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19 Sep

Floppin’ Aces Annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day Open Thread

Ahoy thar mateys! Today be International Talk like a pirate day. This be an open thread. So speak your piece and talk about anythin’ you wish. Just be sure and end your comment post with at least an “Aaarrr…” Wednesday, … Continue reading

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31 Dec

Open Thread – New Years Edition

Been awhile since I started up a open thread so here ya go. A happy new year to all the faithful Flopping Aces readers. Here is the view from Taiwan a few hours ago:

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19 Sep

Floppin’ Aces Annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day Open Thread

‘Tis t’ annual international talk like a pirate day here at Floppin’ Aces- somewhat o’ a tradition, I suppose.

This be an open thread for ye band o’ scurvy scallywags t’ link t’ tales that interest you; and discuss whatever t’ hell ye want. T’ only request be that ye form yer sentences in piratese; or at t’ least, end some sentences in at least one hearty “aaar!”

How do you know if you are a Pirate? You don’t, you just AAARRRRRGH!

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20 Jul

Walk – Don’t Walk….Open Thread

Slow news day so here’s a open thread with a primer. Richard Fernandez’s great post: I remember the first time someone drove me around a low-income New York city neighborhood in the early 1980s. “Well what do you think?” “Think … Continue reading

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6 Nov

2012 Election Open Thread

So here we are…

Will this country go the way of Europe or will we turn it around. We will find out in a few hours.

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22 Oct

Romney/Obama Debate Open Thread

The third and final debate is tonight at 9pm EST. A few topics to consider in this open thread is what is missing from tonight’s topics:

So two-thirds of the debate will be about the Greater Middle East. Two-thirds. Schieffer has generously allowed that China and Tomorrowland the entire Pacific Rim should get fifteen minutes. Here are the following areas and topics that apparently won’t be discussed:

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3 Aug

Weekly Open Thread: Harry Reid Is A Pederast Edition

Been awhile since we had a open thread up but I figured the news that Reid is a pedophile is a good opportunity to put one up.

Of course we have no evidence he is one but the burden of proof is still on Harry Reid to disprove this claim.

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7 Jun

Open Thread – ‘You’re Not Special’ Edition

Man, do we ever need more of these type of teachers. Wellesley High teacher David McCullough Jr. commencement speech to the graduating class:

You are not special. You are not exceptional.

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28 Dec

Weekly Open Thread – Obama’s Economy Edition

Officially, the recession ended two and a half years ago. President Obama tells us the economy has been moving in the right direction since June 2009.

Few will take solace in that statistic. Americans are suffering. For nearly three years, nearly one in 10 have been out of work. Almost double that number are either underemployed—working part time when they would rather be full time—or have simply given up looking.

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3 Dec

Weekly Open Thread – Cain Announcement Day Edition

So he’s making a big announcement today on whether he will be staying in the race or not. CSPAN for the live feed. No one really knows when he is going to speak. Some say 1:30 p.m. ET, while other’s … Continue reading

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