Sedition in Wisconsin [Reader Post]

Democrats love democracy until they are not in control. Then democracy is unfair.

Legislators in Wisconsin have left the state in order to stymie the process of a democratically elected government. The hate that has spewed from Democrats is breathtaking. Union members have even called for the death of Governor Scott Walker and signs showing Walker in a cross hairs are displayed. Difficult financial times have pierced the veneer of civility that unions and left wingers would have you think was normal.

He’s only your President if you belong to a union [Reader Post]

The Wisconsin Teachers Union spills the beans. Their motto has been revealed.

“Screw the children. It’s all about me”

In 1981 PATCO, the air traffic controllers’ union went on an illegal strike. Pres. Ronald Reagan ordered them back to work with small success. Reagan fired those who ignored the return to work order. The time has come for this to happen again.