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2 Apr

CIA Knew al-Qaeda Involved In Benghazi Attack From The ‘Get-Go’

“The analysts said from the get-go that al Qaeda was involved in this attack” -Mike Morell, Deputy CIA Director So today we find out from Mike Morell, the Deputy CIA Director at the time of the Benghazi attacks, that he … Continue reading

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22 Mar

Media ‘Stunned’ At Lack Of Control In Libya After Ghaddafi’s Fall

Shocking! Yeah, no-one-saw-this-coming-at-all. Libya, where hundreds of militias hold sway and the central government is virtually powerless, is awash in millions of weapons with no control over their trafficking. The arms free-for-all fuels not only Libya’s instability but also stokes … Continue reading

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16 Mar

Obama’s Libyan legacy

Benjamin Franklin is believe to have said it first: “Our Constitution is in actual operation. Everything appears to promise that it will last; but in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” We can add another. Nothing is … Continue reading

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26 Feb

Benghazi explained: Hillary may as well have killed them herself

There has been much argument about the security situation in Benghazi leading up to the 2012 attacks. On the one hand, there is no dispute that additional security had been requested in the months before the attack. The timeline is … Continue reading

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24 Feb

No Shame…..Susan Rice: ‘No Regrets Over Benghazi Remarks’

Susan Rice skipped over FOX News to give an interview about Benghazi and instead choose to get a softball interview by David Gregory. Chris Wallace called her out: No perhaps there Chris. She would never have gone on FOX because … Continue reading

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14 Jan

Benghazi: They knew it was an attack within minutes

Following the attacks in Benghazi that took the lives of four Americans, including the Ambassador to Libya, the Obama administration blamed the violence on a spontaneous protest of a home-made video that is said to insult Islam. U.S. Ambassador to … Continue reading

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7 Jan

Bob Gates unmasks Hillary and Obama

Former Secretary of State has written a book and today and excerpts were published in the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. There are some harsh words for George W. Bush, but the masks are pulled off of Barack Obama … Continue reading

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2 Jan

I want you to listen again to this rant, but this time more carefully

You’ve heard this, of course. Now hear it again. All of it. The legacy line out of this tantrum clearly is “WHAT DIFFERENCE, AT THIS POINT, DOES IT MAKE?” But you’ve been bamboozled. Let’s look at the fuller statement: “With … Continue reading

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2 Nov

Obama’s Foreign Policy In A Death Spiral

While much of the country is focused on the lies told about ObamaCare from our President many have overlooked another huge failure. His foreign policy goals. Recall he was going to bring peace to the entire middle east, destroy al-Qaeda, … Continue reading

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31 Oct

Pointless Terrorism

The Cajun people of Louisiana are some of my favorite people; at one point in my life, I considered dropping out and joining this group of hard living hedonists, but my straight laced Mennonite indoctrination still had a tenuous hold … Continue reading

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