13 Year Old Gangster – Update Again


Today’s news shocked the hell out of me. The Chief of LAPD has put out a new policy that if it put in effect says:

that officers should not consider a moving car to be a weapon, and it directs police to get out of the path of any oncoming vehicles.

Is this a joke? A 3000lb piece of metal hurtling towards you should not be considered a weapon? Wtf is wrong with people, too many damn cop movies have influenced how people think I believe.

A car is driving at you and you jump what 3-6 feet to the left or right of you, since this is what the new policy states. So the driver turns the steering wheel slightly and drives this non-weapon into your body. If the vehicle is going say only 10-15 mph that is still enough to damage you, how about if you get pulled under the car and then driven over? The tires crushing your skull is not a goddamn weapon!

I am so angry right now. Sometimes it just makes me wonder if its worth working this job. At least in the Marines I could shoot back at a perceived threat without those milliseconds being monday morning quarterbacked for years on end.

The Pirate over at The Pirates Blog makes a great comment:

Of course had an officer been killed by the car or in other cases shot, we know how it happens too. Most people still remember the murder of Daniel Faulkner by Mumia and they out cry there amounts to “How dare a white cop get in the way of black bullets.” The call for “Justice for Daniel Faulkner,” are mere sideshows and hardly cared about in the wider press. I suspect there would be outrage had Devin killed an officer and it would of been over his arrest for murdering a police officer. Its a sad case when no matter what happened the police would come out on the losing end, in many case to race-bait and get votes.

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