Is Social Security A Ponzi Scheme? Hell Yes It Is

History will judge the Social Security Bill to be the grandest Ponzi scheme in all of history; unless, the government continues on with the Anthropogenic Global Warming regulations. These may sound like wild ambiguous statements to you the reader; however, you probably aren’t that familiar with the history of Ponzi schemes or understand how they function or the similarity would be painfully obvious. So obvious, that it is conceivable that the SS Bill used the genius of Charles Ponzi as the framework for the Social Security Bill.

The public wasn’t really familiar with the Ponzi scheme until Bernie Madoff pulled his now comedic rise to wealth by pedaling his version of the Ponzi scheme to the wealthy. Concentrating on the extremely wealthy, he sold an exclusivity of influence for investors. Making a mockery of “the rich are so smart” parable, he had them clamoring for the opportunity to get close to Bernie and be bilked for millions.