Italian Idiots – Update II


Every hour of the day comes more idiotic statements from the Italians. Now the communist reporter Giuliana Sgrena from the communist paper Il Manifesto has this to say:

"It can't be just said that it was just an accident. We can't accept this, it is not possible."


"Everyone knows that the Americans do not like negotiations to free hostages, and because of this I don't see why I should exclude the possibility of me having been the target," she said.

Now you see why I titled these blogs "Italian Idiots". What idiotic statements from the wingnut. Now if the US wanted her dead why did they not finish her off on the street? Why would they scoop her up and get her medical treatment? These people belong on a island somewhere away from the rest of us, the rest of us who actually have common sense. Then there is word that her kidnappers were just such swell guys that they warned her to look out for the big bad Americans:

You must be careful, because they want to kill to you." These were the words of Giuliana Sgrena's kidnappers before they freed her. Pier Scolari, companion of Giuliana Sgrena, recounted the words of the journalist. "Giuliana had the information.The American soldiers did not want her to leave with her life."

What a winner she is. But there are signs that some in the government actually have a few brain cells left:

according to Italian intelligence, it was badly handled. "It would have been the simplest thing for the Americans to send their agents to suppress the incident and therefore blame the Iraqis, or to send Iraqis to perform the dirty job, rather than commit the act with friendly fire without even succeeding in the attempt."

Bravo, someone actually put together a common sense thought. Back to the idiot:

"The fact that the Americans don't want negotiations to free the hostages is known," Sgrena told Sky TG24 television by telephone, her voice hoarse and shaky. "The fact that they do everything to prevent the adoption of this practice to save the lives of people held hostages, everybody knows that. So I don't see why I should rule out that I could have been the target."

Yes, we are not cowards, we do not give money to terrorists to save a few when the result will be more will be kidnapped and harmed. Appeasing terrorists didn't work under Clinton, didn't work under Carter…I believe we have learned our lesson. The money paid to these terrorists to save this waste of human life will cost more lives. That money will go to funding more car and suicide bombers:

Iraqi politician Younadem Kana told Belgian state TV Saturday evening that he had "nonofficial" information that a $1 million ransom was paid for Sgrena's release, the Apcom news agency reported from Brussels. The report could not be confirmed.

And then there is news that the terrorist newspaper Al-Jazeera was involved in the release (hat tip In The Bullpen):

I should mention what else has been said of this case. According to Sgrena and Italian authorities, Sgrena was released to an Al Jazeera reporter (intermediary) and taken to Italian Secret Service Agents. Al Jazeera of course denies this.

Also, her communist rag has this headline today:

Giuliana Sgrena ? libera E' rientrata sabato mattina in Italia Assassinato dal fuoco americano il suo liberatore Nicola Calipari

Translated it says we assassinated Nicola Calipari, the "hero", who showed up with a bag of money for the terrorists. Ill end this with one word Idiots! Check out Deans World and LGF for more on the idiots. 

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