Short Takes [Reader Post]

Mark Steyn, a Rush Limbaugh guest host, made a brilliant observation the other day. Adriana Huffington, who used to be a conservative, and now claims to be a liberal, launched the Huffington Post, a leftist on-line news/opinion website. Many of the contributors worked there for free. Huffington had a lot of money already, but that was never an issue to anyone. It is okay for liberals to be wealthy. But, suddenly, she sells the Huffington Post for $315 million. Who will get that money? Will all these loyal contributors who have been writing for free for the past many years see a dime of this? Will their hard work, insight, and—oh, I’ll just come right out and say—their propaganda skills be rewarded? They have worked for a low salary and no salary, and have built this little online opinion-news site into quite the media empire. So now, will the person whose ideals are their ideals—Adrianna Huffington—share any of this money with them?