With Obama’s Administration, Stupidity Is A Prerequisite

We have all wondered why the Department of Homeland Security prefers to fondle underage girls and attractive women instead of profiling single young Muslim men. So far, there have been no attempted terrorist attacks on airplanes by adolescent girls, grandmothers, women with children, women, or non-Muslim men; Napolitano carefully and concisely explains why profiling is politically incorrect and an affront to Muslims who might be terrorists, around the world. Napolitano’s illogic, a system of thought that is similar to our president’s own reasoning ability when he speaks without his teleprompter, could be an excellent comedic dialogue for Groucho Marx.

One of my favorite Groucho stories is about an incident that involved his daughter swimming at a private beach. He was told his daughter couldn’t swim at the beach because she was Jewish. He then asked if she could wade in up to her waist, since she was only half Jewish.