The Communist Protestors


Via Michelle Malkin, it Looks as if the Code Pink protestors at the inauguration were given tickets by members of our Government. Makes me kinda pissed that members of OUR government aided and abetted a known communist group.

The most effective — and disruptive — protest may have come from the anti-war group Code Pink, which obtained 16 tickets to the inauguration from their members of Congress. Eight female activists, including Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin of San Francisco, obtained seats in the VIP section.

Although Code Pink tries to hide its ideology, it is run by communist Medea Benjamin. Who is this girl? Why none other then the one who organized the violent 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in which she used the Marxist World Workers party for help.. We all remember what happened there right? Innocent people were injured, millions of dollars of private property was destroyed. She also helped found the group United for Peace and Justice.

UPF was formed because they got nervous when their cohort A.N.S.W.E.R. was making too much of a stink at rallies about how wonderful communism was. So UPF was formed to make it seem like they were more moderate. Kinda hard to believe that when the head of the group is Leslie Cagan, a long time communist who is active in the American Communist Party ever since the Vietnam War. She has spoken lovingly about good ole’ Fidel Castro in the past and pretty much hates everything to do with Democracy.

Then there is Brian Becker, another big poobah at the Inauguration who is a member of ANSWER. He was recently found in North Korea proudly denouncing the U.S. for war crimes against that countrys citizens while accusing our soldiers of committing mass murders. He is also a member of the anti-Semitic Workers World Party. That group is on the FBI’s terrorist watch list.

Put all of this together and what do you have? Communism, traitors, cowards, scum….I can think of a few more but I think you get the picture.

Communism is responsible for the murder of over 100 million people and the misery of hundreds of millions more during the 20th century and some politicans in our government gave tickets to our President’s inauguration to these idiots!

Michelle is reporting that FoxNews stated that those who aided these communists were congressional democrats from New York and California. We need to find out their names before they give out passes to the White House to a few innocent Hamas members.

Please support The Victims of Communism Memorial Fund to counter what these jackass’s do.

Check out Zebra Report for more. Also Da Goddess has a great post here about her dealings with the Code Pink folks.

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