A Wrench In The Gears Of State Directed Media

Two young reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein brought down the Nixon Presidency in the mid-1970’s. Would they have pursued the Watergate story if it meant deposing a Democrat president? Probably not, but it was one of the top stories of the Twentieth Century and it caused President Nixon to resign. Reporters back in those days were not yet considered lackeys for the Democrat Party.

The Seasons Change And All Remains The Same

Life in the far North is a continual rotation of the seasons, they dictate your life and your efforts, to resist is hopeless; a rancher learns to adjust to the dramatic climate changes and his life has fewer surprises and disasters. Spring is the season that causes the most problems, there is the thaw and the runoff, the incessant winds that make horses nervous and bring down trees while you walk in the bush, the creeks and rivers are in flood and will take your life without remorse if you are foolish enough to think you are invincible. Everyone waits for the mud to dry, so they can get to the fields and work the ground as the frost keeps rising up out of the ground and the rains keep coming down in three and four day monsoons. People are often grouchy while they wait to begin farming and the normal activities of the outdoors man.