Off With Their Heads!


How many times have we heard from the Europeans about how uncivilized we are since we execute people. Doesn’t matter that those we execute are some of the worst jackoff’s the human race has ever produced. Doesn’t matter that those who are executed have taken the lives of many innocent people.

Now there is news from the Netherlands that they have started killing babies they deem to be beyond hope. Execution of people who have no free will. Hmmm, anyone see a problem here?

“A HOSPITAL in the Netherlands, the first country to legalize euthanasia, has broken the ultimate taboo and started to kill terminally ill and severely disabled babies.

In an announcement that has caused uproar amongst ?pro-life? and disabled groups, the Groningen Academic hospital revealed that it had begun to carry out involuntary euthanasia, including administering lethal doses of sedatives to newborn babies.

Patrick Cusworth, of the British campaign group Life, said: ?Neo-natal euthanasia is not something we can tolerate in a society that considers itself civilized. A civilized society protects the vulnerable, and there is no one more vulnerable than a newborn baby.?

The Netherlands became the first country to legalize voluntary euthanasia three years ago when the Dutch parliament passed a law allowing doctors to inject a sedative and a lethal dose of muscle relaxant at the request of adult patients suffering great pain with no hope of relief. Since then, Belgium has followed suit.

However, in August, the main Dutch doctors? association KNMG urged the Health Ministry to create an independent board to review euthanasia cases for terminally ill people ?with no free will?, including children, the severely mentally retarded and people left in an irreversible coma after an accident. The Health Ministry is preparing its response.

Tara Flood, co-ordinator of Britain?s Disability Awareness in Action Network, who is severely disabled, said: ?We?re horrified. You?re talking about people like me. We?re seeing the real growth in a culture of bumping disabled people off, there?s no other way to describe it. It will be for anyone who doesn’t?t fancy having a disabled child. It?s only possible because disabled people are so lacking in value.”

In the case of assisted suicide the person is giving a explicit request to die. What these people in the Netherlands are doing is killing a person who has never made a explicit request…a mercy killing if you may. A 3rd party is deciding whether this person should live or die.

So they think we are barbarians since we execute criminals, but it is acceptable for a doctor to kill a child they believe to be beyond hope? These asswipes need crawl back under their tofu rock.

A final parting word from a editorial in the University of Virginia’s paper.

“Karl Brandt was the Nazi doctor who oversaw the euthanizing of over 250,000 disabled people. Brandt had an elaborate system whereby the file of every patient was reviewed by a physician who certified that the life of the patient was “not worth living.” Brandt said at his Nuremburg trial, “The underlying motive was the desire to help individuals who could not help themselves and were thus prolonging their lives in torment.”

The same logic used in the Netherlands that says that a baby with spinal bifida will live a life of pain can be extended to say that a mentally or physically handicapped person will live a life of pain. If the handicapped patient is in a position where he cannot communicate a desire to live, it becomes the doctors’ prerogative whether his life is “worth living” or not. The Nazi case also shows how medical oversight is in no way a guarantee that the power to kill will be used in a measured, responsible way.

Euthanasia has a history of tragedy and horror. And there’s no reason to think that’s not the direction today’s flawed experiments with euthanasia are headed.”

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