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Recently a Black Hawk pilot in the Army currently serving in Kuwait after doing a year in Iraq sent a email to many in the MSM. Here is the email:

Dear Senator Kerry,

Thank you for your interest in becoming our next Commander in Chief. I can see that your military experience, combined with your long and storied political career, has made you extremely “fit for command.”

For instance, you used to be just some young kid who accused your fellow officers and sailors of beheading people and/or castrating them- without offering a shred of tangible evidence to back it up.

Now, you merely accuse the soldiers you wish to lead of being grossly incompetent for failing to plan post-hostility operations in Iraq (funny- I worked on such a plan), failing to capture bin Laden when we had him surrounded (wow, you must know lots of secret stuff, because even General Franks says there’s no definitive evidence that he was there at the time), and most recently- failing to guard your mysterious explosives. And now you even back up your accusations with evidence- reliable sources like the NY Times and even CBS!!! It’s always good to have a Commander in Chief who will go out of his way and even make stuff up in order to “sternly criticize” the efforts of our Armed Forces.

You’re totally right about Bush- he was definitely wrong to risk his life by landing on that aircraft carrier in order to thank us for overthrowing Saddam’s brutal regime. Did he not realize that it took us 3 whole weeks to get to Baghdad? We should have all been court-martialed for such incompetence! We hate when our boss shows appreciation for our efforts- especially when we don’t deserve it. Your leadership style would be much better- hammer us for failures that never happened! That’s so cool.

You have certainly come a long way, and you obviously know what it takes to motivate us soldiers to rally around your cause.

Hey, in case you get the job, should I start learning to speak French? I hear those frenchies will be coming to the Middle East in droves once you’re elected. They’re gonna love it over here- just about every bit of weaponry and ammo that we find over here has French writing on it!

Before I forget- not that it’s a huge deal, but you should probably sign that Form 180 (you know- like Bush did), so that we can see your military records and finally get those 2,000 or so questions about your service cleared up. Minor things- you know, like whether or not you were really Honorably Discharged, that whole “collaboration with the enemy while they were actively killing and torturing Americans” thing, all those “well-deserved” medals that you so proudly threw at the White House after you begged for them during your abbreviated Swift Boat gig- just silly stuff like that. We ask all of our “self-proclaimed war hero” candidates to sign it, so please don’t be offended. And really, let’s be honest- your military service is pretty much the only thing you put on your resume when you applied for this job. So let’s just clear everything up and silence all those millions of silly “doubters” out there, OK?

Trust me, we’re gonna LOVE working for you.

Given the manner in which you aggressively spat in our faces these past few months (especially this past week) and the way you skewered my “Ghengis Kahn” father who served only two years in Vietnam (as opposed to 4 whole months), you can count on me and the rest of my military brethren for PLENTY of support once you take office.

Look forward to working with you, Sir-

CPT 2Slick, Army Aviator

P.S. I was at OBJ Dogwood with the 101st in April of 2003. Sorry we failed to guard your “forged” explosives. A$$hole.

The author of the above is 2Slick who has a awesome blog here. Couldn’t of said it any better then 2Slick and hope he does more of it so I can shamelessly steal it for my blog. Anyways, the email was sent and who sends him a reply? None other then John Hockenberry, a Emmy winner from NBC. If the following email exchange doesn’t show you how military hating the MSM is then whoa boy, you are a true lefty.

DEAR 2Slick….

I’m sad that you would waste your own time and mine with such a silly message. It is sadder that you have so little understanding of the nature of the conflict you are involved in. Perhaps that is because you are in Kuwait a place about as grounded in reality as your average Disney movie. I take that back. Disney movies contain considerably more reality than anything going on in Kuwait. I hope you find something to do besides write infantile letters to the media. Our troops need real support not the whining of bored enlistees watching the clock to see when their pensions vest.

Have a nice life and stay clear of Falluja.

Best- John Hockenberry (NBC Universal)

Here is 2Slick’s reply


Thank YOU for taking the time to respond.

I am in Kuwait now, and I was in Iraq for a year. I’m well aware of what’s going on here, and I certainly know what’s at stake.

John Kerry is a traitor, and that truth will come out very soon, regardless of your profit-driven interest in getting him elected. Hmmm, let’s see- who would have the best scandals (i.e.- ratings, profits) for you? THAT’S a tough one! You guys tried to bleed a scandal out of Bush for 5 years and all you wound up with were a bunch of forged documents. Still, that ended up working to your advantage, since you guys at NBC then got to pounce all over CBS. Good for you guys!

Yes, I know what I’m fighting for, and I know it has nothing to do with the lies that people like you sell to the public masses. You guys fight for a bottom line. People like me fight for your freedom to go after that bottom line.

I’m not an enlistee- I’m an officer (hint- CPT means officer). But thanks- you obviously have a wonderful understanding of the military (as most media people do).

Honestly, though- thanks for taking the time to write back…


And on to the Emmy winning response

2Slick baby,

Sorry, never would have expected an officer to speak so ignorantly. I’ve been in Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel. Jordan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and Pakistan. As for being ignorant of the military, ouch, wrong about that one too. I have two relatives buried at Arlington. But hey, making blanket statements about people seems to be a real talent over there at DOD. At least you know the difference between a real threat to our nation and a bogus half dead dictator (who was once on the CIA payroll). I feel better already knowing you are out there on the front lines delirious with self righteousness. Hey, you can call me a liar but I can’t compete with you guys… You’re professional grade. Hope your next promotion doesn’t take too long I’m really looking forward to paying you more money to protect me and my family so well. Thanks again 2Slick (the officer who is apparently embarrassed to reveal his rank)

“Hockenberry, John (NBC Universal)”

Which was replied to by 2Slick

I told you in both emails that I was a Captain, and you say that I’m embarrassed to reveal my rank. That pretty much exemplifies both your intellect and your attention to detail. You’re obviously perfect for your job with the media.

I don’t care how many people you knew in the military, how many of your grandparents were in WW2, where you’ve traveled to in your efforts to establish credibility to back your misinformation campaign against the military- one thing is certain: in your emails to me you have all but declared yourself an enemy of our military. That’s fine with me- I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the fact that you obviously have an agenda to spread your twisted perception of us to the unsuspecting public who might mistake you for an honest newsman. That, in my opinion, makes you an enemy of the United States. This will be my last email to you, as I’m certain a sick, twisted, self-righteous as***le like you is not worth my time.

Best of luck,


One word, ASS. How is it that the upper echelon of the MSM can’t see how twisted their reporters are? The only conclusion I can come to is that they do and condone their biased reporting. Thank god for the internet media.

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