Xi Jinping whips Jon Cena’s ass


Hollywood Panic: ‘F9’ Star John Cena Could Have Cost NBCUniversal, WWE Billions Without Apology to China

John Cena was on the receiving end of a piledriver Tuesday from American Twitter users after his “pathetic” apology to China for referring to Taiwan as a country during a promotional spot for his new movie “F9.”

“Taiwan is a country. Hong Kong should be free. If you are unwilling to say these things because it might hurt your bottom line, you are a pathetic coward​,” conservative pundit Ben Shapiro posted on his Twitter account.​

“Pathetic,” was Republican Sen. Tom Cotton’s reaction to Cena’s mea culpa.

Cena, speaking Mandarin, went on Chinese social media site Weibo Tuesday to apologize for calling Taiwan a country during a promotional interview for “F9,” the latest installment for the “Fast and Furious” franchise, earlier this month.

The Chinese, who consider Taiwan a rogue province that is part of their territory, erupted in outrage at his blunder.

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“Others recalled Cena’s career as a champion professional wrestler and expressed their disappointment in his kowtowing to a rival of the US.

​”​I grew up watching this man never lose and always come through to save the day for me, tonight I see a coward who just lost to China​,” user @ItBegins2012 tweeted.”

Like all of Hollywood’s wokeness, professional wrestling is scripted and staged. What a coward.

Maybe Hollywood needs a new business model if they have to depend on despotic, oppressive communist dictatorships to have a healthy bottom line.

Who knows the arm twisting that Hollywood put on Jon Cena to get him to apologize to China, one of the world’s biggest customers of Hollywood productions?
Jon doesn’t wrestle much at his age any more.
So, what’s a guy gonna do?
Like LeBron, kowtow to their biggest moneymaker, that’s what.
There was a time Jon backed Republican candidates and pushed for the deportation of the illegal alien who was Obama’s auntie.
But $$$$ is a greater motivator when your daily needs involve luxurious excesses.

Look at those arms; nothing is twisting those but profit. Now the CCP uses that gutless apology for propaganda.

useless, gutless, woke, piss poor actor who love money and a lavish lifestyle. he is clueless on the history of HK or Taiwan. only thing he has been doing over the last few years are commercials. riding around on a purple cow is hilarious but panders to the snowflakes and z generation. did the snowflakes, millenniums and z gen get the word that the pedophile CX tuition funding. the AHs bought and drank the cool aide, BS and voted for a slacker, useless carrier pedophile. wonder what his salary was for a F grade movie?

The Bee offers the following:

John Cena made a terrible mistake in a recent promotional appearance for Fast & Furious 9, in which he referred to Taiwan as a country. This insulted the communist tyrants of the Chinese Communist Party, who demanded an apology. In an effort to make amends for his faux pas, Cena body-slammed a Uighur Muslim in a specially recorded apology video.

“I am so, so very sorry for insulting the glorious People’s Republic Of China,” said Cena in broken Mandarin. “We want to be able to show our movie in your wonderful free country and make lots of money, which is far more important than the principles of freedom I pretend to love. I would like to apologize by body-slamming this evil Muslim enemy of the state just for you!”

He then climbed to the top rope of the wrestling ring and bellowed “THE CHAMP IS HERE!” before leaping through the air and performing an aerial top-rope splash on the unfortunate political prisoner below before picking him up and body-slamming him.

Chinese President Xi thanked Cena for his heartfelt apology and said he will consider allowing the studio to play the movie in China if they send another video of John Cena singing the Chinese National Anthem and piledriving a Taiwanese person.