Large Testicles Are At The Forefront Of A Legal Question

Virginia Tice of Bonneau, S.C., is fighting to display her testicles. She feels the First Amendment grants her the right to display her large testicles and she is challenging Police Chief Franco Fuda in court for the right to display her testicles in public.

On July 5, Chief Fuda issued he’d her a citation for displaying her testicles in the parking lot of a gas station convenience store. The citation has a $445 fine.

South Carolinians are circling the wagons in support of 65 year old Ms Tice, to protect First Amendment Rights and to allow her to display her rather large testicles.

The Ugly American

President Obama and the DNC are supporting unrest against legal legislative processes in Wisconsin and plan other such moves in more states that are planning to legislate financial responsibility, while ignoring the plight of demonstrators for Democracy against an Islamic Regime in Iran and the Tenth Amendment and after encouraging the overthrow of one of our most important allies in the Middle East.

There is an ugliness to this behavior that can no longer be ignored. States have sovereignty, under the Tenth Amendment that is being attacked by President Obama and his henchmen within the Democratic National Committee, the message is clear: we will attack any other states with our thugs if you try to mess with our unions or legislate financial responsibility.

Obama Stands Up For Wisconsin Public Service Unions

Governor Scott Walker, of Wisconsin unveiled his plans to salvage the economy and budget of Wisconsin. His plan calls for sweeping legislation that will weaken public employee rights and bargaining ability.

State officials alerted the Wisconsin State Employee unions that expired collective bargaining contracts will be terminated on March 13. A budget repair bill also unveiled will do away with all collective bargaining rights for nearly all public employees and make it much easier to fire employees.