Obamanomics vs. Reaganomics [Reader Post]

Last week, for the first time in history, US debt was cut to below AAA. That wasn’t supposed to happen. For months we saw President Obama and the media pillorying conservatives for inviting Armageddon by opposing the lifting of the debt ceiling without substantive cuts in government spending. When the “Hobbits,” as the Wall Street Journal dubbed them, were undone by the squishy wing of the GOP and we had our “grand compromise,” that was supposed to avoid a downgrade.

Obama brings Apocalypse to the US in 2037 [Reader Post]

The 2012 Obama Presidential re-election campaign is now officially in full swing. It is a shovel ready project.

Shoveling manure.

Obama knows how stupid Democrats are and it is on their stupidity he is depending, for had they any brains or long term memory he would lose in a landslide.

Republicans clean up Democrat mess and Obama takes the credit [Reader Post]

Under the control of Democrats the budget of the United States has grown by a trillion dollars in the last few years.

Obama and the Democrats have exploded federal spending. They have a two pronged effort to ruin this country underway- one is to irretrievably bury us in debt and the second is simple denial.