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3 Mar

Sad conclusion… [Reader Post]

So I had about 325 miles to drive home Friday night, plenty of time to do a little pondering. Here’s what I have come up with… we better get ready for the battle of our lives, for our country. Before … Continue reading

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26 Jan

This question has to be asked? [Reader Post]

So… I see this on YouTube, and I am completely taken aback. Shep Smith is a pretty liberal guy, probably one of the most liberal on FOX, yet watch his reaction. Genuine I think. And why is Holder still walking … Continue reading

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22 Dec

Mass shooter theory? [Reader Post]

Here’s the conclusion I have come to regarding mass casualty shootings. I have studied these types of events since the 80’s when I entered into law enforcement; I have since retired but these situations have not. It isn’t about the … Continue reading

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