$62 Trillion and counting… Uncle Sam’s fantasyland [Reader Post]

Dreams vs. fantasies. Dreams are a good thing to have. They inspire us. They generally have some connection with reality and are usually the kinds of things one can work at attaining or accomplishing. Fantasies on the other hand usually have very little connection with reality and even less likelihood of coming true. One might dream of making a million dollars or growing up to play for the Yankees, but one fantasizes about being Superman or achieving world peace.

The Prosperity Ratio: Why we should encourage tax cuts for the rich [Reader Post]

One of the easiest ways to recognize a liberal is their refusal to accept that the universe is dynamic rather than static. The most obvious example of this is their perpetual inability (or unwillingness) to grasp the notion that increasing taxes and growing regulations impact taxpayer behavior. This can be seen in on a number of levels. On the state level it can be seen by companies and wage earners fleeing high tax locales for those with low taxes or no income taxes. Rush Limbaugh famously left New York two years ago for the zero income tax comfort of sunny Florida.