construction, was transferred to the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine,” the GUR said on its website.

The GUR added that, as part of Blackjack’s cyber operation, all the stolen data was deleted from seven Russian servers. Ukraine’s news agency Interfax said the hackers also disabled 150 computers.

“In fact, Russian special construction workers were left without the entire array of data and backup copies of information. Now they will have to build new facilities by memory,” sources in Ukraine’s law enforcement told local publication Ukrinform.

The development comes days after the hacker group was reported to have carried out a cyber attack against the Moscow internet provider M9 Telecom. It left Muscovites without internet access, Ukrinform reported at the time…

A Plea To End The War In Ukraine

I just got back from Ukraine, where I was visiting some friends. Everything we have heard about what’s happening in Ukraine is a lie. The reality is darker, bleaker, and unequivocally hopeless. There is no such thing as Ukraine “winning” this war.

– By their estimates, they have lost over one million of their sons, fathers and husbands; an entire generation is gone.

– Even in the Southwest, where the anti-Russian sentiment is long-standing, citizens are reluctant or straight-up scared to publicly criticize Zelensky; they will go to jail.

Read more;

A Plea To End The War In Ukraine

Gonzalo Lira lived in Ukraine with his kids and wife, they killed him for speaking the truth, Zelensky will never prevail, he’s a panhandler with a tin cup

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Putin, with full legal immunity, will send as many Russians to certain death as needed to stay in power.
01/22/24 – Video captures Ukrainian drone assaults on Russian troops

No war in Ukraine without Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s incompetence. No war in Gaza without Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s incompetence.

01/24/24 – Abandoning Ukraine could be a multitrillion-dollar mistake

While Republicans in Congress block further aid for Ukraine, Russia is gaining an edge in its bid to extend its territory right up to the NATO military alliance’s eastern border. Ukraine is running short of crucial weapons while Russia’s economy is now mobilized for war and cranking out more artillery shells than the United States and Europe combined.

The United States may yet buck up Ukraine, but if it doesn’t, the isolationist obstruction of some Republicans in Washington could turn out to be an epic mistake that costs Americans vastly more than it saves. History is replete with examples of pennywise decisions that led to disastrous outcomes — and many analysts think China, North Korea, and Iran could follow Russia’s

expansionary example if America goes soft on Ukraine, with devastating economic consequences.

So far, the United States has provided about $46 billion in military aid to Ukraine, plus another $29 billion in financial assistance. The military aid amounts to less than 5% of the US defense budget, which exists in part to counter Russia. President Biden wants another $60 billion for Ukraine, and a bipartisan group of senators has crafted legislation that would provide much of that aid, while also funding immigration reforms and other priorities.

The snag is a faction of House Republicans who say they won’t vote for Ukraine aid unless it’s coupled with draconian immigration changes Democrats are dead set against. Cheering them on is Donald Trump, the likely Republican presidential nominee, who has suggested he’d end US support for Ukraine altogether.

The Republican withdrawal on Ukraine suggests Russian president Vladimir Putin has guessed right. Putin obviously hoped for a quick Ukrainian surrender after Russian forces invaded in February 2022, which he didn’t get. But Putin’s Plan B was a long war in which Western resolve to help Ukraine would fade well before Russia’s ability to keep the war going.

That seems to be happening. While a majority of Americans still want to help Ukraine, Republican support has dropped from 80% when the war started in 2022 to just 50% now, giving conservative Republicans in Congress plenty of leeway to cut off Ukraine. As Putin well knows, a small group of naysayers can block US policy if the minority party controls just one chamber of Congress, as Republicans do in the House.

If Republican isolationists get their way, the ramifications could stretch far beyond Europe. As Hal Brands and many other foreign policy experts argue, the American abandonment of Ukraine could be a green light for China, North Korea, and Iran to attempt their own land grabs on the premise that they’d be able to outlast Western resistance led by a fickle United States.

China may be the most unnerving scenario. President Xi Jinping seems more determined than any Chinese leader of the last 25 years to “reunite” communist China with democratic Taiwan. That would have to involve military intervention, given that Taiwan has no interest in a reunion.

The idea that an isolationist United States could stand on the sidelines and remain unscathed is folly.

recent analysis by the Rhodium Group found that a Chinese blockade of Taiwan, without an outright invasion, could cost the world economy $2 trillion, mainly from disrupted trade with both Taiwan and China. A Bloomberg analysis finds that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would raise the cost to $10 trillion, “dwarfing” the economic cost of the war in Ukraine, the COVID pandemic, and the 2008 financial crash.

In an invasion scenario, the Taiwanese and Chinese economies would crater while US GDP would plunge by 6.7% — the worst wipeout since the Great Depression in the 1930s. In a milder blockade scenario, US GDP would still drop by 3.3%, also unprecedented since the Depression.

China would likely try to take control of Taiwan’s advanced semiconductor industry, which could cause acute shortages of electronics, cars, and more sophisticated products that would make the empty shelves of the COVID pandemic look like a time of plenty.

Loss of trade with China would be devastating, too. Donald Trump and other nationalists want to “decouple” the US economy from China’s, but that’s facile and naive. Despite efforts by both US political parties to pull away from China, the two countries hit a record level of trade in 2022 and remain deeply intertwined, with China still supplying huge amounts of pharmaceutical ingredients, auto parts, lithium-ion batteries, lower-end computer chips, and hundreds of other things. In many cases there’s simply no other reliable source for the quantity of stuff Americans consume. Reestablishing US supply chains for all of those goods could take decades and be prohibitively expensive.

Iran and North Korea are lesser economic problems, given that the United States has no meaningful direct trade with those countries. Yet North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has renounced his nation’s longstanding goal of peacefully reuniting with South Korea. Some analysts see unusual signs of preparation for war, which would endanger the world’s ninth-largest exporter, whose commodities include Samsung electronics and Hyundai automobiles.

Iran aims to be the dominant power in the Middle East. Its main leverage over adversaries would be the ability to interdict Persian Gulf oil shipments, plus a nuclear weapons program that may soon be able to threaten Israel and maybe Europe. The United States is less dependent on Middle East oil than during the energy crises of the 1970s, but an energy crunch could still reignite inflation and cause a recession.

In all of these scenarios, the aggressor nation would pay a steep price in treasure, blood, and possibly prestige. So maybe they wouldn’t try it. But the same rationale applied to Putin before he ordered an invasion that has damaged the Russian economy and caused several hundred thousand Russian deaths. Yet Putin still faces no serious domestic opposition. The Russian economy is faring better than many expected and Putin seems to be finding the resources to wage his war indefinitely.

History suggests that billions of dollars in prevention is way better than trillions in triage. The United States tried to stay out the mayhem that led to both world wars, but got dragged into them anyway. The result was 117,000 American deaths in World War I and 407,000 dead in World War II.

Many historians think American suggestions that it would not defend South Korea after World War II influenced the communist north’s decision to invade in 1950 — which brought the United States into the war after all, leading to 37,000 American deaths. Anybody who feels sure the United States can stay out of big faraway wars probably needs to do a little more research about what happened the last time we tried to stay out.

Thanks, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

01/26/24 – Video shows Ukrainian armored vehicle singlehandedly stopping Russian assault

A tiny minority of congressional Trump puppets are cutting off the defenders’ ammunition, effectively handing Ukraine over to Vladimir Putin.

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2/1/24 – European Union approves $54 billion aid for Ukraine as Hungary drops opposition

The European Union has reached a deal to include 50 billion euros ($54 billion) in funding for Ukraine in its budget for the next three years. The agreement came surprisingly quickly after Hungary, long opposed, reversed its stance.

The money will help Kyiv keep its economy running in 2024 and sustain essential services such as health care, social protection and pensions.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola hailed the agreement in a press conference just hours after it was reached. She said the unanimous approval by the EU’s 27 member nations meant keeping the funding within the EU budget, which gives it the added stamp of approval of the European parliament.

“Ukraine is our priority and this agreement will give the credibility, legitimacy and the predictability that is expected from us,” she said. “Because Ukraine’s security is Europe’s security.”

Steve Bannon: I Will Be Shocked If There Are No Criminal Referrals for What Victoria Nuland and Others Have Done in Other Countries in the Name of the American People (VIDEO)

vicky is a war criminal.

Washington DC federal court no longer lists USA v. Donald Trump criminal trial on calendar for March 4, 2024.
Jack Smith, Tanya Chutkan railroading of Trump has been postponed.

Texas Guard Flies ‘Come and Take It’ Flag Amid Dispute with Feds


Maybe their little flag is sending people across the river the wrong message.

Expecting a brain dead leftist to know the history of the Gonzales flag might be a stretch.

When Democrats are involved, all the enemies are not necessarily outside our borders.

EXCLUSIVEMatt Gaetz rallies Republicans to support resolution insisting Donald Trump did NOT incite an insurrection on January 6: Over 25 allies of the embattled former president say he should be exonerated

The resolution, a copy of which was exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com, has 27 co-sponsors and is being passed around to House Republican members
It says Trump ‘did not engage in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or give aid or comfort to the enemies thereof’
‘This resolution is a no-brainer – controversial only to the most extreme of the far-left,’ an email urging support stateside

Jena Marie Griswold, Secretary of State of Colorado:

“Over the decades, Colorado has repeatedly relied on this state court procedure to resolve ballot access and other election disputes presenting novel and complex issues of both fact and law, including issues of constitutional magnitude. Just as Colorado cannot be forced to place on its presidential primary ballot a naturalized citizen, a minor, or someone twice elected to the presidency, it also should not be forced to include a candidate found by its courts to have violated his oath to support the Constitution by engaging in insurrection.”

Trump’s lawyers are essentially arguing that state election officials and state courts have no right to disqualify someone from appearing on their ballots.

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Insurrection is a crime, Comrade, in the U.S.

When was the trial against Trump for insurrection?

Enabling the enemy is also a crime but you ignore Joe Biden’s grifting from the Chinese.


Congress is now questioning the constitutionality of the appointment of garland. There has been an amicus brief filed with the USSC concerning this very issue.

smith is not constitutionally appointed and should be removed.

None of those previously barred from holding office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment were tried and convicted of insurrection.

The most recent case was in 2022, when Commissioner Couy Griffin was removed from office by a New Mexico judge owing to his participation in the January 6 Capitol siege. His only conviction was for trespassing. Conviction for insurrection has never been required for such disqualification.

Trump’s insurrection was against the Constitution itself. He attempted to subvert a constitutional process through mob action and a fraudulent elector plot, breaking his presidential oath of office.

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None of those previously barred from holding office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment were tried and convicted of insurrection.

But they were banned by Congress, not some pussy-hat wearing dweeb not getting enough attention. There was no insurrection. You’re going to have to find another way to cheat, crybaby.

Nope. They were banned by judges, based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Congress can remove the impediment, via the mechanism described in the Amendment itself.

Trump mounted an insurrection against the Constitution by breaking his presidential his oat to protect it. He deliberately and knowingly crossed the line by trying to stop a constitutional process with a mob and to subvert it with fraudulent electors.

Pence refused to cross the line, knowing it would be oath-breaking. The oath of office isn’t just something you say as part of an empty ritual.

Trump subsequently left no doubt about his intentions when he publicly stated all rules and laws must sometimes go out the window—even those found in the Constitution itself.

A president doesn’t protect the Constitution by disregarding it in order to remain in office.

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Trump mounted an insurrection against the Constitution by breaking his presidential his oat to protect it.

Trump has, as you so gleefully love to remind us, 91 counts against him. There is NOTHING the left will not charge Trump with. If there is any way to make a charge of insurrection stick, can you explain why neither he nor anyone else anywhere been charged with insurrection for the events on January 6th? Maybe the very first thing you need to charge someone with insurrection, then find them guilty of insurrection… is an insurrection.

A president doesn’t protect the Constitution by disregarding it in order to remain in office.

You mean like refusing to enforce the laws that protect the nation from adversaries by leaving our southern border wide open? No doubt that lying, corrupt, incompetent, treasonous, pedophile scumbag Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden doesn’t deserve to remain in office.

The January 6 narrative is falling apart. The mystery of the pipe bomber brings into question why it is the information that appears to exist is hard to come by. Thanks go to Darren J. Beattie of Revolver News for having done the most exhaustive research into the pipe bomber.

The Plot Thickens: Damning New Details Emerge in Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Cover Up – Revolver News

And now the actual case in DC has been put on hold, indefinitely;

BREAKING: Trump Election Interference Case in Washington DC Has Been Removed from Court Calendar – Postponed Indefinitely

And in Congress, Representative Anna Paulina Luna give jack shit 9 days to respond.

Did the Senate “approve” him, or did they not?
If they did not approve him, he is illegitimate, just like the rest of the biden illegitimate regime.

And as for impeachment of these criminals, if they are not legitimate they could be simply arrested. That is how our Justice system is supposed to work.

They don’t. If the person is the party candidate, they don’t have the right to take that person off the ballot. Instead of desperately violating people’s rights and trampling the Constitution, maybe you should insist your party present competent candidates and policies the population wants.

States have constitutional authority over the election process. They determine who is qualified or disqualified to appear on their ballots. All 50 states have disqualified candidates that state authorities have determined to be ineligible.

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How you operate an election is not the same as telling a party who they can and cannot have on the ballot. The primaries and caucuses determines who that is, not some whiny, crybaby, sore loser leftist turd.

No it was their election laws, one was disqualified here for late paperwork.

Sure they can it was done to Lincoln the democrats booted him off the ballot, he won anyway. Can they do it when Trump has never been charged with insurrection? That might be something that gives Sotomayor “frustration”.
We know the FBI determined there was no insurrection, nor attempt to overthrow the government, on Jan 20 Biden was installed like a toilet.

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When you choose to ignore the Constitution and the will of The People, you can do whatever you are allowed to get away with. That’s what the Democrats depend on.

Using the US constitution for state law election is pretty slimy. They know they can fight em fair.
The women they are depending on are looking at their sons wondering if they will be drafted to the desert or to Ukraine, could be their daughters too.

02/04/24 – Tucker Carlson Being Spotted in Moscow Sparks Frenzied Speculation

The reported appearance of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson in the Russian capital has sparked intense speculation over the purpose of the conservative media personality’s visit to Moscow.

Carlson arrived in Moscow on February 1, and was spotted attending the Bolshoi Theater in the capital, according to Russian outlet Mash.

Questions quickly swirled over why the TV anchor would have traveled to Moscow, and whether he intended to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin during the visit.

Democrats and their propagandists in the media are spasming at the prospect of Tucker Carlson interviewing Putin,” Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote on social media platform X, formerly Twitter.

“We have a free press in this country and its people like Tucker Carlson who we depend on to speak the truth!” she wrote.

Referencing Greene’s comments on Sunday, Russia’s state-backed news agency, Tass, reported that Kremlin press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, had said in 2023 that the world would have to “wait and see” whether Putin would speak with Carlson.

Carlson said in late September 2023 that he had attempted to interview the Russian leader, but that the U.S. government had blocked the move. “I tried to interview Vladimir Putin, and the U.S. government stopped me,” Carlson told Swiss magazine, Die Weltwoche.

Newsweek has reached out to Carlson for comment via email.

Carlson abruptly left Fox News in April 2023, and has since set up his own streaming service and hosted shows on social media.

Carlson has become a popular figure among Russian state media commentators, and has been accused of echoing Russian state propaganda.

Shortly after Moscow launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, progressive outlet Mother Jones published what it said was a Kremlin memo urging state-linked outlets to use more footage of Carlson in their broadcasts.

“It is essential to use as much as possible fragments of broadcasts of the popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who sharply criticizes the actions of the United States [and] NATO, their negative role in unleashing the conflict in Ukraine, [and] the defiantly provocative behavior from the leadership of the Western countries and NATO towards the Russian Federation and towards President Putin, personally,” one Russian-language memo said, according to Mother Jones.

Margarita Simonyan, a top Kremlin propagandist who heads up the Russian state-controlled broadcaster RT, said in August 2023 that Carlson had requested an interview with the Kremlin chief, adding the former Fox News host was “doing a great job.”

Russian state television promoted Carlson’s new content in September 2023, although the anchor told the Financial Times that he “had never seen this,” adding: “I have no clue what it’s about.”

Report: Biden Regime Gave Millions of COVID Relief Funds to Undocumented Aliens

Why? Did they have the CCP virus?

Well, it’s just our money. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and the rest of the Biden Crime Family cheat on their taxes.

Carlson is obviously in no danger of being jailed by Putin and held hostage as other Americans would be. Maybe he should remain there, since he’s so popular with the Kremlin.

There’s a Level 4 State Department travel advisory in effect warning Americans not to travel to Russia. That’s the highest level travel warning we’ve got. Paul Whelan has been imprisoned there for 5 years.

Last edited 26 days ago by Greg

Carlson is obviously in no danger of being jailed by Putin and held hostage as other Americans would be.

By other Americans do you mean like Charlie Rose, Barbara Walters and Oliver Stone?

No, I mean people like the one that I mentioned, who has been imprisoned for the past 5 years.

Last edited 26 days ago by Greg

He’s a journalist.

Informed Americans as well as millions around the world have known this for some time now.

Speaker Mike Johnson Drops Bomb: Biden Is Not the One in Charge

Genocide joey is a sock puppet.

Definitely a gutless, lying, corrupt, incompetent, pedophile puppet.

Genocide joey is an American embarrassment. How far we have fallen with joey.

You sure have a lot to worry about, don’t you? You’d have far fewer worries if your party and ideology wasn’t so degenerate, failed and fascist.

02/03/24 – Ukrainian drones wipe out Russian armored column.

02/05/24 – Ukrainian drones destroy Russian equipment in Bakhmut

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$300 drone vs. $3 million Russian tank. Here you can clearly see a tiny drone swoop in from the left to strike the tank from behind, disabling it. The mesh umbrella over the turret didn’t do much good. The crew quickly abandons the tank. Ukrainians can build drones more quickly than Putin can build tanks. Given them the money they need, or we’ll be fighting Putin ourselves on NATO ground and cursing the GOP for their stupidity.

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Trump’s gift to Vladimir Putin: Senate GOP will block border deal, leaving Ukraine in limbo

…“After months of good faith negotiations, after months of giving Republicans many of the things they asked for, [Senate Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell and the Republican conference are ready to kill the national security supplemental package, even with the border provisions they so fervently demanded,” Schumer said on the Senate floor.   


Schumer said he would be willing to delay the first procedural vote on the package until Thursday but expressed doubt that would make any difference in getting enough votes to begin debate and amend it.

“We’ll even offer to delay that vote until some time Thursday to give even more time for senators to make up their minds. But I suspect they won’t accept even that offer because they really don’t want more time. They’re just using it as an excuse,” he said.

Some Republicans who plan to vote against advancing the bill say that doesn’t mean they necessarily oppose the substance of the legislation

Of course it doesn’t. It means they don’t have the courage to cross Donald Trump.

If they’re terrified to cross him now, they’d certainly be terrified to oppose him if he were back in the White House. This is how you get a dictator.

The border should already be secured. It shouldn’t take politics to try and get Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden to undo the damage he caused on the border; he should just put the border security that was in place back in effect.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden caused the war and then he lost it.

02/06/24 – Russians Fume over 19th-Century Machine Guns, WW1 Rifles in Ukraine

Russian troops deployed in Ukraine are using antiquated weaponry, according to influential voices in Russia’s military sphere, as both Moscow and Kyiv burn through weapons ahead of the second anniversary of all-out war.

As Ukraine continues to urge its Western allies to provide more weapons and ammunition, similar calls are increasingly being made by pro-war Russians, addressing their military leaders.

Images of Imperial Russian machine guns and “piece of s*** WWI-era rifles” have triggered a backlash from supporters of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many of whom are loyal to Putin and form a key part of his base ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.

“When the troops have nothing to issue, [they] get outdated weapons,” according to a Telegram channel of pro-Russian soldiers and bloggers claiming to have been fighting in Ukraine for a decade. “We are seeing a growing crisis” where Russian forces cannot access replacement parts, the channel said.

Russian forces are using out-of-date arms, including a World War I-era Degtyaryov machine gun that had become “hopelessly obsolete” by the start of World War II, and a Maxim machine gun invented in 1884, prominent pro-Moscow military analyst, Rostislav Mokrenko, said earlier this month.

“We got some feedback from our fighters, who said they received these for combat missions,” another Russian nationalist milblogger, Topaz, wrote on Telegram.”You can’t be serious, guys. During the [Moscow-led] rebel wars [in Donbas] we would happily fire from 1940s PTRD anti-tank rifles, 1890s Mosin-Nagant rifles and SKS self-loading carbines. But these are different times and shortages of machine guns pose a real problem, which we need to solve fast.”

There have been reams of reports of Russia pulling main battle tanks from museums or storage for use in Ukraine, including the T-55.

The British Defense Ministry suggested in July that Russian crews had been fitting tanks with vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) before evacuating them and sending the tank towards a target.

And open-source intelligence accounts had suggested Russia was using trucks made before World War II in its now long-running assault on the Donetsk town of Avdiivka.

Excellent time for the GOP to block funding to Ukraine, with Putin low of war materials and facing an election in 2 months.

Though rumor has it he may cancel the election, fearing his anti-war opponent Boris Nadezhdin might be gaining too much support for comfort.

02/06/24 – Putin’s Election Plan is Backfiring

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The war Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden enabled. Why didn’t he authorize heavy weapons and aircraft be sent to Ukraine if he didn’t want them to lose?

You know perfectly well it’s because he didn’t want direct conflict with a nuclear-armed dictatorship. You know perfectly well Putin has relied on nuclear extortion from the moment his tanks rolled across the Ukrainian border. There were constant threats from Russia that he might go nuclear if anyone tried to stop his rape of Ukraine—threats that he might use tactical nukes; threats that he might cause a Chernobyl-like event at Zaporizhzhia and irradiate half-of Europe. You know this perfectly well.

Now is the worst time to be giving money to Ukraine. Their government is unstable and could topple. The military is speaking truth to the situation and believes it is time to end the skirmish. The “angel of death” , Victoria nuland made a hastily arranged trip to Ukraine last Wednesday to get the penis piano player’s mind right. Under no circumstances is the penis piano player to ‘entertain’ peace.
The west wants more Ukrainians to die in a conflict that is not winnable for Ukraine.

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Trump’s congressional puppets have screwed up everything they’ve touched. They’ve accomplished nothing in the process. They’ve rendered the nation’s legislative branch totally dysfunctional; they’re trying to discredit the judicial branch to save Trump’s worthless ass. They want Putin to prevail in Ukraine. They want NATO to fall apart. They want the border crisis to continue, so that Trump has an exploitable campaign issue.

On this particular issue, Democrats and sane Republicans should unite and kick the crap out of there people with an overwhelming funding vote. They should have done so with the border compromise.

Not having a good day, scooter?

Elon Musk Roasts American Journalists for Coddling Zelensky: “It’s Hard for Them to Talk While Giving a Blowj*b”

Assertive stupidity offends me.

So much winning. Thank God the adults blocked this monstrosity of money we do not have.

BREAKING: Senate Republicans Block Compromised Border Security Bill – Here are the 4 GOP Senators Who Voted with Democrats

Avdiivka Defenses Crumble, Russian Forces About To Split the City in Half – Move Would Isolate Ukrainian Troops in the South From Supply Line

BREAKING: Ukraine’s Zelensky Fires Top General Zaluzhny After Months of Infighting

The government is crumbling. Russia is about to close the deal on Ukraine.

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02/11/24 – Senate advances Ukraine aid over conservative blockade

The Senate voted for the third time in the past week to advance funding for Ukraine and Israel despite strong opposition from conservative Republicans who balked at the package not including a House-passed bill to tighten the southern border and questioned the end game for the war in Ukraine.

The Senate voted 67-27 Sunday afternoon to move the $95.3 billion package another step toward final passage, assembling in the chamber shortly before the Super Bowl kickoff.

The package includes $60 billion for Ukraine; $14 billion in security assistance for Israel; $9 billion in humanitarian assistance for Gaza, the West Bank and Ukraine; and $4.8 billion to support allies in the Indo-Pacific. It was stripped of border provisions last week after conservatives objected to a bipartisan border deal.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) remarked on the rare occasion of voting on Super Bowl Sunday but reminded colleagues of the high stakes of the moment.

“As we speak, [Russian President Vladimir Putin’s] invasion of Ukraine has rendered parts of Eastern Europe a war zone the likes of which we have not seen in those regions since the Second World War,” he said on the floor.

“Ukraine is dangerously low on supplies, including ammo and air defenses. If America doesn’t assist Ukraine, Putin is all too likely to succeed,” he warned.

The Senate floor debate has spilled into what was supposed to be a two-week recess because conservatives led by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) protested the legislation by refusing to speed up votes.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), speaking right after Schumer, warned that failing to support Ukraine would put America’s allies at risk by giving China a “green light” to project power in Asia and the Indo-Pacific.

“Our partners don’t have the luxury of pretending that the world’s most dangerous aggressors are someone else’s problem. And neither do we,” he said. “It is not exaggeration to say that the eyes of the world are on the United States Senate.”

McConnell’s pointed admonishment about America’s role in preserving global security came in response to the sharp criticisms from conservative colleagues, who are lambasting him for working with Schumer…

DOA in the House. Swing and a miss scooter.

Yeah, no doubt. The MAGA betrayal of Ukraine and Israel will be televised, just like their sabotage of the bipartisan border legislation.

Last edited 19 days ago by Greg

Difficult to betray a country who is not an ally. We owe nothing to Ukraine. Perhaps if they would demonstrate more accountability and responsibility with respect to the aid, most Americans might feel differently. As it is now, a majority of Americans oppose aid to Ukraine.

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Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden betrayed them by refusing them tanks and aircraft. He allowed Putin to invade, then hung them out to dry.

02/12/24 – Trump will pull US out of NATO if he wins election, ex-adviser warns

…Trump’s disparagement of US security commitments extends to its mutual defense agreements with South Korea and Japan as well, retired General John Kelly, who served as White House chief of staff to Trump, told me.

“The point is, he saw absolutely no point in NATO,” Kelly said in the book. “He was just dead set against having troops in South Korea, again, a deterrent force, or having troops in Japan, a deterrent force.”

“He thought (Vladimir) Putin was an okay guy and Kim (Jong Un) was an okay guy ­that we had pushed North Korea into a corner,” Kelly recalled. “To him, it was like we were goading these guys. ‘If we didn’t have NATO, then Putin wouldn’t be doing these things.’”

Senior members of the administration I spoke to for the book also detailed how Trump came close to withdrawing the US from the alliance, which is a key bedrock of Western security against Russia, in his first term and warn he is likely to go further in a second…

If you want international chaos leading to WW3, that’s the quick route.

Last edited 18 days ago by Greg

Weren’t you dumb enough to fall for that last time? Instead, Trump made NATO stronger. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has allowed it to fall back into fat, lazy disrepair.

AVDIIVKA MEATGRINDER: Kiev Reportedly Sent Elite Reserve Reinforcements as Russians Split the City in Half – Will ‘Butcher’ Syrsky Again Sacrifice Troops in Vain?

Putin tells Carlson that Poland forced Hitler to invade; days later, Trump tells NATO we won’t honor Article 3 unless they pay up, and says he’d encourage Russia to attack if they don’t.

Putin mentioned Poland 30 times in his Tucker Carlson interview.

“I said: ‘You didn’t pay? You’re delinquent?’” Trump recalled. “No, I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want. You got to pay. You got to pay your bills.”

The American taxpayer rebuild damn near all of Europe after WWII. How the hell long do you think our military should continue to cover their EU asses for little to nothing when Germany alone has a budget surplus every damn year.

We should have let Soviet communism take over all of Europe? You surprise me. I thought you would have objected to that.

He could save it from Germanys planned invasion from Africa.

That’s not what retire05 said. Why don’t you argue the point on the table, which is, the US rebuilt Europe, haven’t we contributed enough? Can’t they take care of their OWN defense now?

You mean Trump told NATO members that unless they fulfill their NATO commitments, they don’t get NATO protection? Jeez… what an asshole. Only, he didn’t say he’s “encourage them to attack”.

If Poland was mentioned, I wonder if Carlson asked Putin if the Soviet Union bears any responsibility for World War II by their non-aggression pact and carving up of Poland and eastern Europe? I’d loved to have seen that response.

NATO is a mutual protection alliance, not a mafia protection racket.

Ukraine is not a NATO member nor an ally of the United States. There is no interest in Ukraine.

If home invaders were looting your neighbor’s house, would you have no interest?

Last edited 17 days ago by Greg

How do you think Russia would respond to missiles from submarines? You have a real hard on for nuclear war, don’t you?

In Major Blow to Joe Biden, House Speaker Johnson Won’t Put Senate Aid Bill on Floor

A floor vote can be forced in spite of Johnson by way of a discharge petition.

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Nope. Some Democrats will not vote for a discharge petition. It would be a re-election killer

Hakeem Jeffries said he’s open to using it, and a few republicans still think national security is more important than loyalty to Trump.

Last edited 17 days ago by Greg

Jeffries is not Speaker, and the Ukraine has not one damn thing to do with loyalty to this nation. It is the left that is disloyal as they want to give more billions of $$ to corrupt Ukraine and not one damn dime for our own border.

Saying things doesn’t make them so. The question is how much damage your clowns can do before America dumps them.

REPORT: Joe Biden Rejected Proposal from Vladimir Putin to Halt the War in Ukraine

02/14/24 – Ukraine sinks another of Putin’s warships. One-third of the Russian Black Sea fleet is now gone.

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Doesn’t matter. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden enabled Putin to attack and then hung Ukraine out to dry. They found out what depending on the US under Democrat leadership will get you.

Trump is a Russian asset. You really should consider dumping him in favor of Nikki Haley.

‘The perfect target’: Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years – ex-KGB spy

…Then, in 1987, Trump and Ivana visited Moscow and St Petersburg for the first time. Shvets said he was fed KGB talking points and flattered by KGB operatives who floated the idea that he should go into politics.

The ex-major recalled: “For the KGB, it was a charm offensive. They had collected a lot of information on his personality so they knew who he was personally. The feeling was that he was extremely vulnerable intellectually, and psychologically, and he was prone to flattery.

“This is what they exploited. They played the game as if they were immensely impressed by his personality and believed this is the guy who should be the president of the United States one day: it is people like him who could change the world. They fed him these so-called active measures soundbites and it happened. So it was a big achievement for the KGB active measures at the time.”

Last edited 16 days ago by Greg

Article More than 3 years old this KGB ex spy, maybe one of those that has the pee-pee tape? was he Jumping on the bed? Another bunch of drunkards telling tall tales for Steele, or a professor Joseph Mifsud? A super double triple spy? Just tell us How wonderful Ukraine is winning and the biolabs that Bidens kid is involved with are going to find Bidens cure for cancer. Maybe the one in Chy na.

Last edited 16 days ago by kitt

An ex-KGB officer, like Putin, but Shvets held a higher rank.

Anyone who can’t see Trump is trying to hand Ukraine to Putin must be blind.

Dont care he can have it, stop the senseless bloodshed, let Putin pay to rebuild it he blew it up. Let him feed them, pay the pensions, reopen the churches.
The old soviet bastid sure has you on his propaganda string. It was all prove bullshit by the report, an expensive DNC run investigation.
Did they care the black book was a fraud? Nope not at all.
What about 300 million from a soviet widow to the Buydens?

Last edited 16 days ago by kitt

Selling your soul to the devil never ends well.

Selling your soul to the devil never ends well.

As you will learn.

The Buydens certainly will see an end.

It hasn’t hurt Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden up till now.

You should really consider going somewhere and f**king yourself. Trump is no Russian asset, but Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is compromised by every adversarial government we face.

Now they are using their fear porn to try and get their military aid money they plan to steal passed, leaking a bogus story about some mysterious Russian “threat”.

Dammit more mansions, more yachts and a fire sale on Russian assets, there is money to be laundered. They must pass this FU America bill, NOW!
comment image

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02/19/24 – Russia Suffers Deadliest Day of Year So Far

Moscow’s forces have suffered their highest daily losses of the year, according to Kyiv’s latest estimate, as Russian bloggers count the personnel cost of the battle of Avdiivka.

Ukraine’s General Staff said on Monday that, over the previous 24 hours, Russia had lost 1,240 troops, taking the total since the start of its full-scale invasion to 403,720. Monday’s figure is the highest since December 13, 2023 when Ukraine said Russia had losses of 1,300 and not far short of the biggest daily toll of the war recorded on October 19 2023, which was 1,380.

The Russian defense ministry said on Sunday that parts of the Russian Central Grouping of Forces had completely captured Avdiivka in what is Russia’s biggest gain since it captured the city of Bakhmut in May 2023. Ukraine said it had withdrawn its soldiers to save them from being fully surrounded.

Ukraine does not release its casualty numbers and its estimate of Russian losses vary from other tallies. Senior U.S. defense officials said on February 16 that about 315,000 Russian troops had either been killed or injured. Newsweek has been unable as yet to verify these figures and has contacted the Russian Defense Ministry for comment on Monday’s figures from Ukraine’s General Staff.

Meanwhile, open-source research, independent Russian media outlet Mediazona, along with BBC Russia, confirmed on February 15 the names of 44,654 Russian soldiers who had been killed in the war.

The figures draw on publicly available information such as obituaries, posts by relatives, news in regional media, and reports by local authorities. The outlets say the real number is significantly higher. Its latest number was 1,194 more than its last update at the start of February and included an additional 15 military personnel with ranks from lieutenant colonel and higher.

Kremlin milbloggers have posted about huge losses in its push for the key city of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region.

“Z-Russians on Telegram are now talking about their losses in the Battle of Avdiivka,” posted Ukrainian journalist Ilia Ponomarenko on X, formerly Twitter. “Allegedly, it’s 16,000 men as ‘irreplaceable losses’ (e.g., all fatalities + all severely wounded that will never be back to ranks again).

“If that’s true…it means that over the four months of the Avdiivka campaign between mid-October and mid-February, the Russian fatalities rate surpassed the official death toll of the Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989), which stands at 15,000,” Ponomarenko wrote.

Ukrainian General Oleksandr Tarnavsky has said that, since January 1, Moscow had lost over 20,000 troops, 199 tanks, and 481 armored fighting vehicles. Newsweek has yet to verify these figures. Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reported that, due to high casualties in the town, Russians are placing the bodies of soldiers in abandoned schools.