MSM At It Again – Part II


Washington Post Managing Editor Philip Bennett has given an interview to China Daily detailing how effed up the Bush administration is. Don’t you love it when your own countrymen talk shit about our country to communists?:

If you look around the world in strategically important places, is the US actively engaged there promoting democracy or not? I don’t think there is much evidence that promoting democracy is what the US is doing. It is what it says it is doing.

Democracy means many things. How do you define democracy? As a Chinese journalist, you may have your own definition of democracy which corresponds to your history and your way of seeing the world. I may have another definition. Someone else may have their own definitions. Democracy means a lot of different things.

Are you effin kidding me you worthless piece of crap? How can you define Democracy? Wtf goes through the heads of these liberal’s to talk like this? Democracy is a government ruled by the people, plain and fuckin simple jackass. And this guy is telling this to a communist government.

It gets better tho…check this out:

We have a little bit different roles in newspapers compared with our counterparts in Europe and other countries. We don’t have any political point of view that we are trying to advance. We don’t represent any political parties. We are not tied to any political movement. On the news side of the paper we try not to give opinions.

I know….I know, try to stop laughing

Look at this:

Yong Tang: It seems that the influence of mainstream media in America is on the decline. One example is about the general elections last year. The Washington Post and almost all the other major newspapers in the country firmly sided with Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry but finally Bush still won the reelection by a wide margin.

Bennett: Yes, the influence of the mainstream media is on the decline, but I don’t think it is because of the reasons you said. Again it goes back to what an editorial policy of a newspaper is. Major American newspapers endorse Democratic candidates every time. I think that endorsement means nothing. I don’t think people will vote according to that endorsement. It is just an old tradition which really doesn’t have lot of meaning any more today.

Yong Tang: Why are most American major newspapers in favor of Democratic?

Bennett: Most big, metropolitan and urban newspapers were built in a strong Democratic tradition because they came from urban environment and traditionally voted for Democratic. So they tend to, on the editorial side, support Democratic views.

Trying not to throw up atm

Another gem:

I don’t think we are out of touch with our mainstream readers

And another:

Yong Tang: The Washington Post often describes China as a dictator communist regime without democracy and freedom. Why is the newspaper so fond of playing with such negative words?

Bennett: I disagree with that. First of all, Neither The Washington Post, nor the New York Times, nor any other big newspapers, refer to China today as a dictatorship regime. We don’t use these words on the paper any more. Now we say China is a communist country only because it is a fact. China is ruled by the Communist party.

And finally spoken like a good moonbat liberal punk:

Yong Tang: Do your correspondents in China have difficulties in getting the access to the information?

Bennett: Yes, but we have difficult in the access to the information here in Washington DC too. I don’t expect Chinese government to become completely open just because American journalists want them to become more open.

Yeah, our government is just like communist china.

Check out Ace Of Spades, Dinocrat, Michelle Malkin, & The National Ledger for more.

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