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6 Jun

Weiner Gets His Buns Roasted

Apparently, Weiner’s sanctimonious piety and his use of the universal defense of Liberals as a victim is all a ruse. Another woman has come forward with emails and intimate photos from a “consensual online romance”. Is the Wiener done or is he willing to be grilled even more. His buns are being burned as you read these lines. There is only so much heat a Weiner can take.

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23 Apr

Dr. Oz tells Oprah and Michael J. Fox that “ESC’s are dead.” Oooops! [Reader Post]

Note – This is a repost of a April 8th post which has been lost Well, Dr. Oz may have actually said it, but as Wesley J Smith points out, try finding THAT in the transcript. I doubt the video … Continue reading

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22 Apr

Obama’s Folly, Amnesty Babies, And The Rest Of The Stem Cell Story [Reader Post]

Note – This is a repost of a March 13th post which has been lost America, we’ve been duped; from our president, our fourth estate, and sadly even some of our scientists. President Obama’s lifting of the ban on federal … Continue reading

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